Samsung SCX-4300 Toner Cartridge and Drum

The Samsung SCX-4300 has a neat footprint for an office all-in-one machine, a little wider than a typical personal laser printer, but with very similar depth and height. The sides of the machine flare slightly at the top to accommodate the A4 scanner mechanism which, unlike the SCX-4500’s, sits across the laser engine from left to right, rather than from front to back. The control panel consists of a two line by 16 character LCD display, which has no backlight but is still easy to read under normal ambient light. The eight control buttons work well with the display and the menu system for the devices major settings is easy to navigate. Directly beneath the control panel is a slot for emerging pages and there's a small pull-out end stop, though pages don't normally fall onto the desk even if you don't extend this. At the bottom of the front panel is a 250-sheet feed tray, over double the capacity of the SCX-4500, and a single sheet multi-purpose slot for special media. Although the scanner section lifts up and is supported by a spring-loaded prop, it only lifts just enough to get your hand in, in case there's a paper jam. It would be more convenient if it swung up to the vertical, as with most all-in-ones. At the back are sockets for power and USB, the only data connection to this machine.

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