Best in Canada Buyer Protection Plan

90 Day Worry-Free Leasing Product Trial Period +Upgrade at ANY TIME

We Take The Worry Out Of Leasing A Photocopier!

We are confident with our leased printer's quality that any office machine leased under our ALL-INCLUSIVE Maintenance Plan, the option to upgrade at ANY TIME during the lease term to make sure you are fully satisfied with choosing the right Brand and Model. We also offer a 90-day trial period to all customers who lease equipment under our ALL-INCLUSIVE service plan on their equipment. Under the leasing plan, you can change to any model which is covered under the same program (Monochrom or Colour) at any time in the first 90 days if you are not 100% satisfied. We will provide a replacement unit at the same value from an eligible unit for maintenance. This one-time no-charge replacement or any upgrade request during the lease period will be done with the authorization of the respected leasing company and under their complete set of terms and conditions and will be available for machines which have not been used for more than a total of 3000 pages. 90 day trial period is available only in the gta. Some other conditions may apply. Not available for production printers and new Altalink series machines. Please contact us for complete details.