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15 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Color Laser Multifunction Printer, Can Increase Productivity For Your Business Or Office - Xerox MFP Color Laser Printer For Sale By Absolute Toner In Canada

15 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Color Laser Multifunction Printer, Can Increase Productivity For Your Business Or Office - Xerox MFP Color Laser Printer For Sale By Absolute Toner In Canada


Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

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For small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, and religious organisations that require high-quality colour, the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 is the ideal multifunction printer! Additionally ideal for print shops and internal printing facilities, these gadgets.

  1. Media Sizes: Up to 13 x 26 in. (330 x 660mm) banner printing
  2. Built-in security; workflow app-ready
  3. Print Speed Up to 70 ppm Color, 75 ppm Mono
  4. Single-pass Scanner: Up to 270 images per minute (ipm)
  5. Recommended Volume per Month: 30,000 (10% of monthly duty cycle)
  6. Flexible, production-ready finishing and feeding with a range of Digital Front Ends to fit every print environment
  7. Exceptional reliability and image quality with built-in security and workflow apps
  8. 2400 x 2400 dpi means you get outstanding fine-line detail and text with vivid images and smooth colour transitions
  9. Print up to 26" (660 mm) with the Extra Long Sheet (XLS) capability up to 220 gsm.
  10. Control Panel: An intuitive user interface makes it simple to access general print, copy, scan and fax functions, integrated colour server, useful apps from the Xerox App Gallery, colour controls, security features and much more.
  11. Integrated Scanner: Single Pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder scans up to 270 impressions per minute; 600 dots per inch colour up to 11 x 17/A3. Scan to a variety of output options; desktop, USB, mailbox, FTP, SFTP, SMB and Job Flow multi-destination scanning.
  12. Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer: Prints, copies, scans and faxes all while delivering stunning colour image quality at a highly productive 70 ppm colour and 75 ppm black-and-white (C9070).
  13. Xerox Interface Decurler Module: Inline paper cooling and decurler unit improves throughput and efficiency connecting Production Ready finishers, ensuring flat sheets for reliability and speed.
  14. Xerox Crease and Two-Sided Trimmer: Trims 6-25 mm from the head and foot of prints or booklets to produce an even edge and creases spine. Available with Production Ready Finishers.
  15. Xerox Production Ready Finisher Booklet: Maker: Ensures consistent high-quality stapled sets for small or large documents with a variable-length stapler, single or dual stapling option and a 100 sheet capacity. Plus, creates stapled booklets up to 30 sheets or 120 imposed pages (uncoated), or 15 sheets or 60 imposed pages (coated)

The World's #1 Entry Production Color Printer Just Got Even Better

The Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer offers the most versatile features available: It elevates entry level by offering unmatched application flexibility, unmatched image quality, professional-grade finishing, improved reliability and security, as well as cutting-edge tools and automation. It also offers unmatched media flexibility and superior image quality.

Improve Your Image Quality That You Expect

Entry-level pricing shouldn't imply low-quality images. Delivering stunning results on every job, every time, is possible with PrimeLink. Everything begins with resolution. Even at print speeds of up to 70 ppm, 2400 x 2400 dpi ensures exceptional fine-line detail, text, vivid images, and seamless colour transitions. The colours you want are the colours you get thanks to PANTONE technologies embedded in EFI servers like PANTONE GOE and PANTONE PLUS.

And a combination of Xerox Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner with ultra-low melt technology, +/- 1.5 mm front-to-back registration and Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) means you get consistent quality from your first print to your last.

The Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer makes it easier to capture, edit, and store documents, giving you all the tools you need to produce high-quality work more quickly.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Looming deadlines are the norm. Now, there's no reason to compromise. Adding a PrimeLink to your arsenal lets you upgrade your productivity in ways you wouldn't think possible. Designed to promote multitasking and collaboration, it’s customizable to suit your work style. The Xerox Integrated Colour Server comes standard. Or you can choose from one of three optional EFI servers for more capabilities and more volume. All you have to do is select the best fit based on your business applications and the level of automation and colour accuracy you need.

The printer also has access to the Xerox App Gallery. With apps that connect to leading applications including Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365, you can print and scan directly to and from the cloud, simplify workflows and automate complex tasks. Plus, built-in mobile connectivity with PrintByXerox lets your team stay on-task when they're on the go. With this feature, PrimeLink can securely accept print submissions from any email-enabled device — no extra software required.

It’s all there with the touch of a button. Say yes to more, and Xerox PrimeLink C9070 will help you deliver.

Serve And Protect

PrimeLink applies a strategic approach to security to keep your network and projects safe from prying eyes. Stop suspicious activity where it starts with our comprehensive approach to security:

  • Multiple layers of security include data encryption, access controls, disk overwrite and industry certifications.
  • Audit Log ensures an audit trail of operators' key events. These logs are imperative for Administrators/Key Operators to use for troubleshooting, resource optimization and security audits.
  • Secure Print holds documents for release until you’re ready to retrieve them.
  • Secure Scanning includes password protection for PDFs and folders, as well as encryption for scanning to email.

Finish Strong

PrimeLink delivers media latitude and finishing options that are best-in-class and unparalleled in an entry-level device. Print on specialty stocks and heavyweight stocks up to 350 gsm. And print long runs without refilling the paper tray using high volume feeding options.

Finishing options are professional-grade, easy to navigate and nearly endless. Enjoy options ranging from full-bleed trimmed booklets to punch, crease and fold.

Additional Feeding And Finishing Options Not Pictured

  • One-Tray Xerox High Capacity Feeder — Holds 2,000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 in. (A4) paper, 64–220 gsm.
  • Banner Feed Guide — An option for the Tray 5 (Bypass)/MSI/OHCF that increases reliability when feeding XLS or 350 gsm media.
  • One-Tray Oversized High Capacity Feeder with Storage Cabinet — Adds 2,000 sheets in sizes from 4 x 6 in. / 100 x 148 mm to 13 x 19.2 in. / 330 x 488 mm (up to 350 gsm). Up to 13 x 26 in./330 x 660 mm via Tray 5 (up to 220 gsm).
  • Offset Catch Tray — 500-sheet stacking.
  • Xerox Business Ready Finisher — A lighter-duty option for finishing and stacking and staples up to 50 sheets uncoated/15 coated.
  • Xerox Business Ready Booklet Maker Finisher — Provides booklet making capability.
  • Xerox Production Ready Finisher — Produces superior quality finishing and stacking with a 500-sheet top tray and 3,000-sheet stacker tray and built-in bi-directional decurler.
  • Xerox Production Ready Finisher Plus — Provides same function as the Production Ready Finisher. Used to connect third-party inline finishing options
  • Xerox Basic Punch — An option for punching 2/3, 2/4 and Swedish 4-hole on the Production Ready Finisher and Booklet Maker.
  • Plockmatic Pro 50/35 Booklet Maker — Highest quality production booklets up to 200 pages (up to 50 sheets). Face trimming, square fold, rotate crease and bleed trim.
  • Convenience Stapler — Staples up to 50 sheets of 20 lb./80 gsm media.
  • Xerox Tape Binder — Combines inline thermal tape binding with the speed, value and convenience of Production printing. Connects via Xerox Production Ready Finisher Plus
  • GBC eWire — Combines printing, punching, collating and twin- loop binding into one integrated process Runs inline with the GBC AdvancedPunch Pro and the Xerox Production Ready Finisher Plus.

State-of-The-Art Printer And Data Security

Connectivity poses the risk of cyber-intrusion, but this ConnectKey Technology protects from threats with strict printer security and data security. Security is a top priority for us. That’s why every Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device is armed with our holistic four-point approach to security, ensuring comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability.

Security Features

Prevent: A comprehensive set of capabilities prevents malicious attacks, proliferation of malware, and misuse of unauthorized access to the printer. Whether from transmitted data or directly at the multifunction , all access points are protected through user authentication and access controls.

Detect: A comprehensive Firmware Verification test, either at start-up or when activated by authorized users, provides alerts if any harmful changes to the printer have been detected. McAfee Whitelisting* technology constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running. Integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) auto-detects Xerox devices on the network and classifies them as printers for security policy implementation and compliance. By interacting with the market-leading McAfee DXL and Cisco pxGrid platforms, Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) employ an orchestrated response that neutralizes threats at their source the moment they occur.

Protect Capabilities prevent intentional or unintentional transmission of critical data to unauthorized parties. Documents are not released until the right user is at the device and scanned information is protected from unauthorized users. Xerox also protects stored information, using the highest levels of encryption. Processed or stored data that is no longer required can be deleted using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defense approved data clearing and sanitization algorithms.

External partnerships ConnectKey Technology provides extra security standards through our partnerships with McAfee* and Cisco. We measure our performance against international standards with certifications like Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 to ensure our devices are trusted in even the most secure environments.

Integrated Server for the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer

With the combination of the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer and the Integrated Color Server, powerful performance is at your fingertips. Engineered for high-end office applications, it combines world-class color and workflows for transformative results.

  • Tailor your device to work the way you do with the ever-evolving selection of innovative apps available on the Xerox App Gallery.
  • Increase your opportunities with an expansive media selection — including Extra Long Sheet (XLS) for creative banner printing — and inline finishing capabilities ranging from stapling and hole-punching to folding for presentations, brochures, reports, and newsletters.
  • Use Xerox Standard Accounting Feature and internal auditing to track device usage, set limits, and control costs.
  • Customize your print driver settings to save on specific applications — such as always printing emails in black and white.
  • Maximize your productivity by performing scan, print, copy, fax, and file routing operations simultaneously.
  • Easily share files or introduce electronic archiving with powerful scan capabilities. Text-searchable files make retrieval simple. And compression technology reduces network load for faster transmission.
  • Automate document routing to predefined locations such as email addresses with job flow sheets.
  • Enjoy automatic installation, troubleshooting, feature setup, and upgrades with the Xerox Embedded Web Server.
  • Replenish supplies automatically — Automated Meter Readings (AMR) collects and submits readings and Automatic Supplies Replenishment (ASR) orders ink whenever supplies run low.
  • Securely print from any email-enabled device with Xerox PrintByXerox App. No software or app to download. No IT intervention. Just send an email and print at the device.

Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ KIT For The Xerox Primelink C9070 Printer

Breathing Inspiration into Print

It’s time to bring more imagination to every printed page. Specialty printing is one of the fastest-growing digital segments, opening up expanded possibilities for designers, printers, and print buyers.

As expectations change for digital print, how will you adapt?

Not to be confused with technologies that allow you to add a single additional color along with CMYK. This Adaptive CMYK+ delivers award-winning innovation with the power to transform your capabilities in simple, swappable kit form.

This Vivid Toner Kit delivers four specialty spot colors: Gold, White, Silver, and Clear. The Fluorescent Toners in this Combination Kit add impact with Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, and Fluorescent Yellow.

Get Noticed

Designers are born to dream. To create. To imagine. The best designers fully understand the capabilities and limits of traditional CMYK processes. Now, with the Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits designers have more freedom to explore. More opportunity to bring ideas to life. And more ways to be sure print pieces get noticed.


When coupled with digital printing advantages such as short runs and a wide array of imageable substrates, digital embellishment options unlock new, inspiring, high-value opportunities.

With Adaptive CMYK+ Technology, today’s market demands can be met with swapand-go simplicity. This 3-in-1 capability (swap CMYK, Vivid, and Fluorescent Specialty Toners in one Xerox Device) lets you triple the versatility of your hardware investment.

Produce + Profit

You juggle dozens, maybe hundreds, of print jobs every day. Now you can add enhancements to those jobs, reaching new, lucrative markets without sacrificing the benefits of short run digital printing. The Adaptive CMYK+ Kits gives you an affordable entry point into high-value print enhancements, letting you realize new profit potential from your PrimeLink investment.

Xerox EX C9070 Print Server Powered by Fiery

Do more complex and higher value jobs with the high performance of the EX C9070 Print Server for the Xerox PrimeLink C9070 Printer

Boost Your Production And Profits

Easily handle heavy workloads and provide faster turnaround times. Support for industry-leading variable data printing (VDP) formats such as PDF/VT, PPML, VPS and Xerox VIPP allow PSPs to satisfy customer demands and meet tight deadlines.

Print Perfect PDFS

By supporting the Adobe PDF Print Engine, Fiery servers offer a native end-to-end PDF workflow, allowing you to improve the consistency of your printed output from design to print.

Reduce Erpors And Waste

Avoid costly mistakes with the troubleshooting, preflight and proofing tools of the optional Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition. Combine with the free Fiery JobFlow Base automation software for a seamless, error-free workflow.

A Seure, Integrated Production Environment

Built on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform, the EX C9070 Print Server contains the latest security protections, such as Windows Defender. Other enhancements include encryption, secure printing, user authentication, and configurable backup and restore capabilities. The server features standard JDF connectivity and integrates with Xerox ConnectKey applications and common cost accounting software.

Speed Up Make Ready

Easily perform complex document preparation using the intuitive Fiery Impose-Compose, and the optional Fiery JobMaster.

Turn Up The Impact With Personalization

With Fiery FreeForm Create, you can quickly and simply personalize existing files for free – with no additional VDP software required. Add variable elements such as text, images, or barcodes with just a few clicks.



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