Absolute Toner $135/month - Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO 951 Black and White Digital Printing Press Copy machine High Speed 95 PPM Office Copiers In Warehouse
Absolute Toner $135/Month Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO 951 Black and White Digital Printing Press Copy machine With High Speed 95 PPM (Pages Per Minute) Office Copiers In Warehouse

$135/Month Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO 951 Black and White Digital Printing Press Copy machine With High Speed 95 PPM (Pages Per Minute)

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Lease for only $135/month

Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO 951 Black and White Digital Printing Press Copy machine With High Speed 95 PPM (Pages Per Minute)

The bizhub PRO 951 is a monochrome print system that delivers reliable, professional-quality performance to meet the needs of high-pressure on-demand print environments.

  • Copy, Print, Scan, Scan to Email
  • Black toner yields 27,000 pages
  • Color toner yield 25,000 pages
  • Print/Scan speed A4 Up to 95 ppm
  • Print/Scan speed A3 Up to 55 ppm
  • Print resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • Maximum paper Up to 4,200 sheets


The bizhub PRO 951 is the result of Konica Minolta’s efforts to satisfy the demand for commercial printers for an affordable but powerful digital production system. The bizhub PRO 951 builds on a sturdy tried-and-trusted design offering high performance combined with a full range of inline finishing possibilities complemented by state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to deliver enhanced black and white print quality. This competitive combination makes the bizhub PRO 951 the preferred choice for any organization wishing to take its first step into the world of digital printing. The bizhub PRO 951 unit is designed to give even newcomers the ability to easily process high b/w volumes without the fear of production bottlenecks and delays and finally enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency and above-average versatility.

  • Meeting the tightest deadlines and printing within hours rather than days, are your key requirements for digital print production. You must be able to rely on a system that supports these high productivity demands.
  • You need to offer the highest quality for the complete printed product. Consistency and reliability of your output must be first class at all times. And tools that enable you to easily control and maintain the output quality are of paramount importance for you.
  • The integration of a system that fulfills all of these demands into your existing environment must require little effort, while the highest possible degree of automation should facilitate and streamline your print workflows

If these are your requirements, don’t hesitate to take a closer look at the bizhub PRO 951. You will most likely find that it can do more for you than you ever thought possible!


Reliable productivity

Wherever high productivity is a specification, the bizhub PRO 951 is the dependable partner. With production statistics of 95 A4 pages per minute and 55 A3 pages per minute, it represents an outstandingly cost-effective entry-level unit into the digital print age. Capable of highest turnaround rates thanks to maximized performance combined with tools like CS Remote Care and a powerful internal RIP. The bizhub PRO 951 gives commercial printers the capacity to agree confidently to even the tightest schedules and grow business in a digital black and white printing environment.

Outstanding print quality

Print is nothing without quality. The ability to produce print outputs of the very highest quality even at the entry-level of digital black and white printing is guaranteed by e.g. Simitri HD polymerized toner, a consumable able to produce precise texts and lines. The 1,200 x 1,200 dpi LED ensures consistent reproduction. Full control and flexible optimization of each and every print job is achievable thanks to the Tone Curve Utility. These and other great features pave your way to outstandingly good results for your print jobs, giving you the edge over the competition and guaranteeing your customer satisfaction.

Versatility and flexibility

The bizhub PRO 951 can be configured with a variety of inline finishing options, including stapling and automatic ring binding to underpin the system’s great media flexibility (such as 300 gsm in duplex printing and optionally 350 gsm from PFU trays), all put together in a modular concept designed to allow full and individual configuration of your print station. The bizhub PRO 951 maximizes ease of use, minimizes hidden costs, and is a dependable basis for improved margins. You, too, can meet your customers’ rising demands and ramp up your print volume in digital.


The bizhub PRO 951 paves the way for success in commercial printing by delivering an intelligent package of unique proprietary technologies to ensure high definition images as the guarantee for high-quality prints. The image quality is truly consistent from the very first to the very last page, and from print job to print job. Its output satisfies professional specifications and will convince even the most demanding customers.

User-defined screens for setting and Tone Curve Utility

The introduction of predefined setting masks (two types with three patterns each) plus a choice of dot screen settings allow users to select the best screen for each specific print job. The print station also comes with a standard controller plus the proprietary Tone Curve Utility tool to help you adjust and correct print data to better match customer specifications. These techniques allow for adjustment of image brightness and contrast over a wide range, without affecting text, to still deliver 100% density. The system allows individual customer settings to be stored and recalled as and when needed. For jobs that involve the reproduction of color documents in black and white, the CIE color space allows the operator to achieve highly accurate color conversion by precise greyscale calibration and controlled collapse of shadowed areas.

Belt transfer system

The bizhub PRO 951 is equipped with a state-of-the-art belt transfer system designed from scratch to improving the paper feeding as well as the quality of the transferred images. The full-area adherence of the paper to the belt eliminates any gaps and ensures that the toner is applied to the paper consistently and absolutely evenly


The bizhub PRO 951 stands out because of its truly outstanding RIP and print performance, delivering the kind of capabilities which help commercial printers and print providers keep up with continuous production demands and satisfy customer specifications. The controller is fitted out with the very latest Intel platform and integrated into the main body.

Optimized job processing

Featuring the kind of RIP speed previously unavailable in this class, the bizhub PRO 951 easily handles even the most comprehensive of jobs and features JDF-JMF compliance to ensure full and easy integration into any working environment. This is optimized job processing at its very best, boasting the kind of capacities needed to produce high volumes in a minimum of time. Featuring outstanding CIE functionality, the controller enhances the reproduction of color-based documents wherever necessary. RGB color data are transposed into the CIE color space to produce much finer grey scaling with high degrees of differentiation, far excelling what is achievable when printing color data without transformation.

Tone Curve Utility

Konica Minolta’s unique Tone Curve Utility places a tool at your fingertips to help make intelligent RIP adjustments, such as screening and tone curves, along with the ability to customize the screening angle and dot shape. Operators have the choice of a variety of pre-defined tone curves and can quickly and simply create individual curves using straightforward drag&drop functionality, e.g. setting customized profiles such as the controller default or storing them on the RIP ready for instant recall in the printer driver. It is this level of comprehensive functionality that means operators have complete and flexible control over print quality optimization.

EFI Fiery Central Solo

– The EFI Fiery Central Solo enables printer operation and control via the popular and successful Fiery Command Workstation.

– It unifies the operational environment by managing multiple printers with one single intuitive interface.

– The optional Fiery Impose-JobMaster bundle is the perfect assistant to help you professionally impose and perform complex document composition including importing scans, tab creation, and page editing and numbering during job preparation.

– The benefits of the multi Fiery driven engine environment include:

– Administration transparency across the entire printing fleet: all printers can be controlled from one interface.

– Up to three engines can be connected and grouped for use in workflows (e.g. Color Split, Volume Balancing, automatic rerouting on job error, etc.).

Paper catalog

The paper catalog is another feature of the bizhub PRO 951 that complements the device’s other outstanding capabilities to maximize operational speed and efficiency. After programming the paper catalog just once, the operator no longer needs to think about whether the paper type required for a specific job is stored. When preparing production, the operator simply selects the desired type of media from the paper catalog. The functionality includes the option of allocating individual names to different types of paper, like “Corporate Blue”. This is a way of speeding up recognition and raises the benchmark of user convenience even higher.

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