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Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology is the answer to the ever-changing office environment. It's today's smart workplace assistant that doesn't just copy, scan, fax, or print, but also translates, shares, and creates electronic documents with just a few easy taps on the screen.

Intuitive User Experience Enjoy a tablet-like experience with gesture-based touchscreen controls and easy personalization, plus simple workflows and functions. Mobile and Cloud Ready Be more mobile with cloud-hosted services and instant connectivity to cloud and mobile devices right from the user interface. Comprehensive Security Prevent unauthorized access, detect threats, and protect data and documents with built-in comprehensive security features. Enables Intelligent Workplace Services Seamless integration with Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services delivers next-level workplace efficiency, employee productivity, and security. Gateway to New Possibilities Transform the way you work with the apps in the Xerox App Gallery. Or have one of our partners develop a custom solution for you. Find out more about how you’ll work smarter at

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology adds mobile and cloud capabilities to your multifunction printer, making it easier for your team to work on the go and from anywhere. The technology allows users to convert hard-copy records into easily accessible cloud-based electronic documents; use their smartphone as a mobile scanner, turning real-life documents or images into digital files stored on the cloud; and locate and print documents on demand and securely from any ConnectKey Technology printer.

By bridging the divide between the physical and digital worlds, you and your team will get more done, more quickly.

Your Digital Workplace Assistant, Built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology Today's workforce is mobile and always connected. Digital workplace assistants built on Xerox® ConnectKey Technology help businesses discover new ways to work smarter, more securely and create the most productive workplace. It's time to stop thinking about printers as standalone, task-specific workhorses, and start demanding more up-to-date, useful — and usable — solutions. Xerox® ConnectKey Technology delivers.

Each ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printer in our lineup is the center of a productivity ecosystem — delivering an intuitive user experience, mobile and cloud connectivity, comprehensive security and access to value-extending services and solutions. You’ll do more than print, scan or copy. You'll connect like never before.

XEROX ® VERSALINK ® PRINTERS Ideal for distributed workgroups, printers and multifunction printers in the VersaLink family are full-featured, app-centric digital workplace assistants. They provide an intuitive user experience, comprehensive security, and allow users to work whenever, from wherever.

XEROX ® ALTALINK ® PRINTERS Scalable, powerful and designed for the most demanding teams — the AltaLink multifunction printers deliver an intuitive user experience, personalization, mobile and cloud connectivity, and comprehensive security. These digital workplace assistants digitize, automate tasks, and streamline everyday work processes seamlessly to boost productivity.

K E E P I N G I T C O N S I S T E N T With a ConnectKey® Technology-enabled fleet — regardless of model — the user experience is always consistent. Common functions work similarly on every printer so users learn once and apply fleet-wide. New installation wizards streamline setup to get you started with little or no IT support. Print drivers look and feel the same, while the Xerox® Global Print Driver® can be used on all printers regardless of model.

TOUCH, AND GO FAST The multi-touch experience — the way millions of phone and tablet users interact with today’s most advanced devices — now finds its way to the printer or multifunction printer you’ll depend on to get work done quickly and easily. Swipe, tap and pinch your way through simplified workflows on a large, colorful, tablet-like screen. Preview scans before printing to avoid errors. Download apps directly from the Xerox App Gallery and customize your interface to keep the apps you use most front and center. It’s a completely new — and yet entirely familiar — way to power through complex workflows and common tasks.

LET’S PERSONALIZE With ConnectKey Technology's flexible design, device interfaces can be personalized to provide only the apps you use most, including specific one-touch workflows to or from cloud or network locations. And because ConnectKey Technology is built on an open systems architecture, Xerox Extensible Interface Platform® (EIP), it's possible to create new apps for highly specialized workflows.

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