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The Most Useful Ricoh MP C3504 Color Laser Multifunction Printer With Built-In Mobile Connectivity For Mid-Sized To Large Work Groups And Busy Offices - For Sale By Absolute Toner In Canada

The Most Useful Ricoh MP C3504 Color Laser Multifunction Printer With Built-In Mobile Connectivity For Mid-Sized To Large Work Groups And Busy Offices  - For Sale By Absolute Toner In Canada

Enjoy a new way of working by developing one-of-a-kind, customised solutions and implementing workflow applications that streamline your company's operations, all made possible by Ricoh's new Workstyle Innovation Technology. Simply put, it's a novel and natural way to increase productivity. Use the RICOH MP C3504 to quickly and easily print, scan, copy, and fax data in multiple formats to a larger audience. Create your own digital workflows with shortcuts, sophisticated scan-to capabilities, and time-saving automation using the sophisticated 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel. This will allow you to easily deliver your messages with a flick, pinch, or swipe. To draw attention to important details and consistently dazzle audiences, add deeper colours, higher resolution, and professional finishing.

  • Produce up to 35 color prints/copies per minute
  • Use the intuitive touchscreen to multitask with a single flick, pinch or swipe
  • Create customized workflows to expedite everyday tasks
  • Print and share information on the go via your personal mobile device
  • Highlight information with breathtaking colors and professional finishing

An all-in-one device that makes every task productive

 You can quickly print, copy, scan, and fax information using the Ricoh MP C3504 colour laser multifunction printer (MFP). With a variety of practical scan-to capabilities, you can quickly and easily grab files from a server, the cloud, or your own mobile device and send them anywhere. Or use the Single Pass Document Feeder to scan two-sided hardcopy documents at 180 images per minute (ipm) (SPDF). You can add optional trays to increase the paper capacity to 4,700 sheets and store up to 3,000 files on the built-in document server to print documents more quickly.

Make your point with color

On brochures, presentations, and other documents up to 12" x 18" and on thicker stocks, dazzle your audience with 1200 dpi resolution and accurate reproduction (up to 300 gsm). With the new optional Fiery Controller, you can duplicate professional-grade RGB, CMYK, and PANTONE colours at a low cost every day. Without spending money on a wide-format printer, you can even use the MFP to make banners that are larger than poster size.

Be smart, simplify

With the 10.1" Wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel, you can adjust how you work by using the pinch-and-flick, drag-and-drop, and swipe scrolling controls found on modern smartphones and tablets. Select from a variety of user interfaces, simple one-step controls, information-rich widgets, and more, all of which are intended to cut down on tedious manual steps. Even optional software programmes can be added to simplify your more intricate document workflows. The entirely digital user interface provides simple, intuitive navigation so you can quickly check and adjust settings, access more information, and tap into more specifics.

Go your own way

Create shortcuts for the tasks you perform frequently by using the one-touch controls on the Smart Operation Panel. For instance, ID Card Copy saves time by copying both the front and back sides of an ID card onto one side of a sheet of paper. Simply download additional workflow applications from the Ricoh Application Site and add them to the Home Screen for quick access.

Polish up with document finishing options

To meet your specific paper handling needs, pick from a variety of automated document finishers. Utilize the Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher to automate production on both smaller non-stapled jobs and larger stapled jobs, and meet even the quickest turnaround times with less labour and fewer materials.

Mobile print options for working on the go

Without purchasing additional utilities, drivers, or software, you can send print jobs directly from your mobile device to the Ricoh MP C3504 multifunction laser printer. To send digital files from the cloud or addresses from your personal contact list from the MFP to any location at any time, download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app.

Track your progress with printer management and cost control options

Each user must enter their own personal passcode or billing code in order to access the multifunction device with user authentication. When an optional NFC Card Reader is added, embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) capability also enables users to log in using a proximity card. You can track everything remotely with automated alerts and monitoring updates by deploying optional third-party accounting software for chargebacks or optional printer management software. Our support desk can control and configure your smart operation panel remotely, helping you pinpoint problem areas for more difficult troubleshooting.

Customize the way you work

Add a personal touch to every job

You are fully aware of what needs to be done. To finish it faster, use Workstyle Innovation Technology. Create your own unique iconic shortcuts for frequently used workflows, such as printing the newest colour brochure or scanning documents for coworkers. Bypass several manual steps that can slow you down by merely tapping into one of the workflows from the Home Screen. Simply click the ID Card Copy app to scan two-sided identification documents more quickly. The device will scan both sides onto a single-sided document for easier reading and less paper waste. Use the embedded OCR option to add metadata to images and PDF files for quick document retrieval. This will allow you to search for specific keywords in a fraction of the time.

Tap into a smarter way to work

It's not hard to figure out how to increase productivity. Use the touchscreen's intuitive design to complete document management tasks more quickly and accurately. You can select from a variety of smart apps on the new user interface with Workstyle Innovation Technology to streamline regular workflows for printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and other tasks. Simply tap on the task you want to perform to see all the information you need to decide how to proceed. By scrolling and tapping, for instance, you can add, verify, and confirm scan-to destinations. Alternately, you can adjust any scan setting with a simple finger flick. Use widgets to quickly set shortcuts, modify settings, check the health of your system, grab online data, and more.

Take a swipe at faster workflows

Get in touch with the MP C3504 for a quicker, more simple way to complete tasks. The impressive 10.1"-wide Super VGA touchscreen allows you to easily switch between tasks by using the same drag-and-drop, pinch-and-flick, and swipe scrolling you are accustomed to using on your smartphone or tablet. All hard keys have been eliminated so you can instantly access workflows, vital data, and system settings. You have access to everything you require thanks to the large screen and straightforward design. In fact, you can use a streamlined user interface with one-touch controls to carry out frequently used core tasks like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Make easier and safer collaboration automatic

Complete more jobs with fewer delays

Your audience is more likely to look for information elsewhere the longer they have to wait. Instantly access up to 3,000 frequently used documents that are stored on the MP C3504 by using the device. Alternatively, you can access information without the need for servers, system integration, software updates, or expenditures by using your own mobile device or our web-enabled Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE). The 220-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder can scan two-sided hard copies at 180 ipm. Utilize a variety of scan-to options to share the data electronically with anyone, anywhere. Use the RICOH Device Software Manager to install print drivers quickly and easily for output. Utilize optional web-enabled administration tools to keep tabs on your performance, such as automated service alerts, real-time device monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Keep tabs on what’s most important

Only when your ideas get to the right people will they have an impact. Several security features, such as user authentication, can aid in securing information from threats. Have each user sign in using a billing code or passcode. Or, you could use the MFP's built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality to let users swipe their ID cards at an additional NFC card reader. You can set quotas to control the number of prints or deny certain users access to certain tasks. Additionally, it contributes to the security of mobile users' print jobs until they are released at the MFP. Additionally, you can use automatic overwrites for any data still on the hard drive, encryption protection, and watermarks to help prevent unauthorised copies of private documents.



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