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Every Small/Medium Workgroup Office Should Get A Ricoh MP C6004 Color Laser Multifunction Printer With Outstanding Efficiency And Quality - For Sale by Absolute Toner In Canada

Every Small/Medium Workgroup Office Should Get A Ricoh MP C6004 Color Laser Multifunction Printer With Outstanding Efficiency And Quality - For Sale by Absolute Toner In Canada

To personalise digital workflows on the RICOH MP C6004 Colour Multifunction Printer (MFP) with Workstyle Innovation Technology, use your knowledge of your regular tasks. On a large 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel, choose from a variety of user interfaces for simple fingertip control. In order to automate manual tasks, create one-touch shortcuts. Place your own information-rich widgets on the control panel to quickly and easily check settings and important information. Produce more job types in more formats quickly and easily without sacrificing security or wasting resources, including brilliant colour prints on a variety of paper stocks. Add user authentication to safeguard data and promote more ethical printing. And use mobile technologies to stay productive wherever you are.

  • Print up to 60 colour prints/copies per minute
  • Use flick, pinch and swipe motions to navigate an interactive user interface
  • Customize your own automated workflows to reduce manual tasks
  • Use your personal mobile device to print and share information anywhere
  • Showcase your work in brilliant colours with professional finishing
  • Take advantage of eco-friendly features to lower operating costs and reduce overall environmental impact without sacrificing business productivity

MP C6004 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Workflow is streamlined by the Ricoh MP C6004 Color Laser Multifunction Printer's simple controls and user interface. It offers a wide variety of apps to accommodate numerous working styles. A variety of apps are available for the Ricoh MP C4504 to accommodate various working styles. It is also designed to support various workflows so that you can use your business data.

Customize workflows to work faster and smarter

You can design special, integrated workflows with the RICOH MP C6004 Color Multifunction Printer (MFP) for speedy printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Streamline business operations, access cloud data, and support remote connectivity for mobile workers.

Tap into a new way to work

With the entirely digital 10.1" wide Smart Operation Panel, you can swipe or flick between icons to switch between tasks and jobs. Streamline operations, use the cloud, and support users on mobile devices. You can even set up one-touch paths for specialised workflows, like ID Card Copy and Easy Book Scan, on this intelligent device to speed up workflows.

Take productivity personally

By automating common workflows, you can reduce repetition and touchpoints while creating iconic digital shortcuts. You have access to every setting, including the number of prints, paper sizes, finishing choices, and more. Verify the specifics and make changes right away. Install workflow applications as widgets on the home screen. Additionally, you can add any plug-and-play workflow software of your choosing to streamline your working day.

Add color and professionalism to finished documents

Produce higher-quality work internally to reduce costs. Utilize continuous calibration to produce presentations and brochures with vivid colours and clarity at up to 1200 dpi resolution on heavier paper stocks. By stretching a single image across several pages, you can make posters. For outstanding spot-color reproductions, add the Fiery® E-23C Color Controller. To stack and staple effortlessly, pick from a variety of finishers, such as a Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher.

Find what you're looking for

Use the embedded web browser to conduct an Internet search. Put metadata on documents using optical character recognition (OCR) scanning so they can be found with a quick keyword search. For paper misfeeds, you can even follow animated guides and quickly fix them on your own.

Put everything in the palm of your hand

Print, scan, and distribute information with unprecedented ease using your smartphone or tablet. You can download information from cloud applications and send it straight to the MFP using the Ricoh Smart Device Connector App. Or, to share information quickly while travelling, you can scan the originals and send the files to your device.

MP C6004 Color Laser Printer

Do it all with speed and convenience

Expedite every task, every day

When you approach the MFP, a built-in motion sensor activates the Smart Operation Panel, allowing you to start working immediately. For incredibly quick turnarounds, print up to 60 pages per minute, even when creating full-color brochures, presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents. To increase paper capacity to 4,700 sheets, add optional paper trays. To keep jobs moving, quickly clear paper jams using an animated guide. With a variety of scan-to features, including access to your LDAP directory for email delivery, you can quickly scan full-color originals and deliver them. To ensure that contracts, forms, and other important documents reach their intended location on time, send and receive paperless faxes.

Leave your mark with brilliant colours

Create compelling images and documents with densely rich colours for more lifelike reproductions at up to 1200 dpi resolution to make an unforgettable impression. The RICOH MP C6004 calibrates itself as it processes files, ensuring that text and lines remain razor-sharp and that colours never deteriorate. By printing on a wider variety of heavier paper stocks, including 300 gsm/80 lb. Bond and sizes up to 12" x 18", you can increase your audience. By combining multiple pages into one image, you can even produce posters and banners that are typically reserved for wide-format devices. Want to reduce the price of outsourcing? Use the RGB, CMYK, and PANTONE® colour gamuts to create spot colour professional output with the new Fiery® E-23C Colour Controller.

Make your mark from anywhere

For a connection to the MP C6004 without any software, utilities, drivers, or wait times, download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app. Touch your smartphone to the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag on the MFP to instantly print, scan, and share documents, photos, and more. You can just as easily send information to your phone. Original documents can be scanned at the device, delivered to your smartphone or tablet, and taken with you. Bypass manual entry steps and send emails to any recipient in a single action by using your personal address book. Additionally, you can connect to multiple networks at once using the dual optional network port.

A new way to work is within your reach

Slide from one job to the next with ease

To quickly switch between jobs and check settings, use the same gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet, such as scrolling with a swipe, dragging and dropping objects, and pinching and flicking. Utilize the responsive user interface on the oversized 10.1" Super VGA Smart Operation Panel to quickly access information. You can only move between tasks by tapping icons because there are no hard keys. You can even print, scan, copy, and fax using the user interface's practical one-touch controls. Don't worry; we didn't disregard what has previously been successful. You have the option of using the legacy user interface present on earlier Ricoh devices on a touchscreen.

Use intuition to work smarter

Making decisions is simpler when you have the necessary information. You can access information at any time thanks to workstyle innovation technology. Use the "smart apps" user interface to gain quick, intuitive access to information with a single glance. To automate routine print, copy, scan, and fax workflows and lessen time-consuming manual entry that can sabotage even your best ideas, select one of the recognisable apps below. With a tap of your finger, you can quickly check any setting, including the number of prints, scan-to locations, and finishing options. Need to alter the settings or processes? To make adjustments in just a few seconds, touch the interactive Smart Operation Panel once more.

Customize workflows to simplify information flow

There is a lot of work ahead of you. Who says it requires a significant amount of time? Utilize Ricoh Workstyle Innovation Technology to streamline business processes and your daily tasks to develop one-of-a-kind, personalised solutions that are powered by the Smart Operation Panel. Do you consistently print the same spreadsheet types? Do you scan and distribute the meeting's notes afterward? Integrate various processes and make complex tasks simpler so you can press an icon to finish them quickly without having to repeat any steps or work. The interactive user interface can also be used as a one-touch shortcut for unique tasks.




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