Laser Printer Toronto

Lowest Price Home and Office Laser Printers For Sale in Toronto

Laser Printer Toronto

An inkjet printer is easy to understand in the name alone. It translates an image to a piece of printer paper using tiny jets of ink. After using an inkjet printer, it’s also easy to understand why after seeing it run out of ink frequently, having cartridges dry up, and the expense of having to refill, how a laser printer in Toronto would be a better choice for your needs. Instead of using ink, a laser printer uses what is called toner – a collection of plastic and iron particles used with special heated rollers to melt to the paper. This means there’s nothing to dry up so you no longer run the risk of leaving the printer alone for multiple weeks and coming back to it to find that the ink cartridge has indeed dried up. There’s nothing to dry!

Though a laser printer may cost more upfront, don’t let this dissuade you from a purchase as an inkjet printer will cost you more money in the long run having to constantly replace the ink cartridges. This higher upfront cost for a laser printer also provides the consumer with a better print quality than an inkjet printer ever could. Laser printers have become the industry standard for professional print. From a business standpoint, if you’re looking to compete with the most professional looking copy out there then use the tool being used by your competitor – a laser printer. For personal use, it’s going to afford you the opportunity to produce pieces of print comparable to the highest quality prints out there.

The high cost also gives you a toner cartridge that is going to last you far longer than an inkjet cartridge could – it’s not uncommon to see literally thousands of sheets get printed off with a single toner cartridge. For those that use it for simple single color monochrome printing for pieces of writing it makes for such a very attractive offer. Color laser printers also offer many benefits as a laser printer offers impeccable color at a very affordable cost.

Beyond all other of these benefits, what you get with a laser printer is a printer made well. Reliability is key and these tend to be far more reliable than their inkjet counterparts. We have seen customers come to us looking for a new laser jet printer after having one last ten to fifteen years – believe it or not this is a common occurrence among out clientele.

Whether it’s for a small office or a home-based business, you want a printer that is going to be able to keep up with you and whose quality is not going to detract from the message on the paper. A laser printer will get you there. Don’t even think of an inkjet printer if you’re running a business. If your thinking is “the more professional, the better” than you have found the answer. Crisper text and better graphics in addition to the benefits above are going to mean you are well set up to not only compete with but outperform competitors with your marketing materials.