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HP DesignJet 500 Large Format inkjet Color Printer wide-format Plotter

HP DesignJet 500 Large Format inkjet Color Printer wide-format Plotter

Every multifunction inkjet printer in Canada has its unique features and specifications, which always catch our eyes. Whenever we plan to purchase new multifunction equipment, we are often confused as there are many options with a wide range of products. Without proper analysis and guidance, it always becomes exhaustible work to continue. You all use Inkjet printers mostly for home, school, and office purposes as they produce detailed images and provide excellent solutions for documents. Additionally, they are beneficial to any company that prints its posters or graphic design works and arts. Businesses and home offices often print their brochures, posters, and advertisements without using more costly and bulk printing facilities. All thanks to more inexpensive (and high-quality) alternatives available in the market. These printers have ink cartridges that can also be recycled or refilled, saving your money, and they require less maintenance efficiency than laser printers.

Now, you might be unaware of the best inkjet Printer in Canada wide-format Plotter. Rather to google them and find the best ones, better you give the work to someone who knows it. Precision Toner provides complete guidance to buying an authentic plotter either for home or the office, which many people need for professional purposes. We have arranged a comprehensive analysis of the printers that produce enormous prints and stand proudly at your customized needs and desires. A HP highly advanced format inkjet color printer wide format plotter has many specialities. The below-listed points will help you to understand the effectiveness of this printer.

Large Format inkjet Color Printer
  • HP DesignJet 500 Large Format inkjet Color Printer wide-format Plotter is the multi-tasking plotter that automatically works on HP click software with print size A3/B or A1/D. It does not need any specific manual intervention to switch the media source.

  • These compact plotters are eco-friendly as they are made up of 30% recycled plastics, and they improve efficiency to meet budgetary requirements and space limitations.

  • They have an inbuilt HP smart App that enables you to print virtually from anywhere with your tablet and smartphone. This will help create the personalized interface and workflows, including related finishing, accessories, Apps, and solutions. 

It is wise to opt for the proper measures to fulfil your advancing needs and demands with technological advancement. Absolute Toner serves you the inkjet Printer Canada wide-format Plotter. Some of its major features are listed below, which makes it a cost-effective product.


  • You can get this for $1500.00 only.
  •  It is a 42" Wide-format Plotter of the HP brand.
  • It has an embedded microprocessor.
  • It features (2) EIO slots (PCI-like) that can be connected with accessories: LAN card and/or HP-GL/2 Accessory card (C7772A), Parallel (ECP) and USB connectivity as standard,
  • It is also equipped with a Graphical LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • Print Speed: 7.9 m(2sq)/hr (85 ft(2sq)/hr).
  • Up to 85 sq.ft/hour - color draft
  • Up to 35.5 sq.ft/hour - color normal
  • Up to 21.5 sq.ft/hour - color best
  • Print cartridge colors: Black, cyan, magenta, yellow
  • It works with different ink types including Pigment-based (black), dye-based (cyan, magenta, yellow
  • You get the photo quality at 1200 dpi and has HP color layering technology that delivers smooth transitions, continuous tones, and a wide color gamut.
  • It has an exceptionally priced professional graphics printer for small workgroups (1 to 3 people), and the cost per copy is incredibly low.
  • It achieves ultimate line quality using minuscule drops, automatic alignment and continuous ink flow.
  • It produces amazingly sharp fine lines as thin as 0.04 mm (0.002 in) and serves an accuracy of 0.2% of the specified page length.


 If you are looking forward to purchasing one, you must visit the Absolute Toner. We have a wide range of MFPs and plotters that are most suitable for your office and professional purposes. We have a long list of the best format plotters that produce enormous prints without sacrificing print quality on the page to ensure you 100% accurate and quality printouts. We have been working in this field for more than 25 years, and we are so proud of serving the highest level of quality at an affordable price to all of our valued customers. We offer cost-effective prices on our products for different models and brands, and we carry leading brands such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Dell, Samsung, and many more. Contact us now and experience bigger savings on your printing supplies. 

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