Lexmark E220 Toner Cartridges and Drum

Well-suited to delivering clear crisp lines, this Lexmark printer is effective and versatile. The Lexmark E220 is an outstanding all-in-one printer, so you can balance printing, scanning, and copying without hassle. With the outstanding 18 ppm printing speed found on this Lexmark printer, you can complete your document printing more efficiently. With the handy set of parallel (IEEE 1284) and USB 1.0/1.1 computer connections found on this laser printer, you can rapidly connect it and print smear-free charts, documentation, and schedules. Featuring a useful form factor, the Lexmark E220 blends into your work area with ease. You can customize the sharpness, scaling, and resolution to your preferred levels because this Lexmark printer has convenient controls. In addition, this laser printer comes with an economical monochrome printing capability enabling you to experience razor sharp printer outputs on envelopes, transparencies, and plain paper. Print a myriad of striking quality camera-ready legal agreements, illustrations, and spreadsheets using the innovative laser element included with the Lexmark E220.

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