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With Powerful Mix Of Features, RICOH IM C2500 (418284) A3 Colour Laser Multifunction Printer For Your Small To Medium-Sized Business - Sustain Productive Performance With The Easy-To-Use

With Powerful Mix Of Features, RICOH IM C2500 (418284) A3 Colour Laser Multifunction Printer For Your Small To Medium-Sized Business - Sustain Productive Performance With The Easy-To-Use


RICOH IM C2500 (418284) A3 Colour Laser Multifunction Printer

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The user-friendly RICOH IM C2500 Colour A3 Multifunction Printer ensures performance and workplace efficiency (MFP). As new capabilities become available, the device can be upgraded with software applications because it was built on the RICOH Always Current Technology (ACT) platform.

  • Prints up to 25 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi max print resolution
  • Paper capacity up to 2,300 pages
  • Download new software and applications when available to enhance workflows
  • Sustain smart, scalable and colorful workflows

Escalate productivity with intelligent technology

With the simple-to-use RICOH IM C2500 Color Laser Multifunction Printer, maintain productive performance (MFP). As new features become available, the device can be upgraded using downloadable software and applications thanks to RICOH Always Current Technology (ACT). To access important information, use the highly responsive touchscreen. Get immediate access to technical support.

Add capabilities as you go

To embrace change, you can increase customization and productivity with the RICOH Always Current Technology platform. Select from a variety of applications, cloud services, and software to upgrade to smarter workflows supported by cutting-edge security measures. Many features are available right away, while others get regular updates. Utilize this scalable intelligence to streamline your collaborative processes.

Showcase ideas in vivid color

Produce 1200 x 1200 dpi presentations, brochures, postcards, and more without sacrificing efficiency, quality, or options. Even on thicker paper stocks, you can print up to 25 full-color pages per minute on paper sizes up to 12" x 18". Additionally, the device automatically re-calibrates itself, ensuring clear colour contrasts and precise text on every page, every time.

Digitize documents to impress customers

Connect quickly and easily to your target audiences. Scan documents at up to 80 pages per minute using the automatic reversing document feeder (ARDF) (ipm). They can be distributed digitally with a single touch thanks to embedded Scan-to functionality. With your choice of space-saving internal finishers that produce stapled or stapleless document sets, you can produce printed materials that are more compelling.

Bring your own touch to workflows

The Android-based 10.1" Smart Operation Panel's improved touch response makes it simple to check settings, add widgets, and switch between tasks. One-touch shortcuts can be used to automate repetitive tasks. To access copier settings on a single screen, switch to Full View mode. Access optional cloud services, such as RICOH Content Manager, and preview documents before printing using the embedded web browser.

Use intelligence to resolve issues

With RICOH Intelligent Support, you can minimise maintenance and raise uptime. Use RemoteConnect Support, for instance, to grant Ricoh technicians remote access to the entire Smart Operation Panel. Alternately, allow fleet issues to be handled by internal IT managers using the Remote Panel Operation tool. Watch a video on the MFP that explains how to replace toner, then download an app to access more instructional videos.

Work remotely with mobile convenience

Utilize the RICOH Smart Device Connector app to go with the flow and exchange ideas. Use your tablet or smartphone to print directly. Access information stored online, in your address book, or in other cloud services, and send digital files right away. To work with bigger groups, share files with Ricoh projectors and interactive flat panel displays.

Introduction — Technology that grows with you

With Ricoh’s new Intelligent Devices, you will be able to access the latest technology through updates made directly to the device as you need them — so its capabilities can grow as your business does. Download the latest features, upgrades and applications on-demand, to ensure your device is always up-to-date and ready to meet your business needs — now and in the future.

Ricoh new Intelligent Devices not only deliver the latest technology and outstanding print output, but they are inherently designed to operate sustainably and securely.

Scalable intelligence

To compete effectively, modern businesses must be agile, efficient, productive and able to deliver on their promises to customers. Maintaining this competitive edge requires the support of up-to-date, sophisticated technology.

As your business grows, so does your need for the right technology to support that growth. That’s why Ricoh has changed the way we make our digital and print technology available to you — so you can take advantage of what you need as soon as you need it.

Get access to the latest technology as it’s available, so your device capabilities scale up as your business does.

Smart scalability: Get access to the latest features, enhancements and upgrades as they become available. Download and install new applications as and when you need them.

Customize to meet your needs: Select from our range of applications and software solutions to truly tailor your Intelligent Device to deliver the workflow solutions that meet your business needs.

Scalable. Secured. Sustainable. Simple.

Get outstanding quality, reliability and security — plus on-demand access to the latest technology — with Ricoh’s new Intelligent Devices.

Scalability: Get technology that grows with your business

Simply add software solutions, applications and cloud services as you need them to optimize your document management workflows and help your employees work faster, smarter and more securely. RICOH Always Current Technology allows new features, applications and upgrades to be downloaded and installed directly to your device on request. No need to call a technician or wait until the end of a contract. Easy. Scalable. Customizable.

Expect outstanding quality

Ricoh’s advanced printing technologies deliver sharp text and true colour without saturation, so you get the best quality print results every time. Expect much more than excellent print results from your RICOH Intelligent Device. After all, it’s the hub of your business’s document management workflow. Digitize your document processes to enable swift yet secured access to information as it’s needed. Easily connect mobile devices using RICOH Smart Device Connector and other mobile applications to print, scan and access documents seamlessly regardless of location.

Simplicity: Seriously easy to use

The best technology in the world means nothing if your employees don’t know how to use it. Unlock the full extent of the device capabilities with the user-friendly Smart Operation Panel. The panel’s touch interface mimics that of your smart device, so it’s immediately familiar and intuitive. The Smart Operation Panel user experience is consistent across multiple Ricoh devices, so once you’ve learned to use one device, you can use them all. Customize the panel with your company logo and personalize it by user — giving instant access to frequently used functions.

When you need help operating one of our Intelligent Devices, RICOH Intelligent Support capabilities give you support quickly when you need it. Through our RemoteConnect Support solution, our specialists can remotely access the Ricoh devices in your workplace to make fixes and minimize downtime. A support specialist can even remotely operate the Smart Operation Panel and guide the user in real-time on how to use the device.

Security: Rely on high-level security and certifications, built-in

RICOH Intelligent Devices embody our deep commitment to protecting businesses from security risks. Security is in the DNA of our entire digital workplace portfolio. Always has been, always will be. Ricoh enables secured access to data while ensuring that security features and products don’t hinder business innovation, functionality or productivity — so you can get on with the job knowing your data is safe.

Rely on the Ricoh-only operating system — a major component of our security offerings. This helps provide control and insulation from OS-specific threats that target operating systems that use more common machine languages. Protect sensitive documents with the optional RICOH Streamline NX secured release solution that restricts access to print output to the document owners only. Ricoh helps protect your business data throughout its entire lifecycle — using features such as user authentication which helps prevent sensitive documents from being viewed, copied or sent by unauthorized users. Ricoh’s DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) is designed to overwrite the areas of the hard drive used for image processing after each print, copy, scan or fax job.


When you partner with Ricoh, you’re making an environmentally sound choice thanks to our deep and enduring commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our devices and workflow. Ricoh’s Intelligent Devices offer low energy consumption without sacrificing business productivity. The Default Auto Off timer setting reduces power consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint when the device is not active — while a quick recovery time makes sure there is no impact on your productivity.




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