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Ricoh Laser Printers Independent security certification

Ricoh Laser Printers Independent security certification

Ricoh Laser Printers and Copiers Independent security certification

IEEE 2600

The IEEE 2600 security standard defines the minimum requirements for security features used by devices that require a high level of document security — establishing a common baseline of security expectations for both MFPs and printers. To ensure that a device demonstrates conformance with the established standard, an independent third-party laboratory tests and provides verification of the manufacturer’s security features. These areas — which have been identified as the most vulnerable for possible data breach — have been validated in many Ricoh devices to the IEEE 2600 standard and can be enabled: • User identification and authentication systems • Data encryption technology available for multifunction printers • Validation of the system’s firmware • Separation of the analog fax line and the copy/print/scan controller • Validation of data encryption algorithms • Data overwrite security operation Ricoh offers a broad line of MFPs and printers that have been certified as conforming to the IEEE 2600 security standard — and our product line is constantly being enhanced to meet our customers’ changing requirements. 

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