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Why You Should Rent A New Copier

Why You Should Rent A New Copier

Why You Should Rent A New Copier

There are three standard techniques firms acquire printing apparatus such as copiers and MFP's. You may buy what you want. This seems the easiest, but for gear worth more than $2000, it's not the most common. Secondly, you can rent the apparatus for a specific term rental. This is the most typical way that workplace printing gear is obtained.

The next method to get equipment would be to lease it for a duration or on a brief-term lease. In some cases, the material offered by the seller, and you merely sign up an agreement for a term of usage. We've done rentals that are one day to get particular occasions and have many others who have run for many years depending upon the customer requirements.

Why Would Renting Be The Ideal Option For You?

Short Term Need

When you rent a new copier, you receive the machine you will need for just the time you require it — usually, the longer the leasing period, the more significant the speed for any specific device.

You've got variable amounts or needs, and you're worried about creating a long-term choice on a device, and it not fitting your ultimate needs. Having a term established, you can get a system that may cope with immediate needs and those expected for a brief period without the probability of a long-term mismatch.

Bad/New Company Credit

Your company is relatively new, and leasing isn't a feasible option except in premium pricing or with warranties you might not want to supply. Instead, we could let them a suitable apparatus within the following year, and they can use this to assist in the learning curve that's part of moving into their new offices. The copier rental will even help them construct trade references for prospective leasing.

HP M880 Copier


You don't wish to earn a long-term commitment for apparatus. Sometimes customer scenarios are volatile, and they don't need to tie up themselves on a long-term basis and would enjoy the flexibility of a shorter arrangement.

Rental may be an excellent means to obtain a device to get second place in your company like a delivery warehouse or office. In case the most up-to-date and best isn't needed, but you need good reliable production afterward, renting is a great choice to think about.

Is Renting Always The Best Choice?

Rental isn't necessarily the best alternative for many reasons.

The copier rental choice isn't necessarily like purchasing or leasing alternatives. Rental fleets that are made available by sellers aren't as broadly based as the hundreds of other options to be found in the new market area. You might need to compromise a bit on the selection of gear you settle upon.

Not Every Seller Supplies A Rental Program

Direct manufacturers are not as inclined to supply leases because their operations are aimed toward moving fresh merchandise from the factory into the marketplace. Many traders will give a choice of merchandise for leasing agreements.

Limited Options

You won't typically have access to the most up-to-date and best of apparatus. Most leasing fleets are constructed on the usage of refurbed rental return gear or in some instances; products especially acquired to fulfill rental requirements. In this circumstance, you're usually receiving something that's previously in the area, but that's determined to be appropriate and serviceable from the provider. Knowing your provider's servicing standing will be significant in the decision to get with this foundation.

Only because the colour market is fluid and prices of performance of colour copiers have been decreasing over the last couple of years, traders have as many colour copiers. Your selection might be limited if you require colour. Your cost of performance on colour will be higher because of the higher operating expense of the older machines. Off the trade still might be well worth it if your amounts or desires are inconsistent.

Xerox C7020

How Much Will It Cost To Rent A Copier?

It's not easy to generalize, considering we've got high quality, very low mileage copiers that offer exceptional service.

Generally, the more the rental duration, the lower your total rate. The higher the projected print quantity, the greater the rental price will probably be, and the total cost of this is dispersed over more volume. Make sure you receive each of the fees involved when you speak about your alternatives. Since rentals are often brief in length, there are usually shifting and installation costs as there is less time to spread these costs within a lease. You also might want to understand what the cancellation terms are, notice periods for cancelling and some other prices for return of gear.

The decision to rent a copier may be an excellent way to obtain the resources you need, but you do need to know that the tradeoffs you make after applying this procedure. If you're looking for copier rentals, contact Absolute Toner today!

New Copier Technology Equals Lower Toner Costs

New Copier Technology Equals Lower Toner Costs

New Copier Technology Equals Lower Toner Costs

Purchasing a robust and multifunctional copier for the company is among the most significant investments that can be made for the productivity of your workplace. However, there are variables you'll have to consider, the most important being how frequently will the copier be utilized. By working out the numbers, you'll know whether you'll require a colour or black and white copier, the dimensions of the copier, in addition to its own tray's capacity. The next facet to make sure your copier has a choice for duplex printing. This will allow for a double click, and sided printing as well as your copier ought to be in a default position for double printing. This will save yourself lots of paper. There should be a choice to use single-sided printing, too, but make sure this attribute should only be used if essential.

Make sure that the copier selected uses a minimal number of standby electricity, which it automatically switches between active and standby manner when not being used. Lots of the more recent copiers automatically enter standby mode the minute they aren't used and have quick start-up times. A comparison of new copiers demonstrates that they consume 3w of electricity instead of 690w for a few old copiers. Still another aspect to think about before settling on a copier is if a multifunctional copier is going to be a rewarding investment. A newer copier can also save a great deal of room if you're in charge of a little workplace and will help you save money in servicing and running costs.

Xerox B8055 Copier

The resolution of this copier determines the clarity of every page, like the crispness and clarity of a picture, which might be very important based on the copier's purpose. The resolution is figured in dots per inch. You'll find copiers armed with very substantial decisions, but if you demand an average number of prints using clear pictures, this will influence on the running costs. Consequently, radically large resolution copiers are, for the most part, only rewarding to designers and printing companies. The next element to take under account is the rate at which you may need your copier to carry out. If you and lots of different folks will use the copier regularly, it's sensible to acquire a copier which performs at a faster rate to help productivity. The applications available for your copier should be thoroughly researched and capabilities it's equipped with if you want to create use of it later on. Some programs might be quite beneficial, especially for more prominent organizations where you could keep tabs on what's being published.

A copier is a massive investment to create, thoroughly explore any choice before creating it, and only purchase from accredited, licensed providers.

Why Leasing A New Copier Is Better

Why Leasing A New Copier Is Better

Why Leasing A New Copier Is Better

Our company serves thousands of companies of vastly different sizes every year. We often hear many of the same questions, and one of the most common questions we get is: "Do I rent or purchase a copier?"

The answer is there are benefits to both; however, the decision needs to be based on your business' specific needs. Below, we are going to explore the pros and cons so that you can make an educated choice on your own.

Utilizing Money For A Copier Purchase

For many purchasing scenarios in life, buying something often feels like the best strategy since there are frequently savings for the buyer rather than pulling the payments out. By purchasing, the company selling you the item negates any danger by not needing to worry if they are going to recoup the expense of this machine.

Leasing is fundamentally riskier for a trader or manufacturer since there's a possibility that the customer might not end making payments. Because of this, the entire lease cost is usually higher than paying to get something.

Leasing A Copier

It's more common for a company to rent a copier. However, you said that it costs more money to rent.

It indeed costs more to rent a lien over the life span of this lease (as does whatever paid for on credit). The reality is that almost all companies choosing this alternative have very little interest in having a cheque.

As time advances, copier makers are now adding and refining technology in their machines. They need to since if they did not, the contest would surpass them, and they'd go extinct.

Xerox C7030 Copier

Firms avoid having obsolete gear utilizing a copier rental. Much like those who decide to rent cars so they can always have low mileage or the most recent technologies, copier leasing is comparable.

Leases and support contracts often line-up, therefore toward the end of your contract, then you will have the choice to complete paying for the copier or update. Unless you have decided your copier is the best thing since sliced bread, then you are likely going to need to maintain your gear present.

What Is The Best Alternative?

The very best choice needs to depend on what you appreciate the most - remaining current with technologies or possible cost savings.

In case you choose to pay money for your gear, remember your service contract will almost surely grow as the machine ages. That happens since older machines need more support for replacement components.

With Absolute Toner, the two choices are picked by our clients for both of these motives. In the end, your dealer must educate you about both the options and the value that each brings to assist you in creating the most educated decision. At this point, it is merely a matter of choosing what helps your company best.

Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

If it's not broken, do not fix it. Frequently, that is not a bad rule to follow. On the flip side, copiers, printers, and other office equipment you use today may be broken and should be upgraded.

How a lot of you work in a workplace using copiers and laser printers which are unable to do whatever you need them to do?

Since the speed of technology always accelerates, everything gets better, quicker, cheaper (well, maybe not necessarily less expensive), including office equipment.

Cost of Repair and Maintenance

How much are you spending on maintenance? Like any device, copiers and printers need upkeep. As they age, thus do maintenance and repair needs. However, unlike an older car, one might invest in as a classic, an old copier is not going to win you style points in your workplace.

Hanging onto equipment too long is a false market. If you're spending a few hundred each month to keep an old machine working, you could use that money to rent or lease equipment with better functionality.

Improved Document Security

More accessible options to incorporate more robust authentication at the copier with proximity card readers, swipe card readers, as well as biometrics. For companies that need a detailed audit trail of access, this additional layer of safety keeps files out of unauthorized hands.

Many newer versions of copy machines include an option for encryption, or hard drive overwrite. Encryption keeps files stored on your equipment from being used in the event of a data breach. The capability to digitally shred data on the copier hard drive removes sensitive information from the copiers (like social security numbers, banking statements, employee and client names and addresses, etc.).

Canon C5030 Copier

Superior Output Capability

Contemporary office equipment is continually evolving and becoming better at generating high-quality files and graphics. Improvements in applications enhance scan crispness and resolution. Fundamentally, record output continuously improves. It is similar to your TV; newer versions have higher resolution compared to last year's models. Copiers and printers will be the same.

Streamline Workflows

Program multi-step jobs to be finished using a push of a button. Use the scanning abilities to start workflows.

Power Consumption

Those Energy Star ratings are not just for display.

One approach to measuring electricity consumption is using a kilowatt meter to assess the draw of gear when it is in use, on standby, and if only plugged.

Let us say that you have a copier that's left on 24/7. With a meter, you can ascertain how much that costs each year and just how much you might save by turning it off whenever the office is shut. All apparatus should default mode to draw at the energy when not being used. Be cautious of turning a few copiers away as that can influence their visibility over time -- consult your broker provider.

Regardless, let us say you've got three copiers and five printers, which cost $1,500 annually to continue. By ensuring they're off/in standby mode, you can avoid spending half or even more of the cost.

Remote Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Lots of new versions of copiers permit not just remote diagnostics, but remote troubleshooting. Though your service tech will not have the ability to correct a copier jam, they are going to be able to spot and fix software-related issues remotely. And that leads to higher productivity for you.

Cloud Connectivity

Scanners are network-connected for decades. But not all copiers all one-button connectivity into cloud programs. The capability to scan to email, scan to the repository, and scan to establish a business process are all massive boosts to workplace productivity.

Wireless Connectivity

Empower mobile printing to remote workers. Allow employees to publish from their smartphones tablets, or notebooks so that they may operate on the go.

Simple To Use

Xerox WorkCentre WC 7775

While the capacities of copiers are advancing, they are also getting simpler to use. Enormous, easy-to-read touchscreens make it possible for users to personalize often used functions. Quick menus enable fast access to private workflows. Most copiers have how-to videos which may be looked at on consumer interface.

Continuous improvements in paper handling and also the internal workings of the gear function to reduce paper jams too.


While size isn't necessarily a problem, if you want more space you can find a newer copier using precisely the same (or better) performance using a smaller footprint.

Track Resource Use

You can not handle that which you do not measure. Utilize monitoring and publish principles to monitor and control the print output. Examine colour output (and limit if desired ), path tasks to the cheapest apparatus, and monitor overall printing tendencies so you can evaluate and optimize your printing spend -- without even overspending.

Quicker Warm-up

Newer devices go from stop to print or replicate quicker than previously -- which means less time standing in the copier.

More Uptime

Copiers send notification alarms.

It is time to quit sharing tales in the water cooler about the most recent reason that the copier has broken or wanting that you might do more.

Outdated technologies -- and copiers are technologies -- slow down your organization, dragging down productivity and efficiency.

Contact Absolute Toner to get a free evaluation and recommendations to get a printing solutions strategy, which will help save you money and enhance the overall efficiency of your workers.

How To Choose The Best Copiers On A Budget

How To Choose The Best Copiers On A Budget

How To Choose The Best Copiers On A Budget

Office productivity and efficiency have improved through the years as technology has progressed. Rather than needing to possess both a printer and a copier, you can end up the right blend of both. Together with copying and printing, these machines may scan and facsimile to places like email, USBs and cloud-based providers. The more advanced versions could be personalized with finishing options like stapling, hole-punching and sorting.

These MFPs are made to fulfill business printing demands while cutting distribution expenses and increasing workflow. They may be bought or rented, and a range of accessories is available for many versions.

Discovering the proper copier for your company can be overpowering. To facilitate some of the strain, we have created this manual to split down the info you ought to know before deciding on an MFP. We have outlined many different MFPs and the critical qualities to search for.

Types Of Copiers

The very first thing you'll want to think about is whether you want your system to print in gray or have the ability to print in colour. Another thing to consider is the size of your own office space -- you will want to find a copier that fits well without consuming too much workspace. As soon as you've decided, you can begin to think about the configuration you desire. This will depend on your budget and preferences.

Monochrome And Colour MFPs

There's a difference in the expenses of a monochrome printer and colour printers. Monochrome printers usually cost less because they only use a black cartridge, whereas the colour printers require four separate cartridges: black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Offer prices will be reduced if you only purchase one cartridge at a time rather than four. Also, think about the influence on your branding and customers, though -- coloured images tend to grab attention faster than monochrome pictures.

Home VS. SMB Offices

Copiers made for home offices are typically desktop to save space. These models can go for as low as $50, but we recommend paying $300 to $700 to ensure you have the very best model for your industry. Lower-priced desktop copiers are meant for casual individual usage and will not satisfy the requirements of most businesses.

Office copiers are usually freestanding or designed to take a large tabletop and are developed to fulfill the needs of a multi-person office. Copiers such as these can typically be networked and feature a variety of printing, scanning and faxing capabilities. You may even use different paper types and sizes together with the more complex models. Office copiers start at around $1,200, but luxury versions can cost you $5,000 or more.


If your company requires high-volume printing, professional-grade graphics and innovative finishing options, you may need a production printer. Production printers provide high resolutions, including 2400 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) for colour prints to 9600 x 600 dpi combined with 8-bit colour thickness for black prints. Generation printers fluctuate significantly in price depending on specific characteristics, but they typically start around $7,000 for entry-level versions and proceed well above $25,000 for specialization models.

Ricoh Aficio MP 5002 Copier

Characteristics To Think About

Before making a choice, it is a fantastic idea to compare versions by taking a look at their key attributes. This can allow you to figure out which features you want and find the accessories and applications which are available.

Print Rate

Print speed is just one of the essential specs to check out when you opt for a copier. The print rate is often recorded on spec sheets because of "ppm" for pages per minute. You will want to locate a printer with sufficient speed to maintain your workflow running smoothly. If you do not publish in large volumes, a lower rate will probably be okay for your company.


You'll discover the newspaper capability (often recorded as "tray" or "tape") of a printer on its spec sheet in addition to the dimensions of the paper it could print on. A3 machines may use paper of around 11.7 x 16.5 inches, and A4 printers may use up paper to 8.3 x 11.7 inches. The most common copiers will probably be among both of these different types. The best option is dependent upon the types and dimensions of paper that you use the most.


Document feeders are crucial if you plan on scanning tens of thousands of files. You might also need to look at the optical resolution of this copier's scanner if you plan on scanning pictures in addition to Word files. For file scanning, 600 pixels is good enough, but for images, you will need at 4800 pixels.


Generation printers have quite different images specs from printers. On manufacturing printers, a resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi is regular, and colour management is indispensable. Office printers, which are mostly used for word files, have considerably lower resolutions. If you're uncertain what amount of graphics you'll need, reach out to us. We'll discuss what you will use the printer to get and recommend a version that is appropriate for your requirements and budget.

Inkjet VS. Laser

Whether you need to purchase an inkjet printer or a laser printer depends, again, on your business's requirements. An inkjet printer is your best and most economical option if you don't need to print at a high volume. It is also the ideal solution for companies that require coloured printing and high-quality images, such as media companies, marketers and property companies. Businesses that lack space may also prefer an inkjet printer because they're smaller and more portable than laser printers.

In case you have big print jobs, which are mostly black text, you'll find the most bang for your dollar using a laser printer. Laser printers offer the convenience of high-volume printing at fast rates -- even low-end laser printers can print up to 20 ppm. You will also get decent output with crisp text and sharp lines; however, the image quality will be less than stellar.

Even though a laser printer generally has a high price point, it is going to help save you money in the long run. You won't have to replace toner as often as you would ink cartridges and costs about 6 to 8 cents per page as opposed to approximately 10 to 20 cents per page for inkjet printers.

Xerox C60 Copier

Ink And Toner

The first thing to know is if your machine is laser or inkjet. Laser printers use a condom that is powdered, whereas inkjet printers utilize liquid ink. It's an excellent idea to consider how much toner or ink will cost you over the operational lifespan of the copier you purchase or lease. You can usually locate the prices on the business site or specs sheet under "Provides" or even "Accessories." To find a specific quote, you can contact a sales agent. You'll want to learn the number of pages you can expect to get out of each cartridge or batch, as well as just how much replacements cost. You can also think of third-party ink refills as an alternative, but make sure their ink is compatible first.


Most digital copiers have some internal memory that allows them to keep significant quantities of documents and scans. An inner drive resembles any other computer hard drive. Specs sheets may detect RAM, HDDs, SSDs or regular memory storage for every version. If your organization processes a large volume of images or printing tasks, we advocate a higher memory capacity. The more memory, the faster the machine can handle jobs.

Top Copier Companies

Choosing a copier can be like shopping for a vehicle. It could take time to find the one for your business, but it's essential to know all the features to understand which ones you'll need. Assessing copiers can allow you to determine which model and brand are right for you. It could help to narrow it down to about three brands and determine which could give you the best bargain.

Here are the significant players from the MFP market, which you might wish to contemplate.

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Konica Minolta
  • Kyocera
  • Lexmark
  • Ricoh
  • Sharp
  • Xerox

Buying VS. Leasing

The majority of the businesses we believed offer copier purchases in addition to leasing options. This is a massive issue for company owners -- and also one which isn't quickly replied. Both approaches include several pros and cons, such as tax incentives, maintenance difficulties, depreciation and prices. If you are unsure whether buying or leasing is ideal for your small business, have a look at our buy vs. lease article.

Maintenance & Support Agreements

The average copier service agreement includes drums, toner, parts, repairs and maintenance. These agreements are designed to free up your employees from worrying about the machine. Rollers, cleaning blades and other components that break or wear out over time are typically covered. Unfortunately, "parts" have a unique definition, so you'll want to make sure you have a complete list of covered parts before you sign. Maintenance and support arrangements can usually be found on the product brochures and pages; however, our team will also share these with you.

Best Copiers For Office Use

Best Copiers For Office Use

Best Copiers For Office Use

When it comes to choosing the best copiers for office use in the many versions available, this article will help if you've got any idea what to search for.

Many copiers are electronic, but you can find inkjet variations. Digital ones satisfy most office requirements because they're fast to use, provide decent quality graphics and are usually less costly to operate.

You do not have to get a copier because it is possible to rent them. Many find it easier to buy these machines, especially today as costs have come down thus much because the very first copiers were launched in the marketplace. Leasing or renting has its benefits for many businesses, but for most, it's the more expensive choice in the long run.

Xerox 560 Office Copier

It is dependent on how often you may use it and discover what amount of job you'll do. In case several workers will be talking about the device, then it has to be capable of queuing jobs. If you print or replicate documents back and forth, then you want a copier using a duplex operate. If you wish to unite unique machines in 1 unit, it's possible to discover copiers using a built-in fax, scanner. You might come across black and white copiers that offer the capacity to print in colour if necessary.

If you print more significant paperwork when searching for copiers available, you want to find a person with the capability to publish on ledger-sized paper. Do not incorporate this function unless you're planning to use it as it leaves the copier more costly.

Locating the best copiers for office use available should not be that hard, mainly if you use the web to assist you in getting the best prices. It's undoubtedly made finding deals easier.