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How do I print from Android to Ricoh?

How do I print from Android to Ricoh Multifunction Printer?
Simply open the app, and then select "Print Photograph." Select the file you want toprint, and then select your print settings from print preview. Confirm your printsettings (choose the MFP/Printer that you want to print to, color, paper size, orientation, etc.) and then press "Print" to complete the operation.

The use of smart devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments. In order to effectively leverage the convenience and versatility of smart-devices in the utilization of documents and images, users are looking for flexible and secure collaboration between smart devices and multifunction products and printers. RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan is a smart device app able to perform printing and scanning by easily and securely connecting smart devices and multifunction products and printers. It is also able to print data residing in cloud storage and upload scanned data to cloud storage. Supporting work styles not bound by the constraints of location, RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan will make your business even smarter.

* Wireless Direct connections are only supported by models with Smart Operation Panel. 
Please see the "Wireless Direct-Capable Models" below for models which support Wireless Direct. 
Data from the "Print Web Pages", "Print from Cloud", and "Import with Scanner" functions cannot be stored to the cloud via Wireless Direct. 
An access point (Wi-Fi router) is required for all other models.

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