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Temporary data is vulnerable data - RICOH COPIERS PRINTERS INFO

Temporary data is vulnerable data - RICOH COPIERS PRINTERS INFO


Temporary data is vulnerable data When a document is scanned or when data is received from a PC, some data may be stored temporarily on the hard disk drive or memory device. This can include scan/print/copy image data, user entered data and device configuration. This temporary — or “latent” — data represents a potential security vulnerability. The RICOH DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) closes this vulnerability, destroying temporary data stored on the MFP’s hard drive by overwriting it with random sequences of “1’s” and “0’s.” Temporary data is actively overwritten and thereby erased each time a job is executed. • Conforms to National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) recommendations for handling classified information • Makes it virtually impossible to access latent data from copy/print/ scan/fax jobs once the overwrite process is complete (overwrite process can be selected from 1 to 9 times) • Works with the RICOH Removable Hard Drive (RHD) security system, providing a multi-layered approach • Assists customers in their compliance with PHIPA and FIPPA requirements • Provides visual feedback regarding the overwrite process (i.e. Completed or In-Process) with a simple display panel icon

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