HP PhotoSmart 3210 Ink Cartridges

As you'll see, our continuous rundown test results in a price of less than 20p per 6 x 4in photo. As the engine recirculates ink when performing cleaning and maintenance cycles, HP claims it's more efficient than others with permanent print heads. This certainly proved true in our intermittent testing, with the HP Photosmart 3210 managing as many prints under intermittent use as it did under our continuous rundown test, keeping the print cost to 20p no matter what. Of course, economical running costs don't mean much if the print quality isn't up to scratch. Thankfully, the HP Photosmart 3210 matched the 8250, although even this isn't quite at the same high standard as the Canon MP500. Text is black but slightly feathered around the edges and our monochrome test image took on a faint green cast. Other than that, though, we didn't see any weaknesses throughout our photo tests. The most noticeable of these is the quality of its scanner. Even though it uses a CIS sensor, both the copying and scanning tests were the best on test. The 3210 made three copies of our 6 x 4in photo in a little over six minutes and, although this is by no means the quickest, the reproductions were extremely close to the original and the level of detail was fantastic.

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