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Photocopier Prices Toronto

Photocopier Prices Toronto
Nowadays photocopiers are available in all shapes and sizes - it's essential to obtain the right adviser can help you pick the unit best suited to your requirements. However here are a couple of pointers, based on the most critical focus of inquiries.


The footprint is merely the amount of space your new photocopier requires up. In a house office, that might be a consideration.


Various photocopiers print at several speeds. The quicker corporate machines can replicate up to 100 pages per minute, handle jobs from a lot of people at once, and may be scheduled to run fast if needed. But if you only print out a few pages every day, the rate will probably be less of a thought.

Colour or black and white the purchase price of colour copying has dropped dramatically in recent decades, therefore before you sacrifice color, inquire about the total cost of having a colour photocopier- it might be less than you think. Colour does cost a little more, and you may spend more in toner and other consumables, but it is very likely that color printing is within your small business budget - and naturally presents a considerable impression.

Toner consumption

Again, fantastic advances have been made in toner intake - the most recent machines are highly economical and do not guzzle cartridges. Your business is dependent upon the economy, and many reputable suppliers will provide you with an honest appraisal of the REAL cost of owning some piece of gear.

Print, Scan and Fax

Depending upon your other office programs, photocopiers nowadays also supply printing, scan and fax capabilities. For smaller offices, combined machines are highly economical and possess a neater footprint. Some manufacturers offer a modular system, whereby you are able to select which components you want.


Larger machines offer time-saving finishing choices. If you have ever had to cover a temp simply to fold documents, you'll appreciate the economy! Larger machines include A3 and A2 capacities, large paper cassettes, sorting purposes, stacking, stapling, folding and hitting.

Maintenance and Usability.

Some photocopiers contain easy, all in one cartridge. These are extremely simple to keep yourself. Larger machines for industrial or industrial uses are offered with care arrangements, which are equally no-hassle. Usability problems are crucial, and it is ideal to handle ease of use issues with your provider before a final commitment. It is also important to remember that investment in gear is also an investment at a working relationship with the provider - after sales service and maintenance is a massive element in the effective procurement of office equipment.


If more than one individual is using the photocopier, then consider a networked copier, which won't only hook up to several people at once, but will consist of sufficient memory to handle multiple jobs.

Other benefits of combining print and copy functions

It is well proven that printers are comparatively more expensive and variable in their cost to run for the same given volume of print than the photocopier. Print volumes have been increasing exponentially for a few years now, but copier volumes have remained flat if not slightly diminishing.

And often, of course, the acquisition of several printers from several companies over time can mean piecemeal maintenance and service support. The digital photocopier, on the other hand, can be at least four to ten times cheaper to run with a fixed, fully inclusive cost per page.

Where to start your research?

If you decide that you want these advanced capabilities, it pays to shop around, of course. And these days, most office equipment suppliers use more sophisticated search mechanisms ever to help in your choice.

Photocopier prices Toronto, generally speaking, on the copy speed and range of features. Business grade copiers typically cost from around $1000 for a basic, low volume photocopier model, and several thousand dollars for a high-end solution, which can include double-sided printing, sorting, collating and bookbinding facilities. And regarding total ownership costs, the overall acquisition and running costs of a higher-specification machine means that the cost-per-copy charge is reduced, and so the economies of scale attached to higher volume copiers can pay off handsomely in the long run.

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