HP Business Inkjet 2800 Ink Cartridges
In business, it is often necessary to print larger documents than the standard legal size paper, which is where the Hewlett Packard printer comes in. The Hewlett Packard Business Inkjet 2800 is a medium-format printer that can accommodate paper sizes up to 13 by nine inches. Because this inkjet printer is versatile, it can also print small cards that measure four by six inches. Several pages can be printed with the Hewlett Packard printer without monitoring since it has a 150-page input tray and 100-page output tray. For easy control, the Hewlett Packard Business Inkjet 2800 has an LCD screen on the top with a backlit display and several easy-to-use buttons to the side. This inkjet printer is designed for business use, which means that users won‰ЫЄt have to deal with functions that they don‰ЫЄt need. Rather than having features for optimizing photos, this Hewlett Packard printer focuses on providing high-quality graphics and text printing. Fast print speeds for text pages are provided with the inkjet printer, but it is slower with photos. With four separate ink cartridges on the Hewlett Packard Business Inkjet 2800, users can replace one colour when it empties rather than having to replace the entire cartridge. This Hewlett Packard printer has networking capabilities, which makes it useful for networks with multiple computers.

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HP Business Inkjet 2800 Ink Cartridges

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