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Saves Money, Improves Efficiency and Increases Employee Satisfaction at Ricoh MP C6004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer - Make Big Productivity Gains in Small/Medium Offices

Saves Money, Improves Efficiency and Increases Employee Satisfaction at Ricoh MP C6004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer - Make Big Productivity Gains in Small/Medium Offices

To make printing, copying, scanning, and faxing documents easier, the RICOH MP C6004ex Color Multifunction Printer (MFP) offers a large selection of modernized connectivity choices, useful apps, security tools, and service support. Create digital workflows with simple fingertip control using our Workstyle Innovation Technology to increase productivity. More widgets and apps can be downloaded and added to the 10.1" wide Smart Operation Panel as one-touch, step-saving shortcuts. By connecting to the cloud from your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices, you can turn your MFP into an information portal and use these potent tools to print, share, and appreciate the benefit of individualized convenience. With the use of sophisticated scanning and paperless faxing features, information can be shared electronically. Use extra technologies for authentication and encryption to safeguard your job.

Benefits of Ricoh MP C6004ex:

  • Prints up to 60 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax
  • Use tablet-like motions to navigate an interactive Smart Operation Panel
  • Use encryption and authentication tools to help protect documents, data and devices
  • Customize your own automated workflows to reduce manual tasks

MP C6004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Workflow is streamlined by the Ricoh MP C6004ex Color Laser Multifunction Printer simple controls and user interface. It offers a large variety of apps to accommodate numerous working styles. A variety of apps are available for the Ricoh MP C6004ex to accommodate various working styles. It is also designed to accommodate various workflows so that you may use your company data.

Customize workflows to work faster and smarter

You may design distinct, integrated workflows with the RICOH MP C6004ex for effective printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Utilize its latest set of expanded capabilities, which are powered by cutting-edge RICOH technology, to improve your business operations, create custom solutions, access cloud data, and support the connectivity of mobile workers.

Take productivity personally

On the 10.1"-wide Smart Operation Panel, download workflow apps and widgets and create shortcut icons to carry out common activities with ease. Check the settings and immediately make changes. Use shrewd applications that guide you through each step on the control panel, such as ID Card Copy and Easy Book Scan. To make simple copy tasks available on your touchscreen, add the new Quick Copy Widget to the home screen. Our experts may use the SOP Designer tool to add wallpaper, shortcut locations, corporate logos, rotating messaging, and other customizations to your Home Screen.

Add color and professionalism to finished documents

Produce higher-quality work domestically to reduce costs. Utilize continuous calibration to produce presentations and brochures with brilliant colours and clarity at up to 1200 dpi resolution on heavier paper materials. By stretching a single image across several pages, you may make posters. For outstanding spot-color reproductions, add the Fiery E-23C Color Controller. To stack and staple effortlessly, pick from a variety of finishers, such as a Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher.

Expedite workflows

speedier, more intelligent decisions. Even in duplex mode, print up to 60 colour pages per minute (ppm). The 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder can scan up to 180 full-color documents per minute. With optional storage trays, the paper capacity can be increased to 4,700 sheets. Print even the most complicated jobs quickly and easily by using conventional PostScript® and PDF Direct Print emulation.

Find what you're looking for

Use the inbuilt web browser to conduct an Internet search. Create searchable PDF files using optional optical character recognition (OCR) so they can be located with a rapid keyword search. 3,000 frequently accessed files can be kept on the integrated Document Server. For paper misfeeds, you can even follow animated guidance and quickly fix problems on your own.

Put everything in the palm of your hand

Print, scan, and distribute information with remarkable ease using your smartphone or tablet. With the RICOH Smart Device Connector App, you may print emails with photographs or PDF attachments as well as information from cloud-based applications. To exchange information on the go, scan the originals and transfer the files to your mobile. For presentations in front of larger audiences, you may also utilise the app to immediately show information from your own mobile device to RICOH projectors and interactive whiteboards.

MP C6004EX

A new way to work is within your reach

Use intuition to work smarter

Making decisions is simpler when you have the necessary knowledge. With Workstyle Innovation Technology, you can rapidly access information on the expansive 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel using the same gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet (SOP). Visit our Application Site to download a variety of apps and information-packed widgets. To cut down on time-consuming manual operations, check settings or start automated print, copy, scan, and fax workflows with a single touch. With just a tap of your finger, you can, for instance, verify the amount of prints, alter the scan-to location, switch between finishing options, and more. Our experts may use SOP Designer to add wallpaper, shortcut placements, corporate logos, rotating messaging, and other customizations to your Home Screen.

Make your mark from anywhere

Productivity is still within your reach when you have a smartphone or tablet in your hand. To connect to the MP C6004ex without software, utilities, drivers, or wait times, use the RICOH Smart Device Connector app. To print, scan, and share files right from your smartphone or tablet, just touch your mobile device to the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag on the MFP or scan a QR code from the control panel. To access and share originals digitally at your convenience, scan them at the MFP and transfer them to your own smart device or directly to cloud storage. The Smart Device Connector app can also be used to project data onto Ricoh projectors and interactive whiteboards. Collaboration is now simpler than ever.

Do it all with speed and convenience

Expedite every task, every day

Get the information where it needs to be, on time, to make sure they're the appropriate ones. When creating full-color brochures, presentations, and spreadsheets, you can print up to 60 pages each minute. To handle your largest assignments with ease, use conventional PostScript and PDF Direct Print emulation. To increase paper capacity to 4,700 sheets, add supplementary paper trays. An interactive tutorial helps you easily clear paper jams. With a variety of scan-to features, including access to your LDAP database for email distribution, you can quickly scan full-color originals and distribute them. To make sure contracts, forms, and other crucial papers are delivered to the right people, send and receive paperless faxes.

Leave your mark with brilliant colors

Create appealing photographs and documents with densely rich colours for more lifelike reproductions at up to 1200 dpi resolution to make a lasting impact. As it analyses files, the MP C6004ex calibrates itself, ensuring that colours remain vibrant and text and lines remain razor-sharp, page after page. By printing on a larger variety of heavier paper stocks, up to 12" x 18" sizes and 300 gsm/80 lb, you may increase your audience. Bond. By integrating numerous pages into one image, you can even produce posters and banners that are often designated for wide-format devices. Want to reduce the price of outsourcing? Use the RGB and CMYK colour gamuts to achieve spot colour professional output by selecting the optional Fiery® E-23C Color Controller.

Grab and share information automatically

Send information rapidly to the appropriate recipients in the appropriate manner. Utilize the integrated Document Server to access up to 3,000 commonly used documents. Create keyword-searchable PDF files with optional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for quicker future retrieval from the Document Server. In order to download files and images from the internet, use the built-in browser. Prepared to spread the word? Utilize the 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder to scan originals at up to 180 ipm, and use the scan-to features to deliver digital files to any recipient, anywhere. You might also use the RICOH Device Software Manager to speed up the installation of the print driver and start utilising the device right away.




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