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Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

Upgrade Your Copier To Save Money

If it's not broken, do not fix it. Frequently, that is not a bad rule to follow. On the flip side, copiers, printers, and other office equipment you use today may be broken and should be upgraded.

How a lot of you work in a workplace using copiers and laser printers which are unable to do whatever you need them to do?

Since the speed of technology always accelerates, everything gets better, quicker, cheaper (well, maybe not necessarily less expensive), including office equipment.

Cost of Repair and Maintenance

How much are you spending on maintenance? Like any device, copiers and printers need upkeep. As they age, thus do maintenance and repair needs. However, unlike an older car, one might invest in as a classic, an old copier is not going to win you style points in your workplace.

Hanging onto equipment too long is a false market. If you're spending a few hundred each month to keep an old machine working, you could use that money to rent or lease equipment with better functionality.

Improved Document Security

More accessible options to incorporate more robust authentication at the copier with proximity card readers, swipe card readers, as well as biometrics. For companies that need a detailed audit trail of access, this additional layer of safety keeps files out of unauthorized hands.

Many newer versions of copy machines include an option for encryption, or hard drive overwrite. Encryption keeps files stored on your equipment from being used in the event of a data breach. The capability to digitally shred data on the copier hard drive removes sensitive information from the copiers (like social security numbers, banking statements, employee and client names and addresses, etc.).

Canon C5030 Copier

Superior Output Capability

Contemporary office equipment is continually evolving and becoming better at generating high-quality files and graphics. Improvements in applications enhance scan crispness and resolution. Fundamentally, record output continuously improves. It is similar to your TV; newer versions have higher resolution compared to last year's models. Copiers and printers will be the same.

Streamline Workflows

Program multi-step jobs to be finished using a push of a button. Use the scanning abilities to start workflows.

Power Consumption

Those Energy Star ratings are not just for display.

One approach to measuring electricity consumption is using a kilowatt meter to assess the draw of gear when it is in use, on standby, and if only plugged.

Let us say that you have a copier that's left on 24/7. With a meter, you can ascertain how much that costs each year and just how much you might save by turning it off whenever the office is shut. All apparatus should default mode to draw at the energy when not being used. Be cautious of turning a few copiers away as that can influence their visibility over time -- consult your broker provider.

Regardless, let us say you've got three copiers and five printers, which cost $1,500 annually to continue. By ensuring they're off/in standby mode, you can avoid spending half or even more of the cost.

Remote Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Lots of new versions of copiers permit not just remote diagnostics, but remote troubleshooting. Though your service tech will not have the ability to correct a copier jam, they are going to be able to spot and fix software-related issues remotely. And that leads to higher productivity for you.

Cloud Connectivity

Scanners are network-connected for decades. But not all copiers all one-button connectivity into cloud programs. The capability to scan to email, scan to the repository, and scan to establish a business process are all massive boosts to workplace productivity.

Wireless Connectivity

Empower mobile printing to remote workers. Allow employees to publish from their smartphones tablets, or notebooks so that they may operate on the go.

Simple To Use

Xerox WorkCentre WC 7775

While the capacities of copiers are advancing, they are also getting simpler to use. Enormous, easy-to-read touchscreens make it possible for users to personalize often used functions. Quick menus enable fast access to private workflows. Most copiers have how-to videos which may be looked at on consumer interface.

Continuous improvements in paper handling and also the internal workings of the gear function to reduce paper jams too.


While size isn't necessarily a problem, if you want more space you can find a newer copier using precisely the same (or better) performance using a smaller footprint.

Track Resource Use

You can not handle that which you do not measure. Utilize monitoring and publish principles to monitor and control the print output. Examine colour output (and limit if desired ), path tasks to the cheapest apparatus, and monitor overall printing tendencies so you can evaluate and optimize your printing spend -- without even overspending.

Quicker Warm-up

Newer devices go from stop to print or replicate quicker than previously -- which means less time standing in the copier.

More Uptime

Copiers send notification alarms.

It is time to quit sharing tales in the water cooler about the most recent reason that the copier has broken or wanting that you might do more.

Outdated technologies -- and copiers are technologies -- slow down your organization, dragging down productivity and efficiency.

Contact Absolute Toner to get a free evaluation and recommendations to get a printing solutions strategy, which will help save you money and enhance the overall efficiency of your workers.

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