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Why shouldn't you use third-party ink cartridges?


Printer ink cartridges are highly crucial for the proper functioning of the printer. It is always advisable to use high-quality cartridges. Whenever you are using laser printers, you need to understand which ink would be impactful and will give out the highest efficiency.

The third-party printer ink cartridges are available in the market for a lower price. However, many customers are still loyal to the original brands. What is the main reason? Let us analyze the given points to understand this better.

Third-party Printer Ink vs Branded Printer Ink

Several people are using Toner cartridges in Canada. However, it would help if you did proper research about the same and considered using original branded inks. Although the value of money is high, they have a better ranking.

third-party ink cartridges

Risks Of Using Third Party Ink Cartridges

The ink and toner cartridges are highly crucial for your laser printers in Canada. It is necessary to be familiar with the risks if you're using third-party ones. The common dangers of third-party ink cartridges include the following:

Quality Inconsistency

Various ink and toner cartridges in Toronto pave the risk for quality inconsistency. These can lead to over-spraying and blurry lines. Furthermore, there is a high chance that the third-party inks will bear results only for a short time. As a result, the printed document will probably discolor in some time.

Health Risks

The low price toner cartridges have a higher chance of posing health risks too. These often emit toxic chemicals such as ink particles and styrene. Being exposed to these chemicals can, however, increase the risk of cancer.

Environmental Damages

Almost all lower price toner cartridges have the risk of causing environmental wastage. These lead to landfills being filled up. There is a lesser chance of empty cartridges being recycled. Nonetheless, genuine brands make sure to recycle leftover cartridges and dispose of the other parts in a landfill.

third-party ink cartridges

Harm To Your Printers

When you take a printer on lease, you need to ensure that it has the best quality. Furthermore, office laser printers require the use of the best quality inks. The third-party printer cartridges aren't configured correctly. Therefore, these may not work effectively with all the office laser printers. While many printers offer security, if you use third-party cartridges, it may not be effective.

Third-party ink can also lead to a printer malfunction

Failures caused due to ink damages will eventually lead to the company not covering the damages. Ink failure causes significant physical damages to supplies, parts and products. Even if the printer is under warranty, the company won't cover damages if it is ineffective. You will be responsible for protecting the repair cost.

No matter which printer you're using, you need to use only genuine cartridges. Genuine or branded cartridges are manufactured after testing and research. They are designed to prevent printer damage and increase the efficiency of office copiers/printers. With the help of branded printer inks, you will get high-quality printing while contributing to the environment. It is advisable to do some research about the particular printer ink you're using. You can get high quality ink and toner cartridges for your printers from Absolute Toner

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