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If you’re looking to replace your toner cartridge, there’s no better company than Absolute Toner to assist you with your purchase. Now the difference between ink and toner is simple. Ink is liquid used in yesteryear to produce images while toner is a powder that creates a much more accurate and more modern image.

The cartridge itself is what contains the mixture that is used to create said image printed out on the page. They are used in laser printers and colour laser printers, and are on the higher end with regards to quality and cost.

Whether it’s for your own personal home use or for a business, replacing your toner can be quite expensive. The most cost effective method in managing this cost is to purchase a compatible toner cartridge or an aftermarket toner cartridge – which is simply a cartridge that a third party has produced instead of using the one obtained from the original manufacturer.

For those looking at toner quality at a lower price then a compatible cartridge is better for you. Average savings can be anywhere from 40% to 70% compared to original toner cartridge prices.

The risks involved however mean possibly purchasing a compatible toner not right for your printer. With an original toner cartridge, you get the peace of mind of knowing where it’s from and that it was created specifically for your machine. You get a better consistency, toner yields, and new parts though they can be quite a bit more expensive. In the modern era of printing, compatible toner cartridges are largely the better choice as they are much more economical for businesses who require a wide array of printing needs yet they still give off the quality that comes with a toner.

Whether it’s for simple printing purposes such as business correspondence, manuals, and directives, or for more detailed printing, these compatible toner cartridges will do the trick.

Compatible toner cartridges will provide with the highest quality prints at a reasonable cost and Absolute Toner carries these cartridges for a wide array of brands including but not limited to HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, and Samsung. Our company believes that it’s integral that your business has only the highest quality prints and we can offer you them at only a fraction of the cost of the original toner cartridges.

These aren’t products that are going to clog your printer head or that you’re going to order and find out isn’t compatible with your machine. With any of our HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, or Samsung compatible toner cartridges the risk of damage and repairs to your printer are non-existent. We have been supplying businesses throughout Canada for years with high quality compatible toner cartridges and have been commended for our high quality service.

We look forward to being able to offer the same high quality to you and your business. We don’t believe that quality and cost need to be mutually exclusive.

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