Absolute Toner $89/Month Ricoh MP C3504EX 35PPM Used Office Commercial Color Laser Multifunction Printer Machine | Copy, Scan, Optional Fax With 1200 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution Showroom Color Copiers
Absolute Toner $89/Month Ricoh MP C3504EX 35PPM Used Office Commercial Color Laser Multifunction Printer Machine | Copy, Scan, Optional Fax With 1200 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution Showroom Color Copiers
Absolute Toner $89/Month Ricoh MP C3504EX 35PPM Used Office Commercial Color Laser Multifunction Printer Machine | Copy, Scan, Optional Fax With 1200 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution Showroom Color Copiers

$89/Month Ricoh MP C3504EX 35PPM Used Office Commercial Color Laser Multifunction Printer Machine | Copy, Scan, Optional Fax With 1200 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution

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Product Information

Ricoh MP C3504EX 35PPM Used Office Commercial Color Laser Multifunction Printer Machine | Copy, Scan, Optional Fax With 1200 x 1200 DPI Print Resolution

Use the extended capabilities of the RICOH MP C3504ex Colour Multifunction Printer (MFP) — including service support, connectivity, customization and workflow apps — to simplify how you move information throughout the office and across the world. Automate everyday tasks with customized icons via the 10.1"-wide Smart Operation Panel and Workstyle Innovation Technology. Receive fast, reliable support at the touch of your finger with Web Help. Add more convenient widgets and apps for easier access to critical information. Grab files from cloud-based applications with your personal mobile device and print them at the MFP. Use advanced scanning and paperless faxing to share messages instantly. Plus, you can choose from multiple paper stocks and finishing options to produce output sure to impress.

  • Produce up to 35 colour prints per minute
  • Use the intuitive Smart Operation Panel touchscreen to expedite everyday tasks
  • Print and share information on the go via your personal mobile device
  • Highlight information with breathtaking colours and professional finishing
  • Help protect documents, data and devices with encryption and authentication tools

Ricoh MP C3504EX Color Laser Multifunction Printer

Utilize the RICOH MP C3504ex's several Scan-to features to rapidly send files that you have downloaded to a server, the cloud, or your personal mobile device. 180 images per minute (ipm) of two-sided hardcopy document scanning from the 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF). To speed up complicated processes, use conventional PostScript® and PDF Direct Print emulation. 3,000 files can be kept on the document server. To increase paper capacity to 4,700 sheets, add supplementary trays.

Make your point with colour

On brochures, presentations, and other documents up to 12" x 18" and on heavier stocks, dazzle your audience with 1200 dpi quality and accurate reproduction (up to 300 gsm). With the optional Fiery Controller, you may reproduce RGB and CMYK colours at a professional level at a daily low cost. Without spending money on a wide-format printer, you may even use the MFP to make banners that are larger than poster size.

Choose how you finish

Choose from a variety of automated finishers to meet your specific paper handling needs. Utilize the Hybrid Stapleless + Stapler Finisher to automate production on both smaller non-stapled tasks and larger stapled works, and meet even the quickest turnaround times with less manpower and fewer materials.

Use customization to your advantage

The 10.1"-wide Smart Operation Panel makes it easier to complete routine chores. Select from a variety of user interfaces that are straightforward, simple one-step controls, information-rich widgets, and more — all of which are intended to cut down on repetitive manual tasks. To make simple copy tasks accessible, download additional workflow tools from our Ricoh Application Site, like the brand-new Quick Copy Widget. Make one-touch shortcuts for the activities you do frequently. Our technicians can use our SOP Designer tool to add a business logo, establish unique wallpaper themes, write messages, and more to the Home Screen.

Work as you go

Without purchasing additional utilities, drivers, or software, you may send print jobs, including emails with picture and PDF attachments, directly from your mobile device to the MP C3504ex. Get the RICOH Smart Device Connector app to access addresses from your contact list or digital files from the cloud. To display concepts in conference and meeting rooms, you can also use the same software to share presentations with RICOH projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Customize the way you work

Add a personal touch to every job

Use the MP C3504ex to get it done faster. It’s designed with Workstyle Innovation Technology, so you can use the same tablet-like gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet to create customized shortcuts for frequently used workflows on the 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel (SOP). Simply tap one of the icons from the Home Screen to bypass time-consuming manual steps to scan images, print colour brochures, fax invoices to a client and more. For faster scanning of two-sided identity documents, tap on the ID Card Copy app and the device scans both sides onto a single-sided document for easier reading with less waste. Use the OCR option to create keyword-searchable PDF files for easier retrieval at a later time from an embedded Document Server.

Tap into a smarter way to work

Finding the best way to improve productivity is pretty straightforward. Use the easy-to-follow design of the Smart Operation Panel to perform document management tasks swiftly and accurately. With SOP Designer, you can have your Home Screen customized by our technicians with a corporate logo, shortcut icons, messages and more. Choose smart apps to simplify everyday printing, scanning, copying and faxing workflows. For example, you can add, check and confirm scan-to destinations and change settings with incredible ease with fingertip precision. Use the Quick Copy widget to start copying instantly. Add other widgets and program apps to set shortcuts, adjust settings, check system status, access online data and more in seconds. With plug-and-play Ricoh or third-party software solutions, you can digitize more tasks to significantly reduce paper and operating costs.

Complete more jobs with fewer delays

Use the MP C3004ex/MP C3504ex to instantly access up to 3,000 frequently used documents stored on the device. Or, you can use your personal mobile device or our web-enabled Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) to scan, capture and share information with cloud-based applications without servers, system integration or software updates. Scan two-sided hard copy documents at 180 ipm with the 220-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder. Take advantage of a wide range of scan-to capabilities to share the information digitally with anyone, anywhere. For output, use RICOH Device Software Manager and install print drivers without assistance in only moments. For more complex tasks, use standard PostScript and PDF Direct Print emulation to process even your biggest jobs quickly.

Multitask at a faster pace

Get in touch with all-in-one convenience

Use the MP C3504ex to perform everyday office tasks with incredible speed and ease. With a built-in motion sensor, the Smart Operation Panel responds with a half-second recovery from Sleep Mode when the user taps on the panel to begin job entry. Print colourful presentations, images, brochures and more at up to 30 or 35 pages per minute and grab them on your way to an important meeting. Send full-colour scans of floor plans, schematics and photos via email. Copy handwritten notes for your colleagues. Send a contract via fax without wasting paper or wondering if it was received. With an optional maximum paper capacity of up to 4,700 sheets, you can manage more projects with fewer interruptions so you can transition quickly from one revenue-generating project to the next.

Add colour to look even brighter

Stand out from the crowd by delivering information that jumps off the page. As the MP C3504ex processes each file, it recalibrates itself so colours remain vivid with up to 1200 dpi resolution from the first page to the last without deterioration. By using our PxP® -EQ toner, you can produce precise text and images with outstanding readability. To give your photos, brochures, presentations and other graphics-intensive documents a more professional look, choose the optional Fiery® E-23C Colour Controller for exceptional spot-colour reproductions using RGB and CMYK colours. You can even create banners or combine multiple images on separate sheets to create posters with the MFP instead of hunting down a wide-format device.

Work wherever you are

Use your smartphone or tablet to locate the MFP and print on the move without utilities, software or drivers. Just download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app and connect to the MP C3504ex automatically by touching your smart device to the MFP’s Near Field Communication (NFC) tag or by reading a QR code on the control panel. From there, print, scan and share documents and photos between the MFP and your smartphone or tablet instantly. Access the address book in your smart device to send copies of documents and fax messages from the MFP directly to your contacts. Print emails with images or PDF attachments. With the app, you can also grab information from cloud storage or on your personal mobile device for fast, convenient printing at the MFP. Or, use the same app to display information from your personal mobile device directly to Ricoh projectors and interactive whiteboards to showcase your best ideas in meetings and conferences.

Make easier and safer collaboration automatic

Support a smarter way to work

Know where to find help when you need it most. When enabled, the MP C3504ex offers comprehensive “smart support” capabilities designed specifically to minimize delays and interruptions. With RemoteConnect Support, technicians can access your device remotely to diagnose and resolve issues in real-time. With the new Remote Panel Operation tool, IT managers and network administrators can easily program, monitor and change settings for each device on their network. The Automatic Remote Firmware Update function allows you to keep your fleet of devices up to date with the latest firmware, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Use the convenient Web Help feature to find quick answers about the most common functions and operations of your MFP. In addition, you can access the Ricoh Application Site and download our How-to Videos app for easy-to-follow guidance on basic MFP operations.

Keep tabs on what’s most important

Your ideas can only make an impact if they reach the right people. Use advanced security capabilities to help address key device, data and network security issues. Restrict access to the device with User Authentication and force users to log in by entering a passcode. With the MFP’s embedded Quick Card authentication, users can swipe their ID card at an optional card reader for access. Keep documents in the right hands with Locked Print. It ensures print jobs for mobile users remain secure until released at the MFP. Use copy data security features to mask sensitive information on unauthorized copies. Ensure data left behind is secured, too. Encryption tools protect data in transit and RICOH DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) automatically overwrites latent information on the hard drive.

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