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Tips for Helping You Choose the Right Photocopier and Printer

Tips for Helping You Choose the Right Photocopier and Printer

There's little doubt about it purchasing equipment for your office now hasn't been a more intricate procedure, between safety, networks, technology, speed, quality...the list continues.

We are not suggesting you will come to an immediate conclusion about the ideal copier machine by studying these queries, but you'll begin developing a filter procedure for your office, about what is essential and what is not significant.

Bear in mind, this is an important item of office infrastructure; it is your workhorse and so a significant investment. And we would like to be sure you are receiving the proper return on your investment.

Volume: What quantity of printing do you do or does your office do a month? The amount will establish the size of this motor. If you do low volume, then it's very likely that a 20/22 page/per second machine using a very low engine capability will suffice. But if you do high quantity, then you need to be taking a look at a top engine power machine which could produce anywhere from 50-75 pages/per moment.

Desktop or Standalone: Would you want the device for a desktop computer or a standalone photocopier?

Quality of Colour: Should you do a great deal of colour photocopying/printing, is quality a critical element for the office?

Rate: Is the rate of output in the photocopier/printer significant for your office?

Managed Print Services: are you searching for a controlled print service (MPS) or unmanaged print support? If you're not sure about this, then check out our website on this topic.

Current Infrastructure: How can the machine fit right into your existing workflow and infrastructure? By way of instance, is the office with MAC or PCs? Does your office use an agency or is all in the cloud? Are there some imminent changes to your IT plan that could impact your buying decision?

Safety: Why is security in your system significant for your office?

Migration: Can you need your office to migrate from printing to scan?

Paperlight Office: are you searching for a paper lighting office?

Document Management: Can you have a file management system or are you thinking about getting one for the office?

Confidential Information: Why is any of the information you're printing confidential or sensitive? I.e. do you will need the picture on the hard drive to be continuously uninstalled or shattered?

Contact Absolute Toner today at 905-326-2886, Toll-Free: 1-877-437-5364 or for professional copier/printer sales only please call: 647-998-6637 to discuss further.  Our team can bring you through all of these questions and help get you the answers you need to make the best choice.

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