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$34.95/month HP LaserJet Enterprise M806X (M806) (Low Meter 3k) Monochrome High Speed Laser Printer, 11x17

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Product Description
Lease For Only  $34.95  Per Month


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LIKE NEW HP LaserJet Enterprise M806X (M806) (Low Meter 3k) Monochrome High-Speed Laser Printer, 11x17

  • Monochrome Laser Printer
  • Print resolution technologies: HP FastRes 1200 (1200 dpi quality), 600 x 600 dpi with HP Resolution Enhancement technology
  • This HP LaserJet handles big print jobs fast, with extra-large input capacity, versatile paper-handling options (11x17)and easy mobile printing options.


This HP LaserJet handles big print jobs fast, with extra-large input capacity and versatile paper-handling options. Mobile printing is simple with wireless direct printing and touch-to-print technology. Easy upgrades protect your investment.

Give workgroups the speed they need

  • Make everyday printing tasks more efficient. Equip employees to launch jobs easily and accurately from the large 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) touchscreen.
  • Print without waiting. Insta nt-on Technology helps your organization save time by beginning print jobs immediately from low-power mode.
  • Save IT time and make printing easy for the entire company by using a single driver, the Universal Print Driver (UPD), for all HP devices.
  • Boost productivity with extra-large input capacity and improve document output quality with versatile finishing options.

Easily expand, manage, and secure

  • Add security without adding employees. Apply fleet-wide policies to protect all your HP devices with the HP Imaging and Printing Security Center.
  • Safeguard your printer as soon as it’s added to your network with HP Instant-on Security. The software automatically configures settings to comply with your corporate security policy.
  • Your printer harbors sensitive information ion-make sure it’s not at risk. HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disks helps safeguard sensitive data to keep you worry-free.
  • Improve security at the device. Easily authenticate users with PIN printing options so that the right jobs end up in the right hand s.
  • Easily upgrade device firmware on your schedule to get new features and protect your investment. Integrate solutions or devices at will.
  • Manage your entire printing environment from a single location with HP Web Jetadmin. Help build business efficiency and take the pain out of distance.

Mobile printing—more efficient

  • Enjoy mobile printing at a touch. Give users simple, direct access to the printer through optional wireless direct printing and touch-to-print technology.
  • Let employees print from a smartphone, tablet, and Internet-connected PC from virtually anywhere,12 and give them the power to print wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
  • Easily share on the network with embedded wired networ king capabilities.

Conserve resources without sacrificing performance 

  • Get up to 50% paper savings with built-in automatic two-sided printing.
  • Help save energy with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology.
  • Help conserve resources with a high-performing, energy-efficient HP LaserJet printer that’s ENERGY STAR certified and Blue Angel compliant. 

Give workgroups the speed they need

Boost productivity for every workgroup. Even the biggest jobs print easily and fast, thanks to an intuitive touchscreen, extra-large input capacity, and versatile paper-handling options. Produce documents that impress with this printer’s exceptional print quality.

Simplify tasks with the right touch

Enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) color LCD touchscreen control panel for a trouble-free user experience.

The control panel offers:
  • The adjustable tilt angle of the touchscreen provides convenient access to all users.
  • Simple-to-use buttons and scroll bar allow you to navigate system defaults and customize settings for a particular job.
  • The home button on the upper left corner of the touchscreen quickly returns the touchscreen to the Home menu.
  • Sign in and Sign out button to access secured features. Sign outlets you quickly sign out and restore all options to the default settings.
  • Easy-to-use Sleep, Network, Help and Refresh buttons for efficient use of your time.

Easy-access USB

The easy-access USB near the control panel lets you quickly complete y our print job from a flash drive. Varieties of files are supported, including PDF, PostScript (PS), and print-ready files (.prn, .pcl, .cht).

Don’t wait, just print

Save time and keep your business moving with blazing-fast single-sided and duplex print speeds up to 55 pages per minute letter (56 ppm A4)15 and first page out speeds as fast as 9.5 seconds16 from ready (letter/A4). With a recommended monthly page volume of 10,000 up to 50,000 pages,17 this printer is built to stand up to the demands of today’s fast-paced business environment and keep intervention rates low.

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 series features Instant-on Technology, enabling print jobs to begin quickly from sleep mode.8 Advanced fuser technology produces the first page faster when a printer is coming out of low power mode, so your print job is done sooner. In addition to helping you conserve energy and reduce your environmental impact, these extra seconds can deliver significant real-world performance advantages over time, helping users get more done.

Simplicity all around

Make it easy for all to print with one common driver. The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD), and HP JetAdvantage Management Solution, enable both mobile Microsoft® device users and traditional desktop users to access the full features of nearly every HP device in your managed printing environment without the need for assistance.

Eliminate the clutter on y our computer by replacing multiple print drivers with one versatile solution. Empower IT by dramatically reducing the number of drivers they have to manage and by giving them the tools they need to improve efficiency. With the HP UPD, your IT team can easily adjust device settings to help reduce printing costs, improve security, and help meet environmental goals. For example, it’s simple to push two-sided printing or quicker sleep times across the fleet. Plus, the valuable tools in the HP UPD Printer Administrator’s Resource Kit help you save time and money by streamlining IT tasks, implementing printing policies, and monitoring usage across the enterprise. You can also use the HP UPD in tandem with HP Web Jetadmin to create fleet-wide managed printer lists, reports, and more.

Deliver reliable, consistently outstanding results

Get consistently great-looking black-and-white output from the HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 series with a choice of HP FastRes 1200 for speedy day-to-day printing or HP ProRes 1200 for true 1200 by 1200 dpi where fine lines and details are critical to y our job. The printer was designed together with Original HP toner cartridges and HP papers to automatically produce exceptional quality output for your printed documents.

  • HP LaserJet all-in-one print cartridges are a crucial component of the printing system. Standard capacity cartridges are shipped pre-installed with the printer, saving time and adding value. The print cartridge and toner are integrated into one supply, which means that you refresh the imaging system every time you insert a new cartridge.
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 printer series uses the HP 25X Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge. With a large yield of 34,500 pages, you’ll replace it less often, saving you time.
  • HP Smart printing technology is activated every time you install an Original HP print cartridge. The HP print cartridge, printer, and software are designed to work together to enable easy, high-quality laser printing, and allow you to monitor your current supplies, order new supplies online, and print successfully every time.
  • Clearly labeled parts, easy-to-understand instructions, and cartridge status information from the control panel or HP device management tools make supplies management and troubleshooting easy for all users.
  • Rely on Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges for superior performance. During testing, non-HP toner cartridges frequently led to performance problems, while HP toner cartridges worked every time.
  • Any savings with non-HP toner cartridges today can cost you tomorrow. Non-HP cartridges can cost 10% more than Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges when you take reprinting into account.
  • Don’t waste paper on reprints. The superior print quality of Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges can help you reduce waste compared with using remanufactured toner cartridges. Use HP SureSupply to consolidate supplies orders, helping to save money while reducing the environmental impact of packing and transporting multiple single orders.  

Easily expand, manage, and secure

Help protect your printer investment and manage printing across the enterprise. As your needs change, so can your printer with easy upgrades and add-ons. Your entire printing fleet can be managed from a single location with HP JetAdvantage Management Solutions. Safeguard sensitive data with a full suite of top-tier, embedded, and optional HP JetAdvantage security features and solutions. 

Safeguard your device, data, and documents with robust security features

The HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 series has a multitude of options when it comes to helping you secure your environment. You can count on support for a number of solutions, along with built-in security features such as an HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk and PIN printing options.

Protect your data

Your printer harbors sensitive information-make sure it’s not at risk. HP offers security features at every stage of your work.

Protect data at rest with the following features:

  • Storage encryption-Defend your data. The HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk in the HP LaserJet Enterprise M806x+ provides full hardware encryption. (Select U.S. Government SKUs to include a FIPS 140 validated disk.
  • Secure Erase-The printer provides built-in capabilities for securely overwriting data stored on it, allowing sensitive data to be safely removed. HP offers multiple mechanisms to erase stored data, including functionality that conforms to the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88.
  • Password protection-Stored passwords are encrypted to help provide protection of this critical information.
  • Secure keys, credentials, and certificates-For an extra level of security, the optional HP Trusted Platform Module (TPM) accessory can easily be added to the device to strengthen the protection of encrypted credentials and data by automatically sealing device encryption keys to the TPM and provides secure device identity by generating and protecting certificate private keys.

Protect data in transit with these features:

  • Network protection-Network-transmitted data can be protected with IPsec and print jobs can also be encrypted using Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) over SSL/TLS.
  • CipherSuite Encryption Strength-Encryption strength can be selected to prevent the use of legacy or insecure protocols for data in transit.
  • FIPS-140 mode: Ensures device uses available FIPS-140 validated cryptographic modules for TLS encryption, SNMPv3 signing and encryption, and signed certificates.
  • Secure Encrypted Print with HP UPD 5.3.1 or later-For added security, choose end-to-end Secure Encrypted Print. HP UPD9 provides true symmetric AES256 print job encryption and decryption from the client to the page based on a user-defined password using FIPS 140 validated cryptographic libraries from Microsoft.
  • Management safeguards-Device management data that travels over the network between the device and HP Web Jetadmin and other management tools can also be protected using SNMPv3. HTTPS (HTTP over SSL/TLS) can be enforced so all connections to the device Embedded Web Server administration interface are securely encrypted.
  • Secure Mobile Print-HP offers multiple options for secure mobile printing. For more information, see “Easily and securely print from mobile devices” on the page.

      Compatible Toner Cartridges
      With all compatible toner cartridges you will receive Lifetime Warranty that the toner cartridge will remain defective free from material defects and in workmanship. Should you have a defective toner cartridge then you can request an exchange with our RMA request system.
      For returns via our RMA system you will have to provide certain details such as your order number, picture of product and picture of product with serial number. Once you have submitted your exchange request, one of our team members will respond to you within 3 to 5 business days.

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      Return, Replacement, and Exchange
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      Your complete satisfaction is our primary concern, if you’re not completely satisfied with Absolute Toner brand laser cartridge purchase, please email us for an RMA number and return it within 14 days with your original receipt or call customer service at 905-326-2886. We will gladly replace or repair your cartridge(s) or refund your money less shipping and handling.

      *Available only to Absolute Toner brand laser toner cartridges.

      Please Note: All shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, unless agreed upon otherwise.

      When returning a product back to us using the RMA process from the U.S.A. or outside of Canada please make sure that you use our RMA system. Absolute Toner Corp. liability here under shall be limited to replacement or reimbursement as provided above. Please note that any cartridge determined by our quality assurance technician to be in working order, not our cartridge, cycle complete (empty), damaged in shipping, or damaged by user, will not be covered by this warranty. This warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all other warranty of merchant ability and fitness for particular purpose. All goods are shipped/sold upon condition that Buyer/Dealer accepted these terms, if not, Buyer/Dealer must promptly return the goods and notify seller in writing.