HP 22 Compatible Tri-Color Ink Cartridge (C9352AN)



Replacing the HP 22 tri-color ink cartridge with a compatible cartridge is a great, money saving option.

Produces 165 pages based on a 5% page coverage.

HP 22 Compatible Tri-Color Ink Cartridge Works With

HP DeskJet 3910 HP DeskJet 3915 HP DeskJet 3920
HP DeskJet 3930 HP DeskJet 3930v HP DeskJet 3940
HP DeskJet 3940v HP DeskJet D1311  HP DeskJet D1320
HP DeskJet D1330 HP DeskJet D1341 HP DeskJet D1360
HP DeskJet D1368 HP DeskJet D1415 HP DeskJet D1420
HP DeskJet D1430 HP DeskJet D1445 HP DeskJet D1455
HP DeskJet D1460 HP DeskJet D1468 HP DeskJet D1470
HP DeskJet D1520 HP DeskJet D1530 HP DeskJet D1558
HP DeskJet D1560 HP DeskJet D1568 HP DeskJet D2320
HP DeskJet D2330 HP DeskJet D2345 HP DeskJet D2360
HP DeskJet D2430 HP DeskJet D2445 HP DeskJet D2460
HP DeskJet F2110 HP DeskJet F2120 HP DeskJet F2128
HP DeskJet F2140 HP DeskJet F2180 HP DeskJet F2187
HP DeskJet F2188 HP DeskJet F2210 HP DeskJet F2212
HP DeskJet F2214 HP DeskJet F2235 HP DeskJet F2238
HP DeskJet F2240 HP DeskJet F2250 HP DeskJet F2275
HP DeskJet F2280 HP DeskJet F2288 HP DeskJet F2290
HP DeskJet F300 HP DeskJet F310 HP DeskJet F325
HP DeskJet F335 HP DeskJet F340 HP DeskJet F350
HP DeskJet F370 HP DeskJet F375 HP DeskJet F380
HP DeskJet F385 HP DeskJet F390 HP DeskJet F394
HP DeskJet F4100 HP DeskJet F4135 HP DeskJet F4140
HP DeskJet F4150 HP DeskJet F4172 HP DeskJet F4180
HP DeskJet F4185 HP FAX 1250 HP FAX 3180
HP OfficeJet 4315 HP OfficeJet 4315v HP OfficeJet 4315xi
HP OfficeJet J3608 HP OfficeJet J3625 HP OfficeJet J3635
HP OfficeJet J3640 HP OfficeJet J3650 HP OfficeJet J3680
HP PSC 1401 HP PSC 1402 HP PSC 1403
HP PSC 1406 HP PSC 1408 HP PSC 1410
HP PSC 1410v HP PSC 1410xi HP PSC 1417

Compatible Toner Cartridges

With all compatible toner cartridges you will receive Lifetime Warranty that the toner cartridge will remain defective free from material defects and in workmanship. Should you have a defective toner cartridge then you can request an exchange with our RMA request system.

For returns via our RMA system you will have to provide certain details such as your order number, picture of product and picture of product with serial number. Once you have submitted your exchange request, one of our team members will respond to you within 3 to 5 business days. 

Compatible Ink Cartridges

There is no lifetime warranty on compatible ink cartridges.Should you have a problem with your product, please contact us within the first 4 weeks of purchase for a replacement. 

Toner Refill Bottles

We offer instructions with all of our kits, but cannot offer a warranty on this product. 

Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment

We test all of our machines and repair/replace any faulty part to ensure that it works. These machines are all sold AS-IS, meaning we cannot offer any warranty on these products. 

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All original supplies and products are subject to the manufacturer's warranty and will be handled through the specific manufacturer's system.  

Return, Replacement, and Exchange

Please contact us before sending an item back to us, we provide technical support to resolve any questions regarding our products, installation or troubleshooting. Should a return/replacement or exchange be necessary; we shall provide instructions on how to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). If product is determined to be tampered with, misused or over 30% used no refund will be issued.

Your complete satisfaction is our primary concern, if you’re not completely satisfied with Absolute Toner brand laser cartridge purchase, please email us for an RMA number and return it within 14 days with your original receipt or call customer service at 905-326-2790. We will gladly replace or repair your cartridge(s) or refund your money less shipping and handling.

*Available only to Absolute Toner brand laser toner cartridges. 

Please Note: All shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, unless agreed upon otherwise.

When returning a product back to us using the RMA process from the U.S.A. or outside of Canada please make sure that you use our RMA system. Absolute Toner Corp. liability hereunder shall be limited to replacement or reimbursement as provided above. Please note that any cartridge determined by our quality assurance technician to be in working order, not our cartridge, cycle complete (empty), damaged in shipping, or damaged by user, will not be covered by this warranty. This warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all other warranty of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. All goods are shipped/sold upon condition that Buyer/Dealer accepted these terms, if not, Buyer/Dealer must promptly return the goods and notify seller in writing.