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Must-Have Features For RICOH MP C2004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer - Especially For Small To Medium-Sized Business And Remote Employees

Must-Have Features For RICOH MP C2004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer - Especially For Small To Medium-Sized Business And Remote Employees

The RICOH MP C2004ex makes it easier to share information thanks to its extended services, connectivity, security, and workflow app capabilities. Use the large 10.1" Smart Operation Panel to switch between tasks and jobs with tablet-like accuracy using our Workstyle Innovation Technology. Increase the number of personalized shortcuts to quickly automate tasks. Accessible FAQs, interactive screen sharing, self-help videos, and more can all be used to find useful advice. Use your smartphone or tablet to access information from the Cloud* and print or share it. Produce stunning documents in full colour. Distribute originals worldwide via scanning and distribution. With cutting-edge encryption and overwriting tools, you can secure the device, your documents, and your data. Take care of everything with this small MFP that is ideal for shared office spaces.

MP C2004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer - Benifitis and Features

  • Prints up to 20 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax
  • Use your personal mobile device to print and share information
  • Produce professional output in brilliant colors with impressive finishing
  • Reduce operating costs with a wide range of eco-friendly features
  • Simplify everyday tasks via tablet-like controls on the Smart Operation Panel
  • Receive fast, responsive assistance via a wide range of new support tools

RICOH MP C2004ex

Meet The RICOH MP C2004ex Multifunction Laser Printer

Through the use of its recognizable automated shortcuts, user-specific security settings, and fingertip access to vital information via Ricoh's Workstyle Innovation Technology, the Ricoh MP C2004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer enables you to customize how you work. At lightning-fast printing speeds, create beautiful flyers, notes, invoices, banners, and other products. The Ricoh MP C2004ex also has the tools you need to streamline operations with an entirely new way of working and to access crucial data when you need it most.

Complete more jobs in more ways

With the increased capabilities found on the RICOH MP C2004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer, multitask quickly (MFP). As soon as you approach the device, its motion sensor activates to get you going. To minimise pauses, increase paper capacity up to 2,300 sheets. To reduce paper use, fax contracts and other forms directly via email or scan and share them with a variety of scan-to options. To easily finish complicated jobs, use standard PostScript® and PDF Direct Print emulation.

Impress with colorful media options

Almost any document can be printed in vibrant colours at up to 20 pages per minute (ppm) and 1200 x 1200 dpi, even on heavier paper stocks up to 300 gsm, including postcards. To maintain vibrant colours, the MP C2004ex recalibrates during processing. You can print on paper up to 12" x 18".

Finish it your way

Choose from one of three strong and versatile finishers, including two internal space-saving finishers and a 1,000-sheet booklet finisher, depending on the specific requirements of your office space. Utilize cutting-edge rollers to neatly stack output for simple distribution.

Enjoy a new way to work

To access a higher level of productivity, use the same touchscreen gestures you do on your smartphone. You can easily access a variety of details, such as print settings, destinations, consumables, and more, using the 10.1"-wide Smart Operation Panel (SOP).

Work the way you want

Customize the Smart Operation Panel to function the way you do. To quickly locate important information, select from a variety of user interfaces, add your own one-touch functional icons or apps to the Home Screen, and use the simple grid layout. Personalize your workflow shortcuts. Technical and support staff can use the SOP Designer tool on their PC to add a company logo, shortcut icons, messages, and more to the Home Screen before delivery or after the MFP has been installed at the customer's location. To convert your most complicated paper workflows into effective digital ones, add optional software solutions.

Work wherever you need to

Get up, move around, and continue working. Download the RICOH Smart Device Connector App on your smartphone or tablet to connect to the MP C2004ex. Access information on your own device or through your preferred cloud service, print or share it using the MFP without the need for additional tools, programmes, or drivers. Print emails with PDF attachments and images. Scan original documents, then send the digital copies directly to your device so you can share them or take them with you. Alternatively, you can present in conferences and meeting spaces by using the same app to send the information to Ricoh projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Add a personal touch to everyday tasks

Streamline business with a whole new way to work

On the 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operational Panel (SOP), use Ricoh's Workstyle Innovation Technology to streamline information management. Utilize tablet-like gestures to quickly and easily access settings and information from a variety of smart apps. With a swipe or tap, you can quickly adjust scan-to destinations, finishing options, fax confirmation searches, and more. From the Ricoh Application Site, download useful workflow applications and widgets, then add icons for them to the Home Screen. To copy immediately, for instance, add the Quick Copy widget. With SOP Designer, technical and support teams can modify the Home Screen from their PC before delivery or at the client site after the MFP is installed with a corporate logo, shortcut icons, messages, and more.

Put personalization at your fingertips

You are competent in your field. Utilize that information to increase your efficiency. You can combine different processes and create custom shortcuts with Workstyle Innovation Technology to avoid a lot of the tedious, repetitive manual tasks that slow you down. For instance, from the Home Screen, you can quickly scan the notes from each week's sales meeting and send them to the same recipients. Use one-touch controls for specialised tasks as well. To scan two-sided documents, such as licences or insurance cards, onto a single-sided document, select the ID Card Copy icon. To automate your information management processes for more complex workflows, you can add optional Ricoh or third party software solutions.

Use mobile convenience to stay productive

You don’t know what the day will bring or where it’ll take you, but you can stay productive. Simply download the RICOH Smart Device Connector App to your personal mobile device and scan the QR code on the display panel, use Bluetooth technology (BLE), or pass your device by the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag on the MFP to get started. Print emails with images or PDF attachments from your smart device without utilities, software or drivers. Scan originals at the MFP, send them to your smartphone or tablet and carry the digital PDFs with you. Share them with recipients in your personal address book in only moments. With the app, you can grab information from Cloud storage for fast, convenient printing at the MFP. You can also use the app to display information from your personal mobile device onto Ricoh projectors and interactive whiteboards to showcase your best ideas in meetings and conferences.

Make your work more personal and productive

Be ready for everything, every day

Choose the MP C2004ex to oversee each project if you are pressed for time, short on space, or concerned about going over budget. Up to 20 pages per minute, create stunning flyers, notes, invoices, banners, and other documents. Use the 100-Sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF) to speed up scanning and share digital files via a variety of scan-to capabilities when you need to share information immediately. Contracts and other forms can be faxed equally quickly. To save money on paper, transmission fees, and trips to the device to check for confirmations, you can actually send and receive faxes between email inboxes. To quickly handle even your largest, most complicated jobs, use the standard PostScript and PDF Direct Print emulation.

Extend the level of support

When you need it most, know where to go for assistance. When activated, the MP C2004ex provides extensive "smart support" capabilities that are especially intended to reduce holdups and interruptions. Technicians can remotely access your device with RemoteConnect Support to quickly identify and fix problems. IT managers and network administrators can easily programme, monitor, and modify settings for each device on their network with the new Remote Panel Operation tool. You can keep your fleet of devices updated with the most recent firmware by using the Automatic Remote Firmware function, which will reduce downtime and increase productivity. To find quick answers about the MFP's most used features and operation, use the convenient Web Help feature. For simple instructions on how to use a basic MFP, you can also visit the Ricoh Application Site and download our How-to Videos app.

Put more stock into your media options

Use the MP C2004ex to customise your message delivery to virtually any audience. Print everything, from handwritten notes in black and white to retail signage in full colour. Increase the paper capacity to 2,300 sheets and prioritise information flow over stocking paper trays. Utilize our cutting-edge paper-curling rollers to create more uniform paper stacks with fewer jams. Print on paper up to 12" x 18" in weights as high as 300 gsm/80 lb. Without sacrificing the 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality, bond for specialty media. In order to prevent colour fading, the device constantly calibrates itself.

Empower users to work quickly, collectively

Complete more jobs with fewer delays

It is your responsibility to inform clients, customers, and coworkers before anyone else. With the MP C2004ex, you can keep up the lead. The Document Server can hold up to 3,000 frequently used documents. Make keyword searchable PDF files using embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for quick, simple retrieval. Without servers, system integration, or software updates, you can scan, capture, and share data with cloud-based applications using your personal mobile device or our web-enabled Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE). Without help, you can quickly install and update print drivers using the RICOH Device Software Manager.

Control what happens next

To assist in protecting your device, documents, and data, use cutting-edge security tools. You can monitor activity, set print quotas, and restrict access to particular MFP features with user authentication. Every user should be required to enter a passcode to access the device. Alternately, include an optional card reader that would allow users to access a variety of cost-recovery options using their ID cards. Use Locked Print to hold print jobs at the device until the author releases them to increase document security and aid in protecting confidential information. To help identify unauthorised copies of crucial information, add watermarks. Additionally, to further protect latent data on the hard drive, you can make use of strong encryption tools and data overwriting technology.




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