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How to Refill HP Toner Cartridges


Below we explain the steps on how to refill HP toner cartridges:

Removing HP toner cartridges:

Read the manual which came with the device to decide the best method of removing the cartridge.

Cartridges that have Refill Holes:

A few cartridges are made to easily be refilled, oftentimes having holes inside them into which the toner may be poured. Usually, these holes clearly are visible on a cartridge and will generally have a plug or stopper which you may remove. A refill kit offers toner in tiny bottles which include narrow tips or funnels, which will make it simple to put the tip inside the hole without having to spill it.

Creating Refill Holes:

In addition, there are some toner cartridges which don’t have refill holes inside them, as they aren’t made to become refilled, just replaced. You might have the ability to make a hole inside this type of a cartridge by utilizing a warm item to melt the plastic case. A handful of refill kits are going to state that you can do this, yet you ought to be extremely careful in doing so. These type of changes likely will void all warranties you have upon the printer cartridge, meaning you must pay for the replacement if you damage it. Also, incorrect hole placement can result in toner spilling into the printer, leading to damage which may not be protected by the warranty as the hole you made likely violated it.

Selecting the Proper Toner:

While refilling cartridges, it’s vital that you select the proper kind of toner for your printer. There will include guides to follow while ordering a kit to make sure it’s compatible with the machine, and manual which came with the printer also may be a sign what toner you should use.

Calibration, Resetting Counts:

Most laser printers must be correctly calibrated and cartridges inside them have to be aligned before printing. After refilling and replacing the cartridge, make certain that you run any appropriate setup processes to ensure aligned, clean printing. There also may be a page counter upon a cartridge which must be reset to be a sign  to a printer that toner was replaced. The manual for the device ought to indicate how you should do this.

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