Absolute Toner $39.99/Month Ricoh MP 2554 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office Use Showroom Monochrome Copiers
Absolute Toner $39.99/Month Ricoh MP 2554 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office Use Showroom Monochrome Copiers

$39.99/Month Ricoh MP 2554 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office Use

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Product Information

Ricoh MP 2554 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office Use

Who says staying ahead of the competition is difficult? It’s easy when you can give your customers the information they need — in multiple formats and multiple ways — quickly, with a host of standard security features. Perform everyday office tasks, including advanced printing, copying, faxing, and colour scanning, from the versatile RICOH MP 2554SP Are projects piling up? Save time with preset shortcuts to frequently used document tasks. You use your smartphone every day. Why not use it to print documents from wherever you are? You can even monitor user activity and energy consumption remotely, and make strategic changes to simplify work and reduce costs.

  • Produce up to 35 black-and-white prints/copies per minute
  • Envelope your ideas with standard envelope feeding from Tray 2, Bypass & Optional Trays
  • Print or scan with your phone or tablet with the Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan app
  • Scan to searchable PDF's with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) option
  • Minimize operating costs with energy-saving efficiency
  • Add Internal Finishers without increasing the footprint
  • Print on up to 300 g/m², duplex up to 256 g/m


                Perform more types of tasks

                Information drives business. You rely on it to make smarter decisions. But what happens when you need to share it with others? How quickly can you get it to them? And is it in the format — either paper or digital — that they prefer? Whether you’re printing, copying, scanning, or faxing, the compact and affordable Ricoh MP 2554SP helps you produce and share information quickly. Take advantage of intuitive one-touch controls, and move on to the next task — whatever it turns out to be — with ease.

                Share information faster

                Take too much time on one job, and the next one may not get done. Fortunately, you can easily transition between jobs with the Ricoh MP 2554SP. Recovery time from sleep mode is less than 5 seconds, so you don’t have to stand around waiting when you need to send documents quickly. Print up to 35 black-and-white pages per minute on a wide range of media and handle almost any job. You can also scan up to 80 color or black-and-white images per minute with a minimal manual intervention using the 100-Sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF).

                Manage and boost workgroup output

                Today's fast-paced offices need to work more efficiently. Your workgroup can use the Ricoh MP 2554SP/MP 3054SP/MP 3554SP — featuring a powerful 533 MHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and a 320 GB HDD — to run multiple jobs from multiple users simultaneously, without interruption. You can set quotas or limit output for specific users to encourage faster, more responsible printing. Take advantage of the icon-driven, one-click preset PCL6 user interface to print crisp output up to 1200 dpi in fewer steps.

                Access everything you need with ease

                Perform daily tasks more efficiently with the intuitive, simple-to-use interface. Spending too much time re-loading paper? Add optional paper trays to increase paper capacity up to 4,700 sheets for longer, uninterrupted runs. You can even print on thicker stocks up to A3 without missing a beat. Plus, you can choose from several automated finishers, including the Stapleless Finisher, which received the Summer 2014 BLI Outstanding Achievement Award for Innovation. This 250-Sheet Internal Stapleless Finisher binds up to five sheets of paper with no staples. This unique stapleless finishing technology helps to lower supply costs and expedites future paper recycling and/or shredding needs.

                Keep productivity high in any network environment

                Use familiar technology to navigate key functions quickly

                With the Ricoh MP 2554SP, you can print, copy, scan, and fax documents and move on to your next project just as quickly. Intuitive drag-and-drop, pinch-and-flick, and swipe scrolling simplify routine actions and minimize extraneous choices. It’s available via the optional 10.1" Wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel, which simplifies the choices for the most frequently used functions for Copy, Scanner, and Fax. For workgroups requiring enhanced feature functionality, it is easy to switch between the Quick User Interface functions and Ricoh’s traditional user interface.

                Go mobile

                You can also leverage the powerful features and functionality of the Ricoh MP 2554SP directly from your smartphone or tablet through the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app. This versatile technology helps you easily connect an NFC-enabled Smart Device to the optional Smart Operation Panel. Users simply touch their Smart Device to the NFC (Near Field Communication) tag on the Smart Operation Panel or scan the QR Code to automatically connect to the MFP allowing copy, print, scan, and fax capability directly from their smart device.

                Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan app

                Unlike the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app, this app doesn't require a Smart Operation Panel and it works with Ricoh printers & MFPs. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the free Ricoh Smart Device Print&Scan features advanced printing settings you would normally see on a computer driver, such as paper size, orientation, duplexing, input tray, and even stapling and password-protected printing. You can also scan straight to your mobile device and instantly upload your scan to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, as well as retrieve documents for printing, with many file formats supported.

                We’ve made it easy to take control

                Search scanned files with embedded OCR text

                Ricoh continues to automate how you capture, retrieve, and send data to simplify everyday tasks. The optional embedded OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning adds a transparent layer of text over the output PDF allowing you to retrieve documents by searching on your computer for specific words inside the PDF contents instead of guessing the actual name of the file. The OCR unit also lets you auto-remove blank pages while scanning.

                Scan and share the way you want to

                Reduce the amount of paper your organization uses. Because digital documents can be shared in real-time, you can work with others to develop strategies and ideas that can be implemented quickly. Whether images are in black-and-white or color, or in PDF, TIFF, or JPEG formats, you can get them to the right place via Scan-toFile/Folder/URL/FTP/Email. Compress the size of highly complex, graphics-intensive files and send them just as easily without compromising quality. You can also make scanning easier across your organization with Distributed Scan Management (DSM). Use it to automate document tasks and to set user permissions, rules, and delivery preferences to simplify how you manage information.

                Send faxes more ways, more places

                Manage fax workflow quickly and conveniently by adding optional faxing capabilities. Choose the method that works best for you, whether it’s Internet Faxing, LAN faxing, or over IP for faster delivery via Super G3 faxing. Using another connected device that doesn’t have a fax board? No problem. With the Remote Fax Option, users can send and receive fax documents from any connected device in their fleet — even those without fax options — by sending it through the Ricoh MP 2554SP. This minimizes the need for additional phone lines and fax boards.

                Help meet today’s business challenges with smart, secure multifunction performance

                Protect your documents, and yourself

                Every business takes risks daily. Some of them are avoidable. Advanced user authentication helps prevent unauthorized access to documents. Documents are stored at the device until an authorized ID card is swiped using the optional card reader or a passcode is entered at the MFP to release them. For added protection, you can use encrypted PDF transmission to scramble data on confidential PDFs or add watermarks to confidential documents that will appear when unauthorized users attempt to copy them. The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) automatically overwrites latent images and data on the hard drive to render them unreadable.

                Manage and monitor remotely

                With the Ricoh MP 2554SP, you can see how terms like “efficiency” and “productivity” fit into your workday. Use the intuitive administration controls to automate meter reads, access system settings, streamline firmware updates, and more, right from the desktop. Get alerts when supplies are low or maintenance is needed. Monitor usage for specific users or workgroups. And, configure your entire fleet remotely from the easy-to-use, Web browser-based operation panel.

                Minimize energy consumption and operating costs

                Choose the Ricoh MP 2554SP for low cost-per-page and best-in-class typical electricity consumption (TEC) values to help support your budgetary needs and sustainability goals. With a shorter print/copy time from sleep mode, the Ricoh MP 2554SP keeps up with today’s fast-paced business requirements. You can program the device to power on or off during specified times to conserve energy for even greater savings. Plus, the device meets EPEAT Gold criteria — a global environmental rating system for electronic products — and is certified with the TM latest ENERGY STAR specifications.

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