Leasing Copiers vs Buying

Leasing Copiers vs Buying
The copier marketplace is among the most thriving businesses, and sales records reveal that over 1.5 million copies are offered in the market each year. However, companies often have to allocate a considerable sum to buy copiers. Considering the cost figures, and issues such as maintenance connected with copiers, you inevitably need to decide whether to purchase or rent a copier.

The main things to be considered while purchasing a copier will be the capital involved, maintenance, and also the problem of this unit being outdated when new versions arrive. As the copier industry is technology driven with an increasing number of improvements coming, a 1-time investment for a copier won't ever guarantee peace of mind to the buyer. The model that was purchased some years back can become obsolete now. This leads us into the only other option available - leasing.

The main benefit of copier leasing is the capital investment required in buying a new machine can be saved. The amount might be used for innovative purposes such as strengthening your customer service, recruiting new service employees, etc.. As the leased copiers are charged on a per-copy foundation, the entire cost involved is tremendously restricted.

Copiers are offered upkeep by the leasing firm itself, and your business doesn't need to be concerned about locating service staff to the equipment. Other advantages include the direct tax savings as the rented equipment is thought to be a tax-deductible overhead expense. The option of upgrading obsolete equipment using a brand new one is entirely economical. If you are satisfied with the performance of the unit, rent firms give you a choice to either buy the equipment or renew the lease period. You might also just return the product back if you are finding the gear is no longer needed.

These advantages would undoubtedly make you go for the copier lease program.

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