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hp multifunction colour laser printer for sale in Canada

hp multifunction colour laser printer for sale in Canada

HP LaserJet MFPs Copiers and Printers.

The smartest decision 
in business printing.

Legendary HP LaserJet printers empower employees to do 
more in less time thanks to a suite of mobile printing options, while 
manageability tools help you take advantage of solutions that help 
keep pace with the demands of your growing business – all while 
delivering consistently great quality, every print, every time.

    • Efficiency and productivity with HP LaserJet Printers

      Laser printers

      Increase efficiency and productivity with state-of-the-art laser printers designed to deliver professional quality, so you can print with confidence and move your business forward.

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  • Manage all your printing needs with HP Multifunctions

    Multifunction laser printers

    Enjoy the benefits of printing, copying, and faxing with an easy-to-use multifunction laser printer.

Print from any device, 
from virtually anywhere1

Give your team the freedom to print straight from their tablet or smartphone without accessing your corporate network, thanks to the secure peer-to-peer connection featured on our new HP LaserJet printers, or available as an upgrade for your existing fleet. 2, 3

  • Manage document printing with HP LaserJet workflows

    Work smarter

    Advanced workflow capabilities mean HP LaserJet printers help you handle demanding tasks in fewer steps and manage documents more efficiently.

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  • Advanced security managmenet with HP LaserJet printers

    Maximize security

    HP LaserJet printers offer advanced security management features that keep up with your changing needs, so you can always print with peace of mind.

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  • Fleet management for all your HP LaserJet printers

    Manage your fleet

    Install, configure, troubleshoot, and upgrade your LaserJet printers on your schedule, thanks to HP's comprehensive suite of administrative tools.

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    "HP devices consistently offer a powerful combination of performance, ease of use, image quality and overall economy."

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