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What To Look For When Purchasing A Printer

What To Look For When Purchasing A Printer

What To Look For When Purchasing A Printer

Nowadays, many companies are dependant on the existence of a printer. Regardless of the continuing trend towards increasingly more prevalent, highly innovative technologies, the vast majority of meeting programs and other similar files remain to be printed on paper.

Even companies that operate mostly online, should they've got an office, are most likely to have a printer gift somewhere in the area of whatever work has been done in the area. But just because they are so readily available and we understand how to use them well, it does not signify that the average customer has a fantastic notion about what produces a bad or good printer.

Business printer leasing providers exist, and they are a terrific way to take another step and provide your workspace with all the printing capacity it takes. However, it is still worth putting in just a short time to be sure to not what to purchase -- and what not to buy.

That is why we've compiled a listing of a couple of things that you ought to be watching out for as you begin searching for the printer, which will best fit your business's requirements. We have decided to concentrate on some broad categories we believe play the most significant part in any particular machine's achievement. Here's our rundown on what to search for when you are purchasing a printer.

Printing Speed

Potentially the most underrated element of almost any printer, the rate where it could print, is unbelievably far down the list of several firms' priorities. This is clear since it is not precisely the shiniest bell or whistle you can market on the box. As it happens, you are unlikely to detect massive quantities of difference between quite similar printing rates, but that is precisely the reason you need to think twice about how quickly you want your printer to be.

The explanation for this idea is that while you will not have the ability to differentiate a significant difference on an individual basis, as an organization. Your overall surgeries will accelerate or slow down considerably based on the rate of this printer you are using because whatever gap there's page-by-page is going to likely be magnified thousands of times more than tens of thousands of applications. If your business wants a rental printer, then make sure it's fast enough to do the job that you require it to get.

Print Quality

How nicely the printer actually prints is an integral part of how well it functions on the entire world, but there's a little more to the question of print quality than meets the eye. To begin with, not all business needs are created equal. Some organizations will need consistent, high-quality graphics printed, while some will not require anything more dramatic than some solid, black & white composed phrases.

Keep in mind as printing goes up, so too does price, so in many cases, you won't want to go to the most high-definition printers in the industry. The best way to determine which kind of image quality you require is by looking at a typical day in your small business. What is getting published? Is there anything you are printing you don't have to print? Once you've obtained a high-high-level (if approximate) comprehension of what precisely your printing needs are, then you'll be better prepared to weigh unique products against each other.

Connects Wirelessly

A wireless printer still seems hi-tech, even though wireless technology has existed for years now. Part of this is most likely because, generally, we tend to connect printers using early-stage technology. That can be a mistake, but because today's printers are amazingly capable parts of the kit, and may conduct various unique purposes efficiently and without too much hassle.

The thing about getting a printer that could work wirelessly is you won't enjoy precisely how suitable it is until you check it out. The tidiest and compact of workplace spaces can do with a little help decluttering, and eliminating these chunky, unsightly printer wires could well earn a considerable difference to the way the area looks.

Supported Paper Sizes

Again, this stage's value will change based on what you are likely to use the business printer for; however, it is a fantastic point to remember while you're narrowing down your choices. Some files (particularly those used in medical or legal offices) need various sizes and designs compared to conventional A4 variants provided anywhere.

In regards to assessing for paper dimensions supported by the printer leasing your business is contemplating, all you need to do is be sure that you don't get burnt. Because of this, you do not have to spend too long on it. Just be sure that you do a fast check to make sure that whatever particular paper you are most likely to have in the long run is going to be something that the machine can manage. There is nothing worse than using a complete working day grind to a stop as your equipment is unable to handle something as essential as to what size of paper you're going to use.

Even though these factors on their own will not be enough to choose the perfect printer, when considered together, they help you to think about as you begin to make your way closer to a decision. The ideal situation is for your company to only opt for a printer rental; it's confident will do the trick. If you are having a hard time choosing what kind of printer you might need, feel free to send the team here at Absolute Toner a live chat, email or call us at 905-326-2886. After all, when it comes to printers and copiers, we are the professionals!

Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Is your existing printer bulky and old, and therefore are your workers beginning to whine about its performance? You might be losing money and time by maintaining an old copier beyond its prime. Listed below are six signs that your copier is out of date and it is time to update.

Old Push Buttons

Push buttons, a lot of which are made to be utilized for several purposes by people who may know their perplexing icons are a product of the older generation of less-helpful copiers. The buttons are an indication that you're passing up the advantages of the touchscreen age and machines offering the capability to browse multiple, easy-to-understand menu displays that clarify each procedure. Even in case you've got a classical touchscreen version, the hottest copiers surpass new variations, the majority of which were only push-buttons in thin disguise.

Fax And Printing Machines At Every Station

If your workplace is home to a profusion of desk-based printers and fax machines attached to each computer, think about switching to a new digital copier, which could take the place of all of them. Now's copiers provide both printing and fax solutions, on a scale big enough to serve a whole office. This could help you clean desk space and save electricity and costly replacements.

A Line At The Copier

Waiting lines at the copier may signal a slow or conservative copier that's taking a lot of everybody's time. Have a little time to assess how quickly your copier is if it has to do with web pages each minute, then compare it to the contemporary standard of about 65 pages per minute. You might also need to think about obtaining a copier with wireless capabilities. A good deal of standing around could be lowered if workers can print duplicates out of their desks and walk over to pick them up.

No Useful Copier Ports

Does your copier have ports? Ethernet and power cables aside, office copiers may also offer several extra ports, such as USB connections, which let workers upload and copy images from flash drives. If your company employs a lot of USB storage, it may be time to switch to a copier, which works nicely with the technology.

Too Much Reprinting

If employees keep coming back into the copier to create new copies due to fuzzy or faded pictures, it could be time for a copier upgrade to a model that does a better job. Modern copiers tend to manage detail and contrast a whole lot more efficiently than older copiers.

Regular Paper Runs

How often do you add paper to your copier? If it is a daily action, you can resolve frequent paper outages by using a copier that has larger paper trays capable of holding far more sheets. More paper means fewer stops to refill and greater efficiency.

Why Printer Leasing Can Benefit Your Company

Why Printer Leasing Can Benefit Your Company

Why Printer Leasing Can Benefit Your Company

Printer leasing appears to be the newest trend in workplace automation. Understandably, you might be unwilling to go this course, as you don't have the asset, but some advantages cannot be dismissed.

No Enormous Upfront Capital

You might be in the situation of not getting the funds immediately to upgrade your equipment or to enlarge your office printing equipment. Without the essential gear, you're limited in production and business performance capacity. With this, you do not need to pay a sizable amount upfront and may thus enjoy the benefits of new and updated equipment in exchange for a monthly charge.

Enriched Budgeting

While some companies earn substantial amounts at particular intervals in the year, most profit their earnings gradually during the year. Paying to your printer prices as you go thus makes much more sense. The prices are more manageable compared to big funding designs. By leasing a printer, you do not need to manage curiosity gains, which should be taken into consideration when you get a printer or copier through funding. With this, you have greater control over your expenses and will make more precise forecasts.

Tax Gains

If you're interested in a means to lower your tax cost lawfully, then monthly printer leasing is your solution. It's an ongoing expense that's tax-deductible. With an outright purchase, you're confined to a particular percent once-off, which could be claimed against tax obligations, while together with leasing, you maintain all of the costs paid monthly and yearly.

Ability to Update

Having access to the newest technology holds many benefits, such as having the ability to print longer, faster and in better quality due to more modern technologies. The latest multifunctional machines, for example, include touch displays for optimum user-friendliness, and several include precise user access stats and control software alternatives.

If you would like to save on power costs, then getting access to the newest technology is vital. The printers and copiers in your workplace are crucial tools for ensuring optimum relaxation. With this, you can't manage to operate with old technology as soon as your opponents have access to the very best and most recent available equipment.

But when you've purchased your gear, you still should receive the return on your investment. This might enable you to be reluctant to buy the newest versions available on the market. With this, you eliminate a part of your competitive advantage, but if you rent, you can update to more modern technologies at the end of your rental time or as agreed with the service supplier. You will thus have the ability to save on power costs, servicing and maintenance, because newer machines are more energy-efficient, so do not break as often as old machines, and supply you with additional printing and copying choices.

Access To Multifunctional Copiers

If you operate a small to medium-sized office, then a multifunctional device, along with your current printers, will be more beneficial. This type of gadget enables copying, faxing, scanning, software of different endings, and printing using one apparatus.

The majority of the newer devices offer support for mobile printing and permit for the output file, sending straight to emails and keeping the printing jobs for future demands. With more prominent offices, this also helps you to save space, servicing and maintenance arrangements.

When you rent, you may pick a multifunctional printer and so save the expenses mentioned above, whereas the outright buy might be too pricey for your budget. You won't have to update several parts of gear and so save administrative costs also.

Getting Your Requirements Fulfilled

We provide you with various rental options to satisfy your budget and printing needs. You may thus go over the rate, types of printing jobs and the rental interval.

What Do You Look For In A Printer Lease Contract?

If you can't decide on the version, you may always inquire about the specifications of each version and have the adviser provide you with printing copies for every one of the apparatuses. This can allow you to make an educated choice.

Do not look at leasing if you print fewer than 680 prints per month. In this instance, it is going to make more sense to purchase a printer to satisfy the smaller printing job requirement. It must be said that the tiny multifunctional devices are just suited for home offices. In case you have two or more workers, it will surely trigger print queues and also with printer care demands, you'll discover the price of leasing or possession to be higher.

Instead, allow Absolute Toner to help you select compatible printers and create leasing arrangements to fit your small business size, character and printing requirements. Contact us today online or at 905-326-2886!

Advantages To Photocopier Leasing

Advantages To Photocopier Leasing

Advantages To Photocopier Leasing

Photocopiers are the gadgets that make several copies of files, and it's become an asset for companies who have to create substantial records. In the case when a person would like to create several copies of this file inside a less time, then using a photocopier would stand-out to be favourable.

The procurement of a photocopier is a rather significant investment for most businesses. In today's market, photocopier leasing has emerged, offering the most suitable, adaptable, photocopier on rental for numerous customers throughout the landscape to get their everyday purposes of multiple copying.

In the current times, there are lots of kinds of photocopiers that are available for your users to research more like the:

Analogue copiers

Analogue copiers will be the first assortment of photocopiers, which has evolved since the innovative gadgets in the long term like the community photocopiers, electronic photocopiers, to mention a couple. Analogue copiers functioned with the reflecting light on a photosensitive surface, and this eventually became the foundation for more copies to be created.

Digital Photocopiers

Digital photocopiers are the most recently developed gadget that uses the internal memory to conserve the backup of the file and after digitally scan them, to ensure the digital copier can make numerous copies of this file much faster.

Network photocopiers

These copiers fully functions on the local area network (LAN) wherein it may take the orders of multiple users connected via the network. This system operates on the principle of spooling, in which the copiers distribute out the replicating requests on a series.

Ricoh MP C4503 Copier

The Proven Advantages Of Photocopiers

  • Generally speaking, photocopiers bring on the quickest and most straightforward way to create many copies for the newspaper work.
  • There's not much to do anyhow except feed in the document to be copied.
  • The device will quickly create numerous copies in less time.
  • The consumers may choose to select and further define the dimensions of their copies with reference making it larger or smaller so it might replicate with the initial backup.

Photocopier Resolution Is A Factor For Determining The Tangibility.

  • It may be advised that the resolution variable becomes the most deciding aspect to assess the grade of the photocopier when it has to do with the dispensing of every replicate with extreme significance.
  • Generally speaking, the resolution of this photocopier is defined concerning dots per inch.
  • The dots per inch will be the parameter that defines the quality and sharpness of this picture that's replicated.

The Rate Variable In Photocopiers

  • The most crucial component and a step of calibrations are all about the rate of a copier.
  • The rate of a copier photocopier is usually quantified as pages per minute.
  • The rate of a photocopier towards dispensing the replicated pages frequently defines the efficacy of this photocopier. Ideally, a standard copier with high configuration creates more copies in less time.
  • The rate factor is also very beneficial for promotion organizations to create many copies of their brochures or pamphlets that are used for its advertising purposes.

Absolute Toner is a pioneer in the photocopier leasing marketplace with diverse functionalities that fits the expectations of the client. We've been helping numerous customers throughout the landscape, be it that the advertising, merchandise businesses, company businesses to mention a few here. Call us today, 905-326-2886!

Why You Should Buy A New Copier

Why You Should Buy A New Copier

Why You Should Buy A New Copier

Sometimes we do not want to put money into new office equipment since we're knowledgeable about the machine we've got. While being cozy is a desirable condition if you are always frustrated at your copier, it might be for all these five reasons below.

Unmet Goals

If your company is taking up time from IT or support issues, you probably notice missed deadlines for different projects. Problems like production pace, software updates, and downtime can lead to unmet objectives. Purchasing a new copier can look to be a financial setback but ought to be considered from the standpoint of increasing profits through productivity.


A copier may cause your organization to overspend for a few reasons. To begin with, older machines are much less energy-efficient and boost the energy bill. Second, bad excellent copy projects lead to the requirement to redo projects costing money and wasting consumables.

Bottleneck Issues

When multiple groups are attempting to finish distinct projects simultaneously, your copier may take the brunt of the force. Purchasing a brand new copier will relive the strain since an upgraded machine will have the ability to handle more tasks rather than produce a traffic jam.

Samsung MultiXpress SL-K4300LX

Constant Repair Requires

A copier that's down half the time isn't a functioning system. It is time to get a brand new copier if your workers have to take jobs from their building since they can not be completed in house. Always fixing a lien is putting money into it, which you can spend on something much more effective.


Assessing your sensitive information is more significant than ever. Cyber threats are progressing steadily while casual eye slips to private data occur. An old copier with no capability to safeguard your data or using a pass code is departing your company vulnerable.

It's easy to understand how these five points are costing you much more money than buying a brand new copier. If you're thinking of buying a new copier, call Absolute Toner at 905-326-2886 today!

Benefits Of Buying A Copier

Benefits Of Buying A Copier

Benefits Of Buying A Copier

In the business world, any choice made, whatever the gravity of its influence on the general business requirement, ought to be weighed against extreme considerations and discernment, not to cause unforeseen problems later on. And yet one concrete illustration of this is deciding about the practice of obtaining equipment for a company asset.

For example, choosing whether to buy a new copier or lease one would count on the organization's overall needs concerning the number of its workers, the funding allocated to the machine and also the value of the advantage to that of their job's output signal, products delivered and services or offered supplied.

In buying copiers, among other associated resources, there are pros and cons that you want to think about. To assist you in choosing the best, we're sharing the benefits of buying a copier and the drawbacks. 

The Benefits Of Buying A Copier

Lesser Expenses

Generally, it's nearly always less costly to obtain your printer or more than it would be to rent one. Firms hoping to spend less about the attention of products and services will typically opt for purchasing copiers over renting them.

Samsung MultiXpress SL-X3280NR

Flexible Upkeep

The lessor maintains possession of this machine. Hence, the leased printer is the home of the firm supplying the support. This means the lessee isn't contractually permitted to execute any maintenance or some other alteration or to update to the device. This places the lessee at the mercy of the lessor in the case of an unanticipated circumstance.

The Drawbacks Of Buying A Copier

Expensive Replacement Prices

When a bought printer is obsolete or no longer working correctly, it's totally up to the company that owns the system to replace it. This sort of unexpected cost related to wear and tear is undesirable for many business owners.

Harder-To-Maintain Consistent Criteria

Businesses that have different branches occasionally opt to lease equipment since it's simpler to maintain the very same standards in each place. When buying choices aren't concentrated, distinct branches may wind up getting various costs with numerous levels of technology resources.