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Soapopular Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - FAQ

Soapopular Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer - FAQ

FAQ - Soapopular Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer


How does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer work?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is an instant hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of most common germs that may cause illness.


How do I use Soapopular Hand Sanitizer?
Apply a thumbnail size amount on palms and rub hands thoroughly until dry. No water or rinsing is necessary.


How can I tell that Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer is working?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer works instantly to kill harmful, illness causing germs as soon as it is applied.


Does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer Contain Alcohol?
No, Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is alcohol free. Unlike other alcohol based hand sanitizers, Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer is not a skin irritant.


What is the active ingredient in Soapopular Hand Sanitizer?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer's patented formula contains the germ-killing ingredient Benzalkonium (ben-zal-coney-um) Chloride or BAC. BAC has been widely used for over 40 years by medical professionals and is approved for safety and effectiveness in many antiseptic applications including skin treatments. BAC is also used extensively as a preservative in cosmetics and many over-the-counter products, including infant nasal sprays.


Is Soapopular Hand Sanitizer Flammable?
No, Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is not flammable because it contains no alcohol.


Are there any "side effects" to using Soapopular Hand Sanitizer?
There have been no reported side effects as a result of using Soapopular Hand Sanitizer. Use Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer only as directed.


Is Soapopular Hand Sanitizer Safe for Children?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is safe for children when used according to the directions, and under the supervision and instruction of an adult.


Does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer leave a residue or fragrance?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer leaves no sticky residue or any detectable fragrance.


Does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer contain soap?
No, Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is a special formulation of active ingredients designed to kill germs on the hands.


Is Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer better then antibacterial soaps?
Laboratory tests show that Soapopular Hand Sanitizer is more effective against bacteria than other antimicrobial active ingredients found in these soaps. Soapopular Hand Sanitizer also requires no water, therefore no rinsing or drying is necessary.


What germs does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer kill?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizer kills a wide spectrum of illness causing organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Refer to Soapopular Germ Science for more details.


Does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer have a long lasting effect to kill germs?
Once an alcohol-based sanitizer has evaporated, its killing power is gone. Soapopular Hand Sanitizer continues to work, with repeated use, even after it is absorbed.


How does Soapopular Hand Sanitizer protect you?
Hand hygiene is recognized as the single most important means of preventing the spread of germs. Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of the most common germs that may cause illness. By using Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer as part of a regular hand hygiene regimen, you can prevent illness.


How often can I use Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizercan be used as often as you like. Use Soapopular Hand Sanitizer before eating meals, at work, before and after changing a baby's diaper, during your daily travels, camping, or any time soap and water are unavailable.


What if Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer is ingested?
If ingested you should contact medical personnel or your local Poison Control Center immediately.


Is Soapopular Hand Sanitizer approved by Health Canada?
Soapopular Hand Sanitizeris approved by Health Canada.


Will Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer stain floor, carpets, or other surfaces?
Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer does not stain floors, carpets, or other surfaces. It does not stain or damage clothing.


Is Soapopular Hand Sanitizer toxic?
Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer is not toxic when used as directed.


Can Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer freeze?
Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer freezes below 0ºC; however, the effectiveness is not diminished after thawing.


Can Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer damage jewelry, like gold rings?
Soapopular  Hand Sanitizer does not damage jewelry.

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