Samsung CLP-310 Toner Cartridge and Drum

# Performance: The initial setup phase of the CLP-310 was suitably efficient and easy, right down to the simple installation of the toner cartridges. We were somewhat worried about the whole NO NOIS business when the CLP-310 first sprang to life, as it was quite noisy, at least at first. Once we'd made our way through installation, however, things were suitably quieter. A sample text document printing in draft quality took around 22 seconds to spit out its initial page, but additional pages thereafter came out around every five seconds or so, giving it a real world speed rating of just over nine pages per minute. Print quality in draft was surprisingly good, but at these speeds, it would want to be. # Bottom Line: You don't get blazingly fast laser speeds with the CLP-310, but it does live up to the hype of offering affordable colour laser in a small form factor.

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