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How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Printer

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Printer

Over the years, technology has grown, and the price of many printers has increased. So it would be better always to get your equipment on a lease because leasing office printers will cost you less, and you can take updated equipment whenever required.

Factors to Be Consider
One of the best steps in getting a printer is to know how much it costs to lease the printer. Below are factors that determine the average cost to rent a printer:

Black and white vs colour: one should know whether you need a colour or black and white printer because it is one of the main features to be discussed because the product makes a big difference in colour print than black n white.

Print speed: As we know that every business needs the work to be done in minimum time. With clarity for this, you need to have the best copier to handle producing large volumes of papers quickly.

Functionality: every business needs a printer with all the latest features like scan, print, copy, fax, email etc.

Scanner/Fax: you need to know that you need compatible devices that can scan and fax at the time of requirement.

Wireless connectivity is one of the best features in a big business where the wireless connection can be vital to be used wherever needed.

Network printing: it is that feature in which printers print the document even if the user is not close to the printer, contributing positively to the production rate of any business by helping multiple users use one printer.

Automatic document feeder: this feature is essential in the business where there is a requirement of printing a bulk of documents to increase workflow.

After finalizing the above features, now it's time to lease the office printer, but for that, you think about the below points:

Deciding the lease term
A leasing term is the same as a car loan, where you get your equipment on a ship immediately after you submit your agreement. Still, you don't own equipment until the period on which it has to expire, so you can either send your gear or buy it at the current market price based on the agreement papers. The lease period is usually ranging from 36 to 60 months. Also, the lease period is different for different equipment. The fees and interest associated with the lease can go up because of the depreciation compensation on the equipment.

After knowing all the features, your need is leasing an office printer. The leasing company will include the options like a paper tray for finishing unit software upgrades. A fax option is a tree try to associate with the possibilities and please up with your equipment.

On average, you should be able to expect how much does it cost to lease a printer is in this range
(assuming a five-year lease):
25ppm MFPs starting from $75 to $150 per month
30ppm MFPs starting from $125 to $200 per month
40ppm MFPs starting from $175 to $250 per month
50ppm MFPs starting from $225 to $300 per month.

The Pros of Leasing Printer
One of the primary reasons for renting the printer is the heavy purchase price or lack of purchase price. And if you rent equipment, You don't have to pay considerable fees. Lower rent can bring more opportunities for high-quality equipment needed for your business, and this can get the latest technology printers within a budget.

Additional benefits to leasing:
● By renting, one can upgrade their equipment by incurring little or no out-of-pocket expense
● A more extended payment period may mean you can upgrade to more advanced technology
● You can use it as it business expenses rather than depreciating assets
● The equipment does not belong to your company which helps you to save tax.

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