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How Control access reduce risks in Ricoh Office Copiers and Printers in the year 2020

How Control access reduce risks in Ricoh Office Copiers and Printers in the year 2020

Control access and reduce risks in the Ricoh Office Copiers. Find the best solutions - Ricoh Copiers Solutions.

Device user authentication by Rioch Laser Copiers and Printers in Canada. 

Authentication features enable authorized users to access a Ricoh multifunction printer, while preventing access for those without proper credentials. Ricoh also gives you the ability to control the level of capabilities granted to each user or group of users. This may include restricting the ability to change machine settings and view address book entries or granting access to particular scanning workflows, document servers and other functions. In addition, the User Lockout function — which triggers if it detects a high frequency of successful or failed login attempts — helps guard against a denial of service attack or brute force password crack. Authentication methods include: • Basic Authentication — Users enter a user name and password, which are registered locally in the multifunction printer’s address book. • User Code Authentication — Users enter a code of up to 8 digits, which is compared to the registered data in the address book. • Windows/LDAP Authentication — Access to Ricoh multifunction printers can be linked with Windows® domain controllers and LDAP servers. • Card Authentication — Instead of entering a user name and password, a user holds a properly registered card over an optional card reader for authentication.

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