Absolute Toner $195/Month - Xerox Color C75 Press Production Printer Professional office Copier Booklet Maker Finisher LCT Office Copiers In Warehouse
Absolute Toner $150/Month - Xerox Color C75 Press Production Printer Professional office Copier Booklet Maker Finisher LCT Office Copiers In Warehouse

$150/Month - Xerox Color C75 Press Production Printer Professional office Copier Booklet Maker Finisher LCT

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Product Information

Lease For Only $150/month

Xerox Color C75 Press Production Printer Professional office Copier Booklet Maker Finisher LCT

The Xerox Color C75 Printer is a high-performance, professional, production/multifunction printer best suited for graphic arts, pay-for-print, commercial print and corporate environments. It copies and prints with incredible color control up to 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution. It also can fax, as well as scan at high speed in color or monochrome to PC, USB or email. Numerous finishing and color server options make it flexible to fit your unique needs, and grow along with your business. 

  • Copy, Print, Scan, Scan to Email, 11x17, 12x18, 13x19
  • Available accessory large capacity tray, Finisher with booklet maker
  • Black Toner Yield 20,000 Pages
  • Color Toner Yield 22,000 pages
  • Features that Deliver Versatility, Efficiency and Quality
  • Print/Copy Speed: Up To 75 PPM
  • Scan Speed: 200IPM
  • Resolution: 2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Printed Sides: Duplex – automatic up to 300 g/m² / 110 lb.
  • Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
  • Printed Sides: Duplex
  • Paper Flexibility/Weights:
  • Internal Trays 1-3: 550 sheet each, 18 lb bond to
    80 lb cover (64 – 220 gsm) uncoated; 28 lb bond to
    80 lb cover (106 – 220 gsm) coated
  • Bypass Tray: 250 sheets, 18 lb bond – 110 lb cover
    (64 – 300 gsm) uncoated; 28 lb bond – 110 lb cover
    (106 – 300 gsm) coated
  • Coated, heavyweight, transparencies, DocuMagnet, labels, tabs; all trays run coated stock


Be ready for anything— especially success.

In an age when business is more challenging every day, versatility is an outstanding tool to have at your disposal. When you have it, you can be more proactive and less subject to the ups and downs of everyday business. You can expand your customer base because you can supply the type of jobs that are in demand even as the types of jobs that customers are calling for change from one type to another. Versatility is also an outstanding way to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. The Xerox Color C75 Press is big production power in a small footprint. It gives you the flexibility to produce the most demanding print jobs. It’s simple enough to let you spend less time printing and more time on the other tasks of running your business. And it brings you increased walk-up capabilities while you reduce costs at the same time. If you want to do things in a new way and do things that others can’t, the Xerox Color C75 Press is the business-ready solution you’ve been waiting for.

More Options, Efficiency, Jobs, Opportunity

It offers you and your customers more. More of the types of jobs that are more in demand. More varied stocks become the finished applications that deliver premium value. And more opportunities as you become the go-to partner for a wider variety of customers. And in the case of the Xerox Color C75 Press, less is also more. You get the ultimate digital solution at less cost and in a smaller footprint.

The Centerpiece of a More Flexible Solution

The Xerox Color C75 Press is the center of a complete digital printing and workflow solution designed at every turn to make you more efficient and profitable. The C75 solution integrates everything you need to get started and thrive in the digital print marketplace. Specialty media that expand your capabilities. Workflow solutions that streamline your processes. And Business Development Services that help you find opportunities and build a stronger business.

Easy to get started

One of its most powerful features is its ease of use so that everyone can get the most out of its tremendous capabilities. Like everything in the Xerox Color C75 Press, the user interface is designed for flexibility. Inexperienced users can scan, copy and print with ease. And digital veterans can turn up the power to produce the most complex jobs with outstanding productivity.

Scanning and Copying that is Advanced, Easy, and Flexible

Scanning and copying are becoming a critical part of your workflow. The Xerox Color C75 Press is an ideal solution to make you and your output more versatile. The Xerox C75 solution gives you a variety of scanning output options and locations including scan-to-file PDF, email, USB, or a server virtually anywhere with simplicity and security. Automated duplex scanning at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and copying up to 76 ppm and at 2400 x 2400 dpi delivers great color with ease, all at speeds up to 200 ipm. It is a truly versatile scan solution that can even handle larger paper sizes up to 11” x 17” (A3), saving you the time and effort of multiple scans for a single oversize document or image.

Simplifying Business with Remote Services

A suite of Remote Services makes it easier for us to do business together as we both work to make your business stronger. Remote Services integrates systems and tools, and couples them with highly skilled Xerox support teams to provide proactive problem resolution and a robust underlying knowledge of your needs. Remote Services:

  • Transmit machine data to provide preventive maintenance, predict machine failure and reduce the time to fix problems. 
  • Monitor supplies and consumable (such as Dry Ink) levels and automatically replenish them, saving time and making sure you have what you need to keep printing.
  • Automatically report billing meters, saving time and improving accuracy

Control quality and save time with Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA).

The jobs your customers demand require excellent alignment and registration. And the Xerox Color C75 Press provides exceptional control over both with the Simple Image Quality Adjustment toolset. But that power doesn’t come at the cost of simplicity. SIQA gives you automated registration control, assuring that your customers’ jobs meet the most exacting standards. And SIQA’s SMILE correction process lets you adjust density uniformity, giving accurate color edge-to-edge, page-to-page. 

Xerox Confident Color

The Xerox Color C75 Press achieves advanced image quality that satisfies even the most discerning customers with an innovative set of options all designed to produce outstanding, accurate, repeatable quality. It is recognized for outstanding color quality with Fogra certification as well as being licensed by PANTONE for spot color matching to the PANTONE Match hin g System, PANTONE GoeTM and PANTONE PLUS. Our Xerox “low melt” EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Dry Ink technology also contributes to the customer-pleasing image quality. Chemically grown, its small, consistent particles produce great quality with less Dry Ink, for smooth transitions and an offset-like finish.

Heavyweight and specialty stocks make winning combinations.

There’s no doubt that heavyweight stocks make a big impression in applications ranging from business cards to brochures. With the Xerox Color C75 Press, you get the same exceptional image quality across heavyweight and lighter weight stocks so you can be confident that prints look the way you want them. And when you combine heavyweight and specialty stocks, you can produce high-value applications that weren’t previously possible.

Specialty media is one of our specialties.

To take full advantage of the Xerox Color C75 Press’s exceptional media latitude, Xerox offers specialty media for a wide variety of custom applications such as tabs and labels, photo applications paper, DocuMagnets and more. And with Xerox specialty media, you can bring new life to existing applications or expand your offerings. Our 300 gsm auto duplex allows us to run reliably not only on heavy paper, but specialty substrates like Xerox Premium Never Tear digital synthetics. Adding creative, personalized content to heavyweight specialty stock gives you an unbeatable combination that creates the type of high-value applications that deliver the ROI your customers expect.

Versatile Mobile Printing

With the Xerox Color C75 Press, mobile printing is easier than ever with a host of mobile solution offerings. These solutions enable you to easily print from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It allows you to submit documents through email or other applications. Printing workflows are hassle-free, enabling you to print when and where you need. Xerox Mobile Print solutions provide robust protection at every level, giving you the security level and control you require.

A surprising host of options and unsurpassed versatility at an equally surprising price point.

Take a closer look inside and out, and you’ll see how the Xerox Color C75 Press is built to give you reliable performance, exceptional media handling, and customer-pleasing quality from start to finish.

Print Servers that Produce More Work with an Easier Workflow

We offer a choice of print servers, so you’re sure to find one that fits your workflow. Each available print server puts a variety of color tools, workflow capabilities, processing speeds and sophisticated color management controls at your fingertips.

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