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How to Get More Copies from Your Copier


How to Get More Copies from Your Copier

How many copies have been made on the copier you own? Copiers have not been made to last forever. There comes a point in time when they have made their last copy, but how do you know when that is. It is possible to determine how many copies you can expect from your copier. It is also possible to do some things that can extend the life of your copier. It is important to understand the first part in order to accomplish the second part.

Determining the number of copies

The main part of a copier that is needed is the print head. Every print head has a limit on how many copies it will make. The way to find out that number is to find out from the manufacturer or the customer service representative what the print head life is. It will be different for different copiers. If the print head life is 400 million characters, you can then convert that into a time frame. This is done by dividing the number of characters by 5000 (the average number of characters per page). That means that you can print about 80,000 pages before the print head has to be replaced.

Extending the life

The print head can be replaced as can many other parts of the copier be replaced to make it last longer. Since it is usually cheaper to replace parts instead of buying a brand new copier, this will extend the life of the copier.

You can also extend the lifespan of your copier by maintaining the parts properly. Regular maintenance can prevent parts from breaking or can allow other parts to be replaced before they cause more damage. Regular maintenance should be performed based on how much the machine is used. It is usually based on the number of hours that the machine is turned on. This number can be obtained from the manufacturer or the customer service rep. Just like a car, performing the routine maintenance is the best way to keep a copier working longer.

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Updating the machine

The copiers that are being sold today have more features than the copiers that were sold 10 years ago. Even if you have maintained your copier well, it might not be able to do all of the things that a newer copier can do. A business must decide if the additional features are necessary in order to decide what to do with their copier. They may decide to buy a new copier even though their old one is still working because they need the new features.

A second option would be to try to add updates to your copier to allow it to do the things that are needed. If you buy a copier, you may want to find out if it is something that can be updated at a later time. The cost of updating a machine will usually be lower than buying a new one and it is often just as effective.

A smart business will make sure they get everything out of their copiers that they can. It may cost money to do this, but the money they save by not constantly replacing the copiers, will be much higher than the cost of the new machines. It is a smart business decision to work to extend the life of the copiers that are in use.

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  • Kaitlin Carlington