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Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Six Signs You Need A Copier Upgrade

Is your existing printer bulky and old, and therefore are your workers beginning to whine about its performance? You might be losing money and time by maintaining an old copier beyond its prime. Listed below are six signs that your copier is out of date and it is time to update.

Old Push Buttons

Push buttons, a lot of which are made to be utilized for several purposes by people who may know their perplexing icons are a product of the older generation of less-helpful copiers. The buttons are an indication that you're passing up the advantages of the touchscreen age and machines offering the capability to browse multiple, easy-to-understand menu displays that clarify each procedure. Even in case you've got a classical touchscreen version, the hottest copiers surpass new variations, the majority of which were only push-buttons in thin disguise.

Fax And Printing Machines At Every Station

If your workplace is home to a profusion of desk-based printers and fax machines attached to each computer, think about switching to a new digital copier, which could take the place of all of them. Now's copiers provide both printing and fax solutions, on a scale big enough to serve a whole office. This could help you clean desk space and save electricity and costly replacements.

A Line At The Copier

Waiting lines at the copier may signal a slow or conservative copier that's taking a lot of everybody's time. Have a little time to assess how quickly your copier is if it has to do with web pages each minute, then compare it to the contemporary standard of about 65 pages per minute. You might also need to think about obtaining a copier with wireless capabilities. A good deal of standing around could be lowered if workers can print duplicates out of their desks and walk over to pick them up.

No Useful Copier Ports

Does your copier have ports? Ethernet and power cables aside, office copiers may also offer several extra ports, such as USB connections, which let workers upload and copy images from flash drives. If your company employs a lot of USB storage, it may be time to switch to a copier, which works nicely with the technology.

Too Much Reprinting

If employees keep coming back into the copier to create new copies due to fuzzy or faded pictures, it could be time for a copier upgrade to a model that does a better job. Modern copiers tend to manage detail and contrast a whole lot more efficiently than older copiers.

Regular Paper Runs

How often do you add paper to your copier? If it is a daily action, you can resolve frequent paper outages by using a copier that has larger paper trays capable of holding far more sheets. More paper means fewer stops to refill and greater efficiency.

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