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Should I Buy Or Lease A Photocopier?

Should I Buy Or Lease A Photocopier?

Should I Buy Or Lease A Photocopier?

Leasing a photocopier is one method for you to steer clear of the first capital outlay needed for outright purchase. Whilst the general cost is marginally more using a photocopier lease instead of a simple purchase there are solid reasons to contemplate it as a process of fund for office equipment like an office printer or copier machine.

Leasing is a well-established and tax effective type of fund, allowing cost-effective trade-up access to the latest technologies at the ideal moment. A good illustration of a leasing firm that specializes in company equipment like office photocopiers is ING Lease, among the best five leasing firms in Europe. Their website can assist further in familiarizing using all the a variety of finance options and how leasing can be accommodated to suit every company' preference.

We hope this guide assists with knowing the vital advantages of leasing finance in addition to offering useful advice if you're seeking to rent a photocopier. Obviously, if you've any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

  1. Why don't you buy outright rather than leasing?
  2. What are the advantages of photocopier leasing?

For many companies the purchase of a significant office utility like a photocopier or printer might be an intimidating investment, largely as a result of related large up front amount but also the possibility of this becoming obsolete in five decades. Leasing photocopiers is the wise choice with numerous fantastic business-sense benefits:


Many companies earn revenue over the years - to cover as you use makes sense: Why pay in 1 lump sum when with renting you can create little stationary manageable payments? It equates to cover as you can use. Payments made during a lease agreement are unaffected by fluctuations in interest rates; you can therefore correctly plan for rental payments beforehand. And as money flow could be forecast, price of usage can be contrasted with projected earnings and profits created by using their photocopier / printer.

Tax efficacy

Photocopier leasing can lower your total tax bill, since the price is allowable as a business expense reducing the internet cost of renting the equipment. This variable can help determine whether to lease or rent, rather than purchase. If you purchase you'll have the ability to claim 40 percent of this photocopier / printer buy price against taxation in the first year and then claim 25 percent of their outstanding balance. If you rent you don't need to pay the expense of this photocopier or printer instantly and you will reclaim whatever you cover out on a'by payment' basis - monthly, quarterly or yearly.

It's well recognized that a photocopier or printer isn't a company asset that enjoys: IT percent faster compared to the huge majority of resources that are purchased. Save purchases for resources that appreciate or depreciate less. Significantly, it lets you make the most of technology advancement at a time of your choice and at a sensible price. By comparison, a company which possesses its office gear can simply update by reinvesting and disposing of the present asset. A photocopier rental will contain provisions to exchange up into a newer version or, when required, to one which accommodates the greater quantity, rate and features your organization requires at the ideal time, giving you freedom to update without purchasing new.

Since the newest photocopier and printer machines are multi-functional i.e. they unite all of the functions of a scanner, fax machine, printer, color printer (if appropriate ), pdf author, record manager (send documents to email and mail ), along with photocopier, it is logical to have the ability to update these facilities and products in precisely the exact same time instead of having to take care of multiple obsolete machinery. This is only one of the more recent advantages of leasing combined with the most recent multi-functional technology.


It is logical to utilize capital for growth or enjoying company purchases. Leasing for office engineering keeps precious resources for all these functions and other business opportunities.

Adaptive Payment

It is possible to pick the option which makes for the most comfy leasing agreement, usually up to five years, providing instant access to the photocopier / printer equipment you require, the essential rate, and also the ideal multi-functional technology, through obligations your company can manage and minus the massive deposit normally connected with outright buy.

Allow the new gear offer you a yield... The reason behind a new photocopier or printer is to boost productivity; together with leasing you're in the position to utilize the cost saving and enhanced generation ROI to generate the periodic payments.

Purchasing Tips to get a Photocopier Lease

When deciding between two or three copier versions, please don't hesitate to ask us for a demo of how the machines operate. Or if it's more true of color print quality inquire a Club sales agent to forward you copies or prints of your document files ensuring gratification beforehand.

When to not: Should you expect to create fewer than 700 copies a month, then you likely don't have to rent a"company" copier.

Who keeps the gear at the close of the photocopier rent?

Title to the goods remains with the fund provider, so the gear doesn't show on your business balance sheets and aren't related to the anticipated value depreciation on a predetermined interval. This naturally provides you the benefit of staying in contact with the most recent technology by simply altering your gear near the end of your rental.

Yes. The standard reason for this is a result of a client's growth of company and their changing demands.

Why should I select photocopier leasing?

All sectors of the economy take benefit of Photocopier Leasing; it is by far the most popular selection for smaller companies that require a mid-to-high quantity photocopier or printer as a big multinational organizations prefers to maintain a better control over their financing and revel in the tax efficiency and update chances of a rental arrangement over buying.

How can photocopier leasing function in practice?

Leasing is a contract involving a fund company and a client, providing the consumer usage of their gear on obligations of leases within a time. When you rent equipment you create a string of regular (generally tri-monthly) payments, rather than a massive capital outlay.

Why rent a photocopier instead of buy?

The cash flow and tax relief advantages of leasing supply an extremely powerful case against money buy. Photocopier Leasing on the other hand lets you save funds for different functions or chances. To be certain of the ideal choice for your company especially, talk to your accountant who will advise upon what's ideal for your organization financially.


Has the question "should I buy or lease a photocopier?" been on your mind? For inquiries, don't hesitate to call Absolute Toner at 1-877-437-5364 to talk with our staff that have several years of handling the a variety of lease finance alternatives out there.

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