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HP Printer Series Operating Instructions


Why we send this operation guide for you?

In Feb. 2017, our technical department noticed that HP began to release and sell some of printers, these printers has opened "Policy Protection" function by default. When this function turn on, the compatible consumables will not be Recognized. In order to use of compatible consumables successfully, we have developed this guide for you as following.

Here is related toner cartridge models for your review:

HP CF226A / X HP CF287A / X
HP CF402A HP CF403A / X
HP CF410A HP CF411A / X
HP CF412A / X HP CF413A / X
HP CF361A HP CF363A / X

How to solve this problems?

First we should turn off the "Policy Protection" function in printer, and then restart printers. Detail steps are as follow:


Step 1
Go To Main Menu. Then Click on "Supplies"

Step 2
Click on "Manager Supplies" on the menu.

Step 3
Click on "Supply Settings"

Step 4
Click on "Cartridge Policy"

Step 5
Click on "OFF"

Step 6
Restart the Printer.

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