HP DeskJet 694c Ink Cartridges

Up to the task of delivering clear crisp lines, this white HP printer is reliable and efficient. As the HP Deskjet 694C includes outstanding 5 ppm printing speed, you can quickly print rich presentations, college papers, and photos. This HP printer helps you to print on glossy paper, plain paper, and envelopes with superb clarity with its striking color generation capability. You can print the digitized records of your life with a quick connection since this inkjet printer comes with an efficient parallel (IEEE 1284) computer connection. The HP Deskjet 694C uses the most efficient amount of desk space necessary to get your printing jobs done, with its functional shape. With the advanced inkjet element featured on this HP printer, you can produce rich logos, bank statements, and certificates with sharp crisp definition. Tweak the layout, sharpness, and pagination just the way you like it by taking advantage of the powerful controls on this inkjet printer. What's more, the HP Deskjet 694C is an exceptional printer, so you can issue pages easily and quickly.

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