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Printing from Smartphone Using the Ricoh smart device will speed up office workflow.


Print photographs and documents

Using your smart device, you can accurately select and print photographs while previewing the selections. You can also print Microsoft Office* and PDF documents. Information that is hard to read on a smartphone (small characters, tables, etc.) can be easier to see in printed form. The ability to print directly from smart devices without using a PC will speed up office workflow.

Simply open the app, and then select "Print Photograph."

Select the file you want to print, and then select your print settings from print preview.

Confirm your print settings (choose the MFP/Printer that you want to print to, color, paper size, orientation, etc.) and then press "Print" to complete the operation.

You can easily enter various settings (b/w or color, paper size/type, amount of copies, etc.) as you would when printing from a PC. Security has also been considered with locked print, user authentication, and other functions, so the app can be used effectively in an office environment with shared Multifunction products/printers. The "Open In" function on iPad/iPhone and the "Intent" function on Android based devices are also supported for smooth printing operations.

* Only iOS. There may be cases where the print layout is not properly reproduced.

Print Web Pages

You can also easily print web pages found when doing Web searches with a smart device.

Print webpages(1)

Print webpages(2)

Print webpages(3)

Print webpages(4)

* The "Print Web Pages" function is not available via Wireless Direct.

Print data from cloud storage

Via a smart device, it is possible to print documents and photographs saved in cloud storage.

Print data from cloud storage(1)

Print data from cloud storage(2)

Print data from cloud storage(3)

Print data from cloud storage(4)

Print data from cloud storage(5)

* The "Print from Cloud" function is not available via Wireless Direct.

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