$182.74/Month (After $250 Saving) Prestige A4 DTF Printer 110V With 16x20" Inch (40x50cm) Curing Oven Phoenix Air, Prisma Auto Clam Slider GS-105HS And Seismo S20 DTF Manual Powder Station

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Prestige A4 DTF Printer Lease Bundle: Elevate Your Printing Experience

Prestige A4 DTF Printer-Grey/Black: Unleash Your Creativity

1. High-Speed Precision Printing:

Lease the Prestige A4 DTF Printer for an incredible 9 square feet per hour printing speed. Transform your garment printing with unmatched speed and precision.

2. Quality Epson L805 Print Head:

Enjoy superior print quality with the Epson L805 Print Head. Your prints will stand out with sharpness and clarity.

3. Compact Design, Powerful Results:

The Prestige A4's compact design makes it perfect for any workspace. It's not just small; it's a powerful entry-level DTF printer designed for ease of use.

What's Included in Your Lease Package?

Lease the Prestige A4 DTF Printer and receive a comprehensive package that includes:

  • 30x Microfiber cloth
  • 1x Ink tube (1 meter)
  • 5x Ink damper
  • 3x 20ml Syringes
  • 1x Splash tray
  • 10x Cotton Swabs
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 10x Disposable plastic gloves
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Lithium grease
  • 1x U-disc

Specifications for Precision Printing

  • Printer head: Epson L805
  • Mainboard: Epson Original (Converted)
  • Interface: USB
  • Software: DigiRIP RIP Software
  • Printing Width: 7.87"
  • Printing Speed: 9 sq ft/hour (1440*720DPI)
  • Machine Weight: 22.71 lbs
  • Packaging Weight: 34.17 lbs
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 23" x 10" x 8.3"
  • Packing (WxLxH): 32.3" x 14.25" x 12.2"
  • Daily Output: 70 pcs (Based on design size 7.87" x 11.81", 8 hrs per day)

Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for Various Industries and Fabrics

The Prestige A4 is compatible with DigiRIP RIP Software, DTF Station Seismo 11 Powder Shaker, DTF Station Seismo S20 Powder Station, and DTF Station Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven. Explore printing possibilities on fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, PU, and more. Applicable industries include Tote Bags, T-shirts, Caps, Garments, and beyond.

Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven: Optimize Your Curing Process

Lease Inclusions and Features:

  • Handles come unassembled
  • Power cord

1. Swift Curing Process:

The Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven ensures quick curing within a minute at 230~248°F. Experience efficient curing for large film sizes, such as 16" x 20".

2. Built-in Purifier for Safety:

Enhance safety with the built-in purifier, saving space and contributing to a healthier working environment.

3. User-Friendly Digital Controls:

Easy-to-use digital control unit with precise temperature and time settings. An acoustic signal notifies you when it's time to remove the transfer film.

Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 0.88KW
  • Temperature Range: 0-150°C / 300°F
  • Machine Size: 29"W x 21"D x 7.75"H
  • Packaging Size: 31"W x 25"D x 10.75"H
  • Product Weight: 30 lbs
  • Packaging Weight: 35 lbs

    Prisma Auto Clam Slider GS-105HS-Grey/Black: Precision in Every Press

    Key Features:

    • RAMSPIN System: Quick-change between auto-open and manual open control options.
    • RAMLOCK Quick Change System: Easily change multiple lower platens with different sizes.
    • Dressable Lower Platen: Large space for dressing garments without stretching.
    • Slider-out Lower Platen: Freedom to place or dress garments without burning hands.
    • Interchangeable Control Box: Quality aviation connector for easy on/off. Aids machine maintenance.
    • Heat Platen: Superior even heating


    • One press for all your expected jobs!


    • Compatible with all Prestige Series Printer, shaker, and oven.


    • Model Name: Prisma Auto
    • Power Requirements: 1800W, 120V, 16.4A; 240V, 8.2A
    • Heater Size: 16"x20" (406x508mm)
    • Temperature Range: Max. 221℃/430°F
    • Heating Up Time: 180℃/20 minutes
    • Auto-open/Manual: Optional
    • Slide-out Lower Platen: Yes
    • Way to Change Lower Platen: “Ramlock” quick-change system
    • Pressure Display: YES
    • Product Weight: 46kg
    • Packaging Weight: 54kg
    • Machine Dimensions: 750x430x1000mm
    • Packaging Dimensions: 825x495x505mm
    • Certificate: CE, FCC
    • Suitable Users: All DTF sheet printing users

    Seismo S20 DTF Manual Powder Station: Streamlining Your Workflow


    • Effortless DTF Powdering: No more manual powdering. Load printed sheets, apply powder, and let the Seismo S20 shake off the excess, streamlining your workflow.
    • Workflow Acceleration: Similar to Pretreatment Machines for DTG, this DTF Powder Station takes the DTF printing process to another level, accelerating your workflow and boosting your printing business.
    • Compact and Beginner-Friendly: Easy operation and maintenance with a compact design. Beginner-friendly, an essential asset in your printing setup.


    • Max Media Width: 16" x 20"
    • Power: 15 W / 110 V

    Transform Your Printing Business Today!

    Lease the Prestige A4 DTF Printer Bundle, including the Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven, Prisma Auto Clam Slider GS-105HS, and Seismo S20 DTF Manual Powder Station, for only $182.74/month. Elevate your printing capabilities, streamline your workflow, and revolutionize your business. Lease today for limitless printing possibilities!

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