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$345/MONTH - Xerox PrimeLink B9125 Copier Printer A3 125ppm Duplex Copy/Print/Scan One Pass DADF Trays Production Printer

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Product Description
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Xerox PrimeLink B9125 Copier Printer A3 125ppm Duplex Copy/Print/Scan One Pass DADF Trays Production Printer 

  • Standard Capabilities - Copy, print, scan, email
  • Optional Capabilities - Multiple feeding and finishing options, Workflow Apps, EFI Digital Front End
  • Print speed - up to 125 ppm
  • Recommended average monthly volume - 70,000 - 700,000 pages per month
  • Finishing - Binder, Booklet Making, Cutting, Slitting, and Folding, Finisher, Folder, Hole Punch, Stacker
  • Sustainability - EPEAT®,ENERGY STAR®


                      Bridge the gap between high-performance office print and light production with the new PrimeLink B Series. Equally at home in the modern office or in-plant environment, the incredibly reliable PrimeLink is a full featured press capable of production-level performance — with more than a dozen feeding, stacking, and inline finishing options for every application need.

                      SPEED AND PRODUCTIVITY

                      • Fast print speeds of up to 100, 110, 125, or 136 pages per minute (ppm).
                      • Proven reliability and industry-leading support. Count on the PrimeLink B9125 to deliver a long life of peak performance.
                      • Unparalleled ease-of-use.
                      • Outstanding image quality with excellent registration.
                      • A robust set of inline finishing options to expand your applications capabilities.
                      • Multiple feeding and paper-handling options to boost both your productivity and your ability to deliver results-oriented output.

                      IMAGE QUALITY

                      • Xerox-developed VCSEL ROS print technology uses 32 lasers to produce true high-def 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution, for polished, professional results, high quality reproduction of text, solids, photos and graphics, and exceptional registration.
                      • Exclusive, next Generation Xerox®EA-Eco LGK Toner plays an integral rolein the delivery of superior, low-gloss image-quality. You'll get the highest levels of detailing, with the sharpest text and halftones, and deep, solid blacks.


                      • A small footprint means you can place the PrimeLink right at your point of need.
                      • Accept any data stream, anytime, including Adobe PostScript, PDF, PCL, Xerox VIPP®Pro Publisher, PPML, PDF/VT, Creo VPS, and Fiery FreeFormTM Create. LCDS and IPDS solutions optional.
                      • Load-while-run, unload-while-run, and change-while-run capabilities mean you can load paper, unload finished documents or change toner cartridges while the printer is running. This ensures continuous operation and high productivity.


                      • Color scanning with 600 x 600 dpi with 8-bit gray (256 shades) scan resolution produces crisp, clear black-and-white copy output.
                      • The 250-sheet Integrated Single Pass Automatic Document Feeder/Scanner scans in black and white or color at speeds up to 270 images per minute.
                      • Concurrent scan/receive, RIP, and print processing provide maximum throughput.
                      • The Build Job feature enables easy programming of different types of pages in one document, with no manual collation required regardless of the job’s complexity.
                      • Convert hard copy pages to TIFF, JPEG and PDF files that you can store in folders for fast reprint or send directly to an FTP location or an email distribution list.
                      • Standard color scanning allows full-color communication via email or digital file distribution (JPEG, TIFF, PDF) for fast, inexpensive collaboration.
                      • Standard features include Print from and Save to any standard USB drive device for easy walk-up convenience.

                      THE PRIME ADVANTAGE

                      The Xerox® PrimeLink® B9100 Series Copier/Printer is designed to support modern office workgroups and in-plant print shops with the widest breadth of capabilities on the market.
                      • A compact, high-performance device, small enough to place near your workgroup—but configurable enough to handle a full range of black-and-white applications.
                      • A fast single-pass, dual-head color scanner copies or converts pages to widely used digital formats at speeds up to 270 images per minute (ipm).
                      • Access to Xerox App Gallery rightfrom the user interface, where you’llfind cloud-connected apps to automate complex, time-consuming tasks for business, education, healthcare, and more.
                      • Easy-to-use Xerox® Integrated Copy/PrintServer for touchscreen control of copy, scan, and pro-level print functions.
                      • Optional: Xerox® EX B9100 Series Print Server powered by Fiery® provides increased efficiency, automation, advanced job setup, and other performance boosting features to help you get more done faster.
                      • Integrated security features at the machine and over the network ensure data safety and compliance with strict, industry-specific standards like HIPAA and FIPS 140-2.

                      REAL POSSIBILITIES

                      Opportunities are endless with PrimeLink®. The same technologies that drive image quality and reliability in Xerox® Production Presses are adapted to its compact footprint.
                      • Xerox-developed VCSEL print technology uses 32 lasers to produce true high definition (2400 x 2400 dpi) text and images, consistent print densities, and neutral grays.
                      • Our new EA-Eco LGK toner produces rich blacks, more consistent, smoother shades of gray, and better readability with its low-gloss matte finish.
                      • Under-the-hood monitoring and automated toner density adjustments with our Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) for defect-free output.
                      • Automated technologies keep sheets on track at high speeds—even with heavier,
                      lighter, or longer stocks—reducing jams and ensuring output accuracy.
                      • Save profiles for future use with the same stocks.
                      • Digital Image Registration Control Technology (IReCT) measures each
                      sheet position as it runs through the printer— making precise corrections digitally in real-time for ultra-high precision registration.

                      PRODUCTION VERSATILITY

                      With a full range of feeding, stacking, and finishing options, PrimeLink® takes you anywhere—from office to entry-level production and beyond.
                      • Insert color covers, pages, and other preprinted materials post-print, pre-finishing for added application variety and productivity.
                      • Print everything from polyester vinyl window clings to extra-long-sheet (XLS)
                      banners, book jackets, calendars, and more up to 26"/660 mm in length.

                      Please Contact Us For Details 647-998-6637 or email: info (at)

                      Compatible Toner Cartridges
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                      Return, Replacement, and Exchange
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                      *Available only to Absolute Toner brand laser toner cartridges.

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