100% Safe Shopping with Absolute Toner


Safe Shopping With Our Online Shop

At Absolute Toner we believe in giving shoppers the best experience when it comes to replacing ink, toner, or just picking up a new product. For this convenient and safe environment to exist we have to be able to provide you with safety measures which will protect users.

So then how do we go around with keeping your information safe?

You will notice on the Absolute Toner website whenever you go to a page where you will input personal sensitive information that you are being protected by a secure sockets layer, or SSL for short. This is an encryption of the data which you are entering and which is being sent to us. This way your information is safe.

Absolute Toner is a Level 1 PCI compliant store and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure.

When you choose to pay with your credit card on our checkout page, your sensitive information is being protected by the same SSL. This insures that your card information, your billing and shipping information is secure. On Absolute Toner we also offer you the choice to complete your order through PayPal, a leader in secure online payments.

We want to make sure that you feel safe and secure when doing any transaction on our website. Another step we take to ensure that your information is kept safe is keep any information you provided with just us. So you can rest easy that we are not sharing your personal information on the web.


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