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Create Stunning Prints with Canon ImageRunner Advance C356iF Printer in Toronto

Create Stunning Prints with Canon ImageRunner Advance C356iF Printer in Toronto

Canon’s comprehensive portfolio of imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction printer and integrated solutions can help simplify the end user experience and management of technology, better control sensitive information and print-related costs, and help ensure that technology investments proactively evolve with changing needs. 

  • Print up to 36 ppm (BW/color)
  • Scan up to 100 ipm (300 dpi) (BW/color, duplex)
  • Print up to 8-1/2" × 14"
  • 2,300-sheet maximum paper capacity 


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices are designed to be in sync with how users work. All models feature a large 10.1” responsive and intuitive touch screen, making operation clear and virtually seamless. User-friendly techniques echo the operation of smart phones and tablets. No matter which Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C356iF model the user is operating, the interface remains consistent, allowing work to proceed effortlessly and with aminimal learning curve.


Users can customize their experience to their personal preferences. Once they log in, they’ll see their preferred default log-in screen and desired language; preferred settings for Copy, Send, Fax, and Store; accessibility settings; easy recall of previous job settings; and more—all following them from device to device. Users can also take advantage of single sign on (SSO) to access andscan to available cloud destinations. 


Devices can be configured for quick, easy deployment.Remote diagnostics and parts life management enable proactive maintenance and rapid fixes for maximum uptime. Intelligent, service-friendly engineering allows for access to, and replacement of, parts while upgrades are easy to apply when needed. 


An increase in the number of data security breaches is impacting organizations on a global scale. MFPs play an integral role in the larger, connected landscape.imageRUNNER ADVANCE models incorporate an array of advanced security features—many included standard and all consistent across the product line—to help safeguard sensitive information, help ensure employee and customer privacy, and assist in regulatory compliance. imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices feature technology to verify that the device boot process, firmware, and applications initialize at startup, without alteration or tampering by malicious third parties. During operation, McAfee Embedded Control utilizes a whitelist to protect against malware and tampering of firmware and applications.


Canon ImageRunner Advance C356iF Printers


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Key Features of Canon ImageRunner Advance C356IF


  • 10.1" intuitive touchscreen with smartphone-like usability.
    • A unique, customized experience tailored to individual preferences using My ADVANCE.
    • Supports mobile solutions and integration with many popular cloud services like Google Drive.1
    • Scan and convert documents to searchable digital files in a variety of file formats.
    • Integration with Canon and various third-party software with embedded application platform.


  • Canon's signature reliability and engine technologies help keep productivity high and minimize the impact on support resources.
    • Outstanding imaging technologies and toner allow for consistently striking images, thanks to Canon's V2 color profile.
    • Designed to achieve maximum up time with status notifications that help keep supplies replenished and intuitive maintenance videos for consumables replacement.


  • Advanced standard security feature set to help safeguard sensitive information and assist in regulatory compliance.
    • Security policy settings can be controlled with a dedicated password, configured from a central location, and exported to other supported devices.
    • Control who has access to the device, and to which features, using a host of flexible authentication methods — picture login, PIN code, user name/password, or card access.
Canon ImageRunner Advance C356iF Printer

                  Canon ImageRunner Advance C356iF Printer for Sale in Toronto

 Hardware Accessories of Canon ImageRunner Advance C356IF

  • Cassette Feeding Unit-AP1
  • Cabinet Type-R
  • Inner 2way Tray-J1
  • Inner Finisher-K1
  • Staple Finisher-AA1
  • Booklet Finisher-AA1
  • 2/3 Hole Puncher Unit-A1
  • Inner Shift Sorter-A1
  • FL Cassette- BE1 (replacement for cassette 1)
  • FL Cassette- BF1 (replacement for cassette 2,3, and 4)
  • Copy Tray-J2
  • Utility Tray-B1
  • Platen Cover Type W
  • USB Keyboard (Cherry)
  • Copy Card Reader Attachment-B5
  • Copy Card Reader-F1
  • Canon Card Set-A1 (1-30)
  • Canon Card Set-A2 (31-100)
  • Canon Card Set-A3 (101-200)
  • Canon Card Set-A4 (201-300)
  • Canon Card Set-A5 (301-500)
  • Canon Card Set-A6 (501-1000)
  • Braille Label Kit-F1
  • ADF Access Handle-A1
  • Copy Control Interface Kit-A1
  • Convenience Stapler-A1
  • Universal Keyboard Stand-A1
  • Card Reader Assembly for Universal Keyboard Stand

 System Connectivity Accessories: of Canon ImageRunner Advance C356IF

  • PCL International Font Set-A1
  • Encrypted Secure Print Software-D1
  • Barcode Printing Kit-D1
  • Universal Send Trace & Smooth PDF Kit-A1
  • Universal Send Digital User Signature Kit-C1
  • Super G3 FAX Board-AZ1
  • Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board-AU1
  • IP FAX Expansion Kit-B1
  • Remote FAX Kit-A1
  • IC Card Reader Box-C1
  • Document Scan Lock Kit-B1
  • Removable HDD Kit-AK2
  • HDD Data Erase Scheduler V3.1
  • HDD Data Erase Scheduler V3.1 NFR
  • Voice Guidance Kit-G1
  • Voice Operation Kit-D1
  • iR-ADV Security Kit-T1 for IEEE 2600.1 Common Criteria Certification
  • Connection Kit-A1 for Bluetooth LE
  • NFC KIT-C1

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