Seven Easy Ways to Make Ink and Toner Cartridges Last Longer

refilling toner cartridgesInk and toner cartridges can run out quickly, especially if you print high-quality color documents and images on a frequent basis. Even buying cheap ink cartridges can take a significant chunk out of your business’ supply budget. Low cost printer ink still amounts to about $13 an ounce in the U.S.

So how can you stretch out the life of those cartridges?

1. Don’t just go with the default printer settings every time you go to print. Switch your printer to draft or economy mode if you’re printing documents that just need to be legible, not high-quality. These settings use up less ink. You should also print documents in black and white or grayscale unless you absolutely need to use color. Even a simple black text printout may use color ink unless you direct it not to, so always check your settings.

2. Don’t print what you don’t have to. If you can save electronic copies of your documents, ask yourself if you really need a printout. Also, avoid using your own printer for large printing jobs. You may save money by outsourcing that print job to another company, especially if a lot of color is involved.

3. If it won’t interfere with operations at your company, change your printing font to Century Gothic, Ecofont, or another font that’s reputed to use less ink. Times New Roman and Arial are ink guzzlers. Avoid them if you can.

4. Use your printer on a regular basis to keep toner from drying up and clogging cartridge nozzles. You should also turn your printer off when you’re not using it. In offline mode, your printer will seal the cartridges to keep them from drying out as quickly.

5. Keep those cartridges maintained. You can run your printer’s cartridge cleaning tool once a week to correct poor alignment or streaking issues. You should also keep unused cartridges stored in a cool place, upright and in their original packaging.

6. Get all the ink out of your toner cartridges, even if you get a low toner warning message. Research from Consumer Reports showed that many cartridges delivered only half or less of their ink to the page, and a few only delivered 20-30%. You can shake your cartridge gently to get a few more printing jobs out of it, and you can also place a small piece of masking tape over the window or drum of a cartridge to keep the printer from realizing you’re running low on ink.

7. Refilling toner cartridges may also save you from buying new cartridges. Refilling toner cartridges still costs money, but it often amounts to less than you’d spend for new cartridges. However, refilling toner cartridges with the wrong toner may actually reduce the lifespan of your printer, so you may want to send them away to a professional unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing

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Making the Choice: Buy or Lease the Office Copy Machine

The question to buy or lease comes up in many different ways. Most people think that buying or leasing is a decision you need to make when you want a new car. That is true, but there are other places where the option to buy or lease has to be considered. The copy machines in the office can be purchased outright or they can be leased.

The decision to buy or lease an office copy machine should be made in the same way that any other buying and leasing decision is made. It is important for a business to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both buying and leasing the copier or copiers they need. Once they have done this, they can make the decision that fits the business best.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing

New Machines – If you are leasing the machine, you can easily switch to a new machine or get the latest model without having to sell your old machine. You can just start your lease over for your new machine. This allows businesses to have copiers that are able to work efficiently and with fewer problems. The disadvantage of having new machines is the learning curve for everyone that uses it. It takes time and effort to learn the features of a new machine and how they can benefit the business.

Canon IR c5180 Copier Image

Lower costs – The amount that is paid to lease a copier is lower than the cost of buying a copier. The monthly payments for the machine will end up paying the entire cost of a machine by the time the lease is done. The downside is those monthly payments will never end with a lease.

Tax benefits – The amount that is paid for the lease can be written off as a tax deductible expense. The business cannot take the depreciation of a machine as a tax write-off.

Maintenance – Most leases include maintenance in their monthly costs. It is nice to know that these costs can be predicted, but the business may not be able to choose who does the maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying

Equity – When you buy a machine, you have equity in the business. That equity can be used to help a business borrow money for something else or it can be used in other ways to help the value of the business. The problem is that the value of the machine diminishes over time and so does the amount of equity a business has.

Lower costs – The initial costs to buy a machine may be higher when you buy instead of lease, but over time the costs of buying a machine are lower as long as the machine is used for a longer period of time.

Maintenance – The owner of a copy machine can choose who and when they do the maintenance. The downside of this is they have to pay for it.

Tax benefits – The cost of the machine can be depreciated over a period of time to provide the business with a tax benefit.

The listing of the disadvantages and advantages of buying or leasing will not provide an exact answer. It often seems like buying and leasing offer similar advantages and disadvantages. They just do it in different ways. In the end, it will depend on the business and their needs to figure out which is best.

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Can You Spot a Fake Samsung Toner Cartridge

When people go looking for a laser printer, they are often concerned about the cost of the printer. It is a better idea to focus on the cost of the toner and the cost per page for printing. Over the lifetime of a printer, the amount of money spent on toner cartridges will far exceed the initial cost of the printer.

Samsung laser printers are very high quality, but there is a problem with the toner cartridges for these printers. Some suppliers are selling counterfeit toner cartridges that are not as good as the ones made by Samsung. They do not last as long, do not produce the quality of print that people want and can damage the printer. It is important to know some basic ways to tell the difference between the real Samsung toner cartridges and the counterfeit ones.

Samsung Toner Cartridges Image

  • Look for the Samsung security label. The label will change color when it is viewed at different angles.
  • The packaging for the toner cartridge should be clearly labeled and it should identify the cartridge as a Samsung product.
  • Make sure that you buy from a supplier that has a reputation for selling Samsung products.
  • Watch the price. If the price that a supplier is offering is much lower than any other supplier, it could be a sign that the toner cartridge is not legitimate.
  • Check the internet for reliable sources for Samsung toner cartridges. Look for user reviews for the supplier. It is common to find out from this source whether a supplier is selling the real cartridges or if they are selling an inferior product.

It is tempting to take advantage of the lower price that you can find with the counterfeit cartridges for a Samsung laser printer. The problem is that you will end up spending more money in the long run because these toner cartridges are not high quality. Stick with the right toner cartridges to get the results that you deserve.

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How to Get More Copies from Your Copier

How many copies have been made on the copier you own? Copiers have not been made to last forever. There comes a point in time when they have made their last copy, but how do you know when that is. It is possible to determine how many copies you can expect from your copier. It is also possible to do some things that can extend the life of your copier. It is important to understand the first part in order to accomplish the second part.

Determining the number of copies

The main part of a copier that is needed is the print head. Every print head has a limit on how many copies it will make. The way to find out that number is to find out from the manufacturer or the customer service representative what the print head life is. It will be different for different copiers. If the print head life is 400 million characters, you can then convert that into a time frame. This is done by dividing the number of characters by 5000 (the average number of characters per page). That means that you can print about 80,000 pages before the print head has to be replaced.

Extending the life

The print head can be replaced as can many other parts of the copier be replaced to make it last longer. Since it is usually cheaper to replace parts instead of buying a brand new copier, this will extend the life of the copier.

You can also extend the lifespan of your copier by maintaining the parts properly. Regular maintenance can prevent parts from breaking or can allow other parts to be replaced before they cause more damage. Regular maintenance should be performed based on how much the machine is used. It is usually based on the number of hours that the machine is turned on. This number can be obtained from the manufacturer or the customer service rep. Just like a car, performing the routine maintenance is the best way to keep a copier working longer.

Old Copier Machines Image

Updating the machine

The copiers that are being sold today have more features than the copiers that were sold 10 years ago. Even if you have maintained your copier well, it might not be able to do all of the things that a newer copier can do. A business must decide if the additional features are necessary in order to decide what to do with their copier. They may decide to buy a new copier even though their old one is still working because they need the new features.

A second option would be to try to add updates to your copier to allow it to do the things that are needed. If you buy a copier, you may want to find out if it is something that can be updated at a later time. The cost of updating a machine will usually be lower than buying a new one and it is often just as effective.

A smart business will make sure they get everything out of their copiers that they can. It may cost money to do this, but the money they save by not constantly replacing the copiers, will be much higher than the cost of the new machines. It is a smart business decision to work to extend the life of the copiers that are in use.

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Benefits of Digital Copiers Over Analog Copiers

It is common to hear how the world is in the digital age. Technology has changed the way that things are done all around the world. Copy machines have been an essential part of businesses for many years. The employees in a business would stand around the Canon machine to discuss the day’s activities. These machines would also make copies of any paperwork that was needed for the business.

Canon ImageRunner Copier Image

The copiers that business used to use were dependent on analog technology. This technology required machines that were fairly large and did not do anything but make copies. These types of copy machines while still useful are losing ground to the digital copiers. The digital copiers that are being sold today offer many benefits over the analog copiers.


The first thing that people will notice about the digital copiers is the size. The analog copiers that business’ previously used took up a lot of space. Digital copiers are much smaller and that has allowed them to be used both in office spaces and for home use.


It used to be very easy to tell the difference between a photocopy and an original. That is because of the way that the analog copiers worked. The analog copiers are essentially taking a picture of a document. The digital copiers are scanning the document and storing it in a memory. The image that has been stored digitally is then printed to produce another copy. The digital image that has been printed is often identical to the original document.


In business, controlling costs is very important. There are several ways that the cost of the digital printers is less than the cost of the analog printers. It starts with the cost of the machines. They are cheaper than the analog copiers. They also have fewer parts. This makes it cheaper and easier to repair and maintain the digital copier. Savings can also be found because the cost of the ink and the cost per page for printing with a digital copier are lower.


Analog copiers are good for one thing. They can make a copy of a document. Digital copiers can do several things. Because they store the images that are scanned digitally, that information can be transmitted to others in different ways. The digital copiers can send the stored images through fax and email at the same time that they are printing a copy. They can also be used as printers for any computers that are connected to them. All of these things also help reduce the cost of printing that the office does because they need fewer machines to do all of the jobs that the digital copiers do.

Canon IR c5180 Copier Image

It is always important to accept the changes in technology that are occurring. As more people discover the benefits of digital copiers over analog copiers, they will want to use them. It is almost impossible to ignore the fact that the digital copiers do more work and they do it faster, better and cheaper. When you explain it that way, it should be clear that it is right to switch to a digital copier.

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Why Use the Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge for Your Printer?

It’s happened to many consumers. You go and buy a great new brand name printer because of the outstanding sale price. You get home and start printing great quality documents. After a few weeks, the toner cartridge is running low and it’s time to buy a new one. When you go to buy the replacement, you find that the new cartridge costs almost as much as the printer did. Then you start to realize why the printer was on such a great sale to begin with.

tn450 compatible toner image

Name brand toner cartridges have become incredibly expensive, and they have left many consumers trying to limit how much they even use their printer. Luckily, there are other options when it comes to replacing your toner.


No matter what printer you have, you can find a compatible laser toner cartridge for your printer. A compatible cartridge is designed by a third party and is manufactured to meet the same specifications as the original equipment manufacturer. Because the compatible cartridges aren’t created and distributed by a name brand with a fancy logo, they are often a much cheaper option.


The best reason to use compatible laser toner cartridges for your printer is because of the money you will save. If you go through toner quickly, the cost of your printer can really add up. When it is time to buy a new cartridge, the compatible option can save you half off or more versus the brand name cartridge.


While you definitely want to save money, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. With compatible cartridges, you don’t have to worry about getting an inferior product. The product may cost less, but that doesn’t mean it is cheaper quality. The compatible cartridges are not only designed to function with your printer, but they are designed to produce the same quality result. When you print with a compatible cartridge, you shouldn’t even notice a difference in your printed product.


Compatible cartridges are cheaper and just as effective, but some people still don’t trust them because they are missing that reputable name. However, it’s important to understand that using a compatible cartridge will not void the warranty of your printer. The compatible cartridges will just allow you to get twice as much use out of the printer for the same price.


No one wants to pay more for the same thing. People are willing to travel extra miles to save a few dollars, and everyone shops around when buying expensive products. Toner cartridges have gotten pretty expensive these days, and there’s no reason not to be economical when it comes to purchasing them. They are a great and safe alternative to the original manufacturer cartridges that can cost a lot more and leave you able to print a lot less in the long run.


If you are looking for a new printer, you can now even afford to get something a little more expensive because you know you will be saving money in the long run when you buy those high quality compatible laser toner cartridges.

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Why Consumers Are Changing to Compatible Toner Cartridges

When buying a printer, you want to get the best brand available to make sure that you will be able to produce high quality products for a long time. However, one of the major complaints about printers is the exorbitant cost of replacement toner cartridges from the manufacturer. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to replacing your toner and keeping your machine printing at the best quality possible.

Compatible Toner Cartridges Image

Consumers are starting to switch to compatible toner cartridges, and there are many reasons why. The most obvious reason is because of the cost. Compatible toner cartridges, which are manufactured by a third party, are much cheaper than the replacement cartridges offered by the brand name toner companies. The brand names charge more because of the brand. They need to pay for their advertising expenses, and they also believe that customers will have enough confidence in the name to pay extra. These higher prices also allow the companies to be more competitive in terms of the cost of the actual printer. Since buying a printer is a long term investment in a specific brand, a company can offer the printer at a lower price knowing that the consumer will spend more money on toner cartridges in the future. Compatible toner cartridges don’t have to worry about any of these issues, and they often are available at half the price or even less.


Another reason why consumers are changing to compatible toner cartridges is for the quality. While no one wants to spend less money to get something that is inferior, buying the same quality product for a lower price is a no-brainer. Compatible cartridges are designed to meet the requirements of the original equipment manufacturer. That means they will work with the printer and produce the same quality results. Since it doesn’t make much sense to pay more money for the same thing, people are starting to favor compatible toner cartridges over the brand name. There is no social stigma when printing with third party toner, so there isn’t much preventing people from buying these cheaper and equal quality products.

recycling toner and ink image

A third reason why consumers are switching to compatible toner cartridges is because they are becoming more aware that these products exist and that they work. There is a mistaken notion that compatible cartridges will void warranty, but this is not true. It is not even legal for a company to void a warranty because of the usage of a compatible toner cartridge. As long as the cartridge is truly compatible, there won’t be any problems on your end.


Compatible toner cartridges are becoming more and more popular because they are a great alternative to the rising prices of name brand toner. Using the name brand toner can force a consumer to pay a lot more than he or she bargained for when purchasing the printer. Since everyone wants to print the best quality products at the cheapest price, there really is no good reason not to switch to compatible cartridges.

Absolute Toner and Ink Cartridges Image

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What to Do If Your Printer Does Not Recognize Compatible Ink Cartridges

Buying ink cartridges for your printer can be an expensive and frustrating affair. Ink is very expensive these days, especially if you are buying the name brand products. Many printers seem to go through ink very quickly, so it can be very costly to constantly buy new ink. Luckily, there are compatible ink cartridges available for nearly every printer on the market today. Compatible ink cartridges are a much cheaper option that allow you to print the same product with the same quality.


One of the biggest complaints about compatible ink cartridges is that they are sometimes not recognized by the printer. There is some speculation that printer companies are intentionally trying to make it more difficult for consumers to use the compatible ink cartridges. Compatible ink cartridges are becoming much more popular, and this is cutting into the profits of the big brands.

Incompatible Cartridge Image

Compatible cartridges are designed to be just that: compatible with your name brand printer. However, many consumers have bought these compatible ink cartridges with the hopes of saving lots of money only to find that they don’t seem to work. Many consumers have noticed that when they first install their compatible cartridges, their printers will claim there is no ink or low ink.


If you find that your new compatible ink cartridge doesn’t seem to be working, there are several steps you need to follow before you can print.


1. Make sure it is compatible. Just because a cartridge looks like it fits, that doesn’t mean it is the right type of ink. There may be several different ink cartridges that will fit in your printer, but only one specific type will work. It’s important to make sure you have the right model number. A compatible ink cartridge should also list the printers it is made for. Make sure the information on the box matches your printer’s needs.


2. Follow the instructions. Each ink cartridge and each printer comes with its own set of instructions. Make sure you do exactly what the instructions for that particular ink cartridge say. This might involve shaking the cartridge or how exactly it should be installed. If you make any mistakes in this process, the ink may not work.


3. Make sure your printer is clean. The ink cartridge is recognized by the printer head, and if your printer head is dirty or clogged, it may not recognize the ink. A printer head may be more sensitive when it comes to a compatible cartridge, so you can’t assume that just because it was working before that it will work now. When you clean your printer head, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning. This may involve using a special cleaning solution.


4. Clean the ink cartridge. It is possible that the ink cartridge is blocked, so you will want to clean it to make sure the printer head can read it. One way to clean it is by using a q-tip or cotton ball to wipe any build up away. If this isn’t enough, you can try soaking the cartridge in warm water and then wiping it off carefully. You don’t want to leave any lint or dust behind or the printer may not read it.


5. Check your printer for other errors. You want to make sure your printer is properly plugged in and that all connections are secure. If you have any doubts on what to do, take it to a repair shop. It’s important to note that using compatible ink cartridges does not void your warranty, even though some manufacturers threaten that it will. It is illegal to void a warranty because you have used compatible parts.


6. Return the cartridge. If you don’t want to take your printer in for repairs, you can always try different ink. Since your ink cartridge is designed to be compatible, you should be able to return it if it doesn’t work. If you are worried about whether or not the printer works, you can try buying a brand name cartridge and testing it with that.


Using compatible ink may be frustrating at times, but it is a cheap and high quality alternative to the rising cost of manufacturers ink.

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What is the Difference Between Ink and Toner Cartridges?

The choice of what kind of printer to use in your home or business is not as easy as you may think. There are many different kinds of printers to choose from. Some printers are more appropriate for certain tasks. It is important to make the right choice when it comes to the type of printer that you are going to use. One of the things that you will soon discover is there are printers that use ink cartridges and printers that use toner cartridges. If you do not know the difference between these two types, it is not easy to make the best choice. It is important that you know the difference between ink and toner cartridges when making your decision.

Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges Image

Ink cartridges print by having ink forced through small holes in the cartridge. There can be several ink wells in the cartridge that have different color ink. When the different colors of ink are combined, they can create a wide variety of colors on the printed page.

The advantages of ink cartridges include the cost of a printed page is only between 5 and 10 cents per page. The cost of the inkjet printers that use these cartridges is also usually lower. Ink cartridges are not very big and are easy for anyone to replace. They print out a reasonable amount of pages with a good quality image before they have to be replaced.

Toner Cartridges

Compatible Toner Cartridges Image

Toner cartridges use a powder substance that is applied to the paper that is being printed. The powder is burned into the paper by a laser. The toner sticks to the paper thanks to the static electricity that is generated by the laser process.

Toner cartridges can print very detailed images. They also can print much faster than the inkjet printers. A toner cartridge will last a long time before it has to be replaced. Toner cartridges do not always print color images. They are also very expensive. Laser printers are more expensive than the inkjet printers.

Deciding which type of cartridge is right for you is a matter of personal choice. If you do a lot of printing it may make more sense to use a toner cartridge, but that is not always true. The initial cost of an inkjet printer may make them more appealing and may make them the right choice. You have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both to decide which the right type of printer cartridge is for you.

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How to Buy the Best Toner Cartridges Online

Buying toner cartridges is a balancing act. You want to get the best cartridges, but you also want to pay the lowest price. One of the best ways to buy toner cartridges is to search the internet. There are plenty of websites that offer you the toner cartridges that you need at a lower price than you will find in stores or from the printer manufacturer. There are several things that you should be aware of if you want to buy the best toner cartridges online.

HP 2600 Toner Cartridges Image

  • Look for the right vendor – You can save money by buying toner cartridges online. The only problem is finding a supplier of a high quality toner cartridge. You should expect the cartridge you buy to last as long as one that is made by the manufacturer and it should provide you with the quality of printing that you want. If you do not have a vendor you can trust to provide you with quality toner cartridges, check out the reviews that can be found online. Look for a vendor that has good reviews from customers that have used them. It is the best way to find the right vendor.
  • Know the difference between compatible cartridges and OEM cartridges. Compatible cartridges are manufactured by a third party and print at the same quality as an original product. OEM cartridges are new and manufactured by the original printer manufacturer, but they are much more expensive.
  • Watch out for shipping costs – Many online companies make up for their low prices with high shipping costs. Always consider the cost of shipping your toner cartridges as part of the price. You might find that you are not saving as much as you thought. You also should consider how long it will take to get the item. The speed of delivery may impact your decision of where to buy the cartridge.

Take some time when you go online to find the cartridge that combines the quality you expect with the price that you want. It is an effort that will pay off in the end.

Absolute Toner and Ink Cartridges Image

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