DTF Printer Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Purchasing or Leasing DTF Printers and Accessories from Absolute Toner or associated partners.

Limited Parts Warranty:

  • *The use of non DTF Station ink, film, or other supplies for the DTF Station machines will void warranty.
  • *The use of non OEM ink, film, or other supplies for all other brands of DTF machines will void warranty.

Each machine will come with a limited 1 year or 2 years conditional parts warranty (Depending on the brand and model) covering electronic components such as the mainboard, carriage board, mainboard power supply, and motors. This warranty specifically addresses manufacturer defects and does not cover physical damages like liquid spills, fire, overheating, cracks, or missing parts. If applicable (On some models), you may receive limited free hours of service hours of complimentary tech support and/or on-site service in the GTA, as agreed upon at the point of sale.

Customers are responsible for shipping warranty parts to Absolute Toner's warehouse at their own expense. Additionally, it's your responsibility to install replacement parts. Absolute Toner holds no liability for any damage incurred during installation or shipping.

Consumable parts like *print-heads, dampers, cables, belts, bearings, capping stations, ink tanks, tubes, and filters are not covered under this parts warranty due to normal wear and tear. 

*Some machines may include a limited number of print head/s in the limited parts warranty. Please inquire for complete details specific to your model.

Repair Services:

Repair services are not covered under the limited parts warranty. However, for certain DTF Station models, technical support is available through a chat collaboration tool with video/image uploading, and live support directly from the DTF Station support team. The use of the DTF Station support chat, while available, is subject to the DTF Station usage terms and conditions.

DTF printers are primarily suitable for individuals who are handy or have access to someone with handy skills and the ability to use tools. It's important to be capable of following instructions to perform self-repairs if necessary. Please note that service is not included in the conditional parts warranty. This is particularly significant for users without access to a local service center, aiming to avoid the additional cost associated with long-distance travel.


Please inquire about what type of training available for your specific model and the associated fees.

For DTF Station printers a live virtual training class is also included. You will need to request that we schedule class training upon receiving your printer. Participating and completing the class before initiating the printer within a maximum of four weeks of receiving your printer is mandatory. Please participate in the training within this timeframe to ensure the parts warranty is maintained.

DTF printers are primarily suited for individuals who are handy and proficient in using tools, as well as capable of following instructions to perform self-repairs if necessary. Please note that service is not included in the conditional parts warranty. This is especially important for users who may not have a local service center and wish to avoid the additional cost associated with long-distance travel.

Software Activation:

Some machine will not include an key activation license. If your purchase a licence or if its included with your purchase (Where applicable), you can activate it under your account. Make sure to save your account details and security passwords. Absolute Toner cannot retrieve licenses in case of issues like incorrect login information or computer problems. Each license is valid for one computer; additional computers require separate licenses.

Note: These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Please review the latest terms and conditions on our website before making a purchase.

Please read the important DTF safety guidelines

Please Note: DTF printers and/or Powder Shakers/Curing Ovens are not suitable for every home use or home-based business due to the potential risks involved. These machines may cause burns, contain fast-moving parts, and require proper ventilation to prevent inhaling harmful fumes. It is also essential to keep the machine at the suggested temperature with appropriate humidity levels as recommended by the manufacturer. Ensure that the machine is placed away from air conditioning or heating units and out of reach of children. Use these machines at your own discretion and risk, taking necessary safety precautions into account. Before purchasing a DTF printer, oven or shaker for home use, individuals should carefully research the specific model, consider their space and safety requirements, and consult with the manufacturer or a qualified professional to ensure that the equipment is suitable for their needs and environment.