Absolute Toner GCC RX II-132S 52" Inch (132cm) Roller Type Vinyl Cutter With Section Cutting, Auto Rotation Vinyl Cutters
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$114/Month New GCC RX II-132S 64.37" Inch Media Size Roller Type Vinyl Cutter With Section Cutting, Auto Rotation

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Product Information

Lease for Only $114/month

New GCC RX II-132S 64.37" Inch Media Size Roller Type Vinyl Cutter With Section Cutting, Auto Rotation Max Cutting Size 52-Inch

Designed With a stylish appearance and new functional features, the RX II-132S is the top notch cutter in the market for professional sign makers. The brand new RX II-132S is among the best models for higher blade pressure, faster-cutting throughput, and precision of long tracking compared to same class models.


  • Operational Method - Roller-Type
  • Max. Cutting Width - 1320mm(52 in.)
  • Max. Cutting Length - 50m (164ft)
  • Max. Media Loading Width - 1635mm(64.37 in.)
  • Min. Media Loading Width - 50mm (1.97 in.)
  • Number of Pinch Rollers - 4
  • Acceptable Material Thickness - 0.8mm (0.03 in.)
  • Drive Motor - DC Servo Control
  • Max. Cutting Force - 600 g
  • Max. Cutting Speed - 1530 mm/sec (60 ips) (at 45° direction)
  • Acceleration - 4.2 G (gravity)
  • Offset - 0~1.0 mm (with an increase of 0.025mm)
  • Memory Buffer - 32 MB /16 MB (when using AAS)
  • Interfaces - USB 2.0 (Full Speed), Serial (RS-232) and Ethernet
  • Type of Command - HP-GL, HP-GL/2
  • Mechanical Resolution - 0.006 mm
  • Software Resolution - 0.025 mm
  • Distance Accuracy - ±0.254 mm or ±0.1% of move, whichever is greater
  • Repeatability - ±0.1mm
  • Automatic-Aligning System - Completely Automatic Contour Cutting System for print to cut solution
  • Auto Rotation - Yes
  • Section Cutting - Yes
  • Curve & Arc Smoothing - Yes
  • Configurable Origin - Yes
  • Test Cut Capability - Yes
  • Tangential Mode - Yes
  • Over Cut - Yes
  • Repeat - Yes
  • Copy - Yes
  • Control Panel - LCD (20 digits x 2 lines), 15 Keys, 1 Power LED, 1 Green LED
  • Diameter of Blade - 2.5 mm
  • Power Supply - 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz (auto switching)
  • Power Consumption - Max. 250 W
  • Dimension (HxWxD) mm - 1147 * 1923 * 651 
  • Dimension (HxWxD) in - 45.2 * 75.7 * 23.8
  • Net Weight - 71.5kg (157.6 lb)
  • Auto Cut Off - Standard
  • Max. Cut Off Width - 1417mm
  • Media Basket - Optional
  • Stand - Standard
RX II-132S
Section Cutting
Section cutting divides the long plot data into sectional output jobs to gain higher cutting quality and increase precision. GCC RX II series scan registration mark of section 1 and cut the plot data in section 1, and then it scan registration mark of section 2 and cut the plot data in section 2, and so on.
Section Cutting
Auto Rotation
New registration marks defined to detect material feeding direction. RX II detects the unique registration marks to distinguish material feeding direction and rotate cutting content automatically. You don’t need to rotate the material by yourself.
Auto Rotation
Segmental Positioning
RX II series features Segmental Positioning function which can correct the crooked print. Printed image may be crooked because the printing shifts, and Segmental Positioning function can scan the registration marks one by one automatically to calibrate shift.
Segmental Positioning
Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
The RX II series features a standard Automatic-Aligning System (AAS II) to guarantee precise contour cutting by automatically detecting the registration marks on digitally produced images. 
Functions include:
1st-mark auto-detection 1st-mark auto-detection 4-point positioning 4-point positioning
Segmental positioning   Segmental positioning   Multiple copies Multiple copies
Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
Multiple Pressure Pinch Rollers for Different Media
The Multi-Pressure Pinch Rollers give users three pressure settings to better cater to the different types of media that they are working with. The following shows suitable settings for some materials.  Multiple Pressure Pinch Rollers for Different Media
Materials Left side Middle Right side
Sandblast mask, Reflective film Heavy Medium Heavy
Vinyl Medium Medium Medium
Window tinting film Medium Light Medium
Multiple Pressure Pinch Rollers for Different Media
Triple Port Connectivity
RX II series supports triple port connectivity with USB, serial and Ethernet ports. The USB port provides faster and convenient data transmission between the computer and RX II. Ethernet connection enables multiple RX II to be operated by one PC and multiple PCs to share a single unit. Triple port connectivity provides sign makers a great flexibility for data transmission.
Triple Port Connectivity
Auto Cut Off
This features allows users to set the cutter to cut off the media after the completion of each job, making it easy to set up an unattended workflow for mass production. Or user can simply push the “Cut off” button after the completion of a job to have the media cut off automatically.
Auto Cut Off
Touch Key Panel & Backlight LCM  
The brand new touch key panel is easy to use and durable. The intuitive design allows new users to operate the machine easily. The easy-to-use and multi-language touch key panel can remarkably simplify complex tasks. Backlight LCM makes users can recognize the text on the panel more easily.
Touch Key Panel & Backlight LCM
Efficient Throughput
At up to 60 inches per second of cutting speed, RX II series cutting throughput simply outperforms the competition.
Efficient Throughput
600 Grams of Cutting Force
Selectable cutting forces, ranging from 5 to 600g, accommodate a wide variety of materials, including fine and thin masking films to thick and hard reflective films.
600 Grams of Cutting Force
Innovative Tangential Mode
The tangential mode performs clean cuttings, diminutive letterings and intricate graphics which yield smooth corners and sleek edges on thick materials.
Innovative Tangential Mode
Media Support System
The media support system is fully adjustable. It supports media on standard cores and resolves media drifting and alignment problems to ensure better tracking.
Media Support System
Handy Grooved Cut Off Tool
This handy and innovative design allows you to cut off a finished job in a straight line easily, reducing the possibility of wasting usable material.
Handy Grooved Cut Off Tool
Advanced One Click Driver
RX II series includes a Windows driver that allows sign makers to edit signs from CorelDRAW and output directly to the RX II series cutters. The One Click Driver simplifies the driver installation process. You just double click on the driver installation icon and the program will take care of the rest.
Advanced One Click Driver
Multiple Parameters Setting by 16 Different Colors
The new interface allows users to set up multiple parameters by using different color lines. This gives the operator greater flexibility when setting up a job.
Multiple Parameters Setting by 16 Different Colors
Selective Pinch Roller Positioning
Each pinch roller can be positioned and operated individually, widening the RX II series cutting plotters’ range of applications.
Selective Pinch Roller Positioning
Guaranteed 10m Tracking Ability
The exclusive grid drum and precisely engineered mechanism to provide superb tracking ability.

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